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Electric bikes are as safe as regular bikes

Electric bikes are as safe as regular bikes

Electric bikes are booming, but safety concerns are on the rise, and you might be wondering “Is it safe to ride an electric bike?”. you’re not alone. As more and more e-bike riders hit the road, real concerns have been raised about the safety of e-bikes. We believe it is critical to address this important issue head-on.

Electric bikes are a relatively new phenomenon in the U.S. market, so safety data is not as reliable as in other countries, but preliminary research and data from other countries have concluded that electric bikes are just as safe as regular bikes. Of course, any activity involving speed, motors, traffic and different terrain conditions has risks. As with many other forms of transportation, safety largely depends on how the rider uses the e-bike.

Recent e-bike safety issues, including Simon Cowel’s infamous back accident, have generated a lot of media interest and raised valuable safety questions. At the end of the day, though, e-bikes are a very valuable travel option. They are also a very safe way to travel when ridden responsibly and politely. Check out these important (and essential) e-bike tips to make sure every ride is as safe as possible.

Obey the rules of the road

It might sound like a no-brainer, but if you’re new to cycling or haven’t ridden a bike in a few years, you need to brush up on the basics of cycling safety or consider taking a road cycling safety course. It is especially important to educate yourself about the rules of the road before riding an e-bike. Many cities even offer free classes from local cycling leagues and even local law enforcement! There is no reason to allow yourself or others to be harmed.

Safety accessories

When buying an electric bike, certain safety accessories are a must. Of course, you should always wear a helmet and proper protective gear – such as full coverage, fitted pants. Make sure your e-bike has the flexibility to add safety accessories. Mirrors, horns and turn signals can help you keep an eye out behind you and help the driver predict where you’re going. Check out our Juice Bike Horn/Siren – you can even add this alarm to standard bike models, not just e-bikes. If you want an electric bike with all these safety features, check out the official Hotebike website.

Check your front wheel

Make sure your tires are secured and properly inflated – if you have a quick-release front wheel, it’s important to check that the cam locks are fully fitted. On every bike, the front wheel should not come loose or move side to side. You can check this by taking the front of the bike and bouncing it on the ground a few times. Watch this video for more pre-ride safety tips!

Stay in your lane!

While many people find it safer to ride in traffic or sidewalks, how should a car notice you if you’re not where they expect it to be? Riding on the sidewalk or going the wrong way is dangerous – illegal in many areas. Depending on the state, there may be regulations regarding where to ride, what equipment to wear, certain attributes of the bike, and more. These exist for a reason! When you understand all these different policies, you will avoid fines and keep yourself and others safe.

Time to adjust!

Taking care of your e-bike is essentially taking care of yourself. Regular maintenance can prevent accidents caused by frequent wear and tear over time. A bike tune-up is the best way to make sure your bike is in the safest riding condition. Any bike repair shop nearby should be happy to help you.

Don’t be a jerk!

If you’re not sure which e-bike class is right for your area, a good rule of thumb is not to drive like a jerk. Keep in mind that laws can change, and driving an e-bike at 35 mph with a jogging pram on a shared trail next to your parents is exactly what leads to tougher regulations. be careful. polite. And obey the rules of the road.

Following basic safety guidelines and riding responsibly will ensure that you can safely enjoy the benefits of riding an electric bike. Electric bikes are a fun, convenient and environmentally friendly way to travel, while also providing valuable benefits of increased physical activity. Despite recent claims to the contrary, e-bikes are no more dangerous than conventional bicycles, and safety risks can be almost entirely mitigated by responsible riding and proper bike maintenance.

Ultimately, e-bike safety is firmly in the hands of the rider. For more quick tips on e-bike safety, check out our e-bike safety tips.

Here are 5 tips to help prevent e-bike theft

There’s a lot to love about electric bikes. In fact, most of our blog is dedicated to all the ways electric bikes can make life easier, cheaper, and more fun! Unfortunately, all these advantages make electric bikes a very hot commodity among thieves. We’ve heard countless horror stories of electric bikes being stolen while seemingly “safe,” such as one owner who stole his brand new bike from his driveway shortly after it was assembled.

Whether it’s something like this happening to you or a nightmare preventing you from buying an e-bike, theft is a major problem! The good news is that it is largely preventable. Here are our top tips for protecting your e-bike from theft and recovering damages if stolen.

1. Lock it up!

Get a good lock and use it all the time. When it comes to electric bike locks, you get what you pay for. Fragile cable locks don’t hold up well to thieves with bolt cutters. Of course, no lock is 100% unbreakable, but the purpose of the lock is to deter bike thieves from even trying to steal your bike. Always use a high-quality lock, preferably a U-lock, through the frame to the bike rack, and a chain lock or folding lock to the bike rack through the front wheel and frame. Yes, we said…two locks. If your e-bike is doubly locked, using two different locking systems will help deter thieves who are more likely to steal your e-bike.

Locks generally have a security level, and the higher the security level, the better the lock. To learn more about electric bike locks, check out the article below.

2. Location, location, location

Now that you’re an e-bike safety expert and your locks are in place, you might be tempted to hide your e-bike in a secluded spot. That’s a big mistake, and provides an ideal secret location for thieves to break these new locks. Again, no lock is unbreakable, and hiding your e-bike allows others more time and privacy to remove your lock. The best place to store an electric bike is in the garage. If you must lock your bike in public, choose a well-lit and busy place. If there is no bike standing out in front of the business you want to enter, lock your bike to a visible pole/signpost. If bike thieves are in a busy place, they are less likely to break the angle grinder and start breaking your locks

3. Get a good alert

Using a bike alarm on your e-bike is the best way to get everyone’s attention on your bike right away, leaving thieves with no choice but to give up on their illegal actions. If you own or are buying a new Hotebike, we have an amazing dual horn/bike alarm. This alarm is a 108 decibel “Get your dirty hands off my bike!” and is shared with traffic Streets while keeping you safe. The Super Scorpion and Super Scrambler 2 actually come with sirens, so you don’t need to worry about buying separate accessories for these models. An alarm isn’t a replacement for a lock, but it can definitely deter tool-carrying bike thieves from trying to break into your lock.

4. GPS Tracking

Unfortunately, even after taking all these precautions, intrepid bike thieves can still steal your e-bike, which is why you should consider theft recovery. Installing a GPS system on your e-bike is one of the few things that can help you get back on your e-bike quickly. If you already own one of our e-bikes, please consider placing a smart tag under the seat/saddle. Using GPS to provide authorities with your bike’s location is a great advantage and will aid your recovery efforts.

5. Insurance

If your e-bike is stolen and you can’t get it back with a tracking device, purchasing e-bike insurance is the only way to avoid out-of-pocket replacements. Fortunately, there are now policies created specifically for electric bike insurance, such as speed insurance. It’s also worth checking your homeowner’s insurance to see if they already have a policy that covers electric bike theft. Many people mistakenly assume that e-bikes will be covered by homeowners’ insurance, but some insurance companies define e-bikes as vehicles and even offer separate policies. Be sure to review the policy details to ensure your e-bike complies with the terms of the policy.

Ultimately, preventing e-bike theft is the rider’s responsibility, but there are many reliable and proven ways to minimize security threats. Now that you’ve mastered our top tips for preventing theft, it’s time to get out there, have some fun, and enjoy all these amazing benefits of owning an electric bike.

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