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shuangye electric bike performance

BLOG ebikeHow fast will shuangye electric bike go?

The shuangye electric bike will go 25km/h(Europe) and 32km/h(America) on level ground without pedaling, which is the maximum allowed by most jurisdictions. It will go even faster with hard pedaling and going down hills.

How much can the bike carry(loading)?

shuangye electric bikes standardcan maintain 25km/h(Europe) and 32km/h(America) while carrying up to 120 kilograms on a flat surface while using the pedal assist mode. We also offer commercial grade motors which can carry a load of up to 200 kilograms(fat tire electric bike).

Shuangye electric bikes have throttle control to provide power,others have pedal assist.What kinds you likes?

Unlike most electric bikes, our ebikes have both types of power. The throttle control operates like a motorcycle in which you twist the handle to move forward. However we also have five levels of pedal assist, which provide various levels of power support but only when you pedal. And of course, you can pedal like a normal bicycle.

Are electric bikes safe to ride?

You bet! In fact, many users say that they feel safer on an electric bike than a regular bike because they can move out of harm’s way more quickly. Our brakes have an automatic power shutoff feature so that you can always cut the power when you need to.

Can I ride an electric bike in the rain?

Yes. Our bikes are designed for commuting or work environments, so all the electronic parts including the battery, have weatherproof casings. Having said that, if your electric bike falls in a lake, it probably will get damaged and if you find yourself in a torrential downpour it is a good idea to take shelter until the deluge subsides.

What happens if I run out of battery power while on the road?

Shuangye electric bikes are much lighter 20 to 25 kgs than scooters or older/cheaper electric bikes. They also use a geared motor instead of a direct drive motor, which means that there is no motor drag when the bike is used without electric assist. For both of these reasons, you can ride our bikes just like a normal bike if the battery runs out before you arrive at your destination. Our ebikes have a battery charge indicator(some have a LCD). so you can monitor your battery power to avoid this situation.



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