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Electric Mountain Bike laws in the UK

British residents who have turned to electric bikes as their means of transport have experienced a radical shift in their commuting. Electric bikes open the door to easy travel and traffic-free routes for people of all ages. The option to use electric assist while riding the bike allows you to go uphill without adding stress to your body.


E-bikes are very popular in Europe, in part due to advances in e-bike technology. Manufacturers have been able to introduce lighter batteries and powerful electric motors that result in seamless power assist. Sales are growing rapidly and global demand for these bikes is slowly growing.


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You can now see them selected by bike couriers, commuters, couriers, and more. For urban commuting, owning an e-bike is more cost-effective than using public transportation. Not only is it less expensive, but it’s also a more environmentally friendly option and allows for a good workout. Overall, it’s a more accessible and enjoyable option for people.


The Mayor of London plans to introduce policies to encourage more people to use electric bikes as part of a global mission to reduce carbon emissions. City planners believe that e-bikes are the future of urban mobility.


Obviously, the average person using an e-bike can go much further on their average journey. For many, however, the switch to e-bikes raises a lot of questions about their legality, licensing, taxes, insurance and other regulatory nuances. Many people still believe that e-bikes are illegal in the UK.


The difference between an ordinary trolley and an electric bicycle

The difference between analog bikes and e-bikes isn’t that big, and as such, they’re subject to similar legislative sanctions. On an e-bike, you still have everything you’d find on a regular bike. Still, you get the benefits of a pedal-assist motor.


Electric bikes come with pedals that assist the motor, a battery that powers the motor, and a head unit in the handlebar that allows you to control the power output. Mid-mounted motors on pedal-assist bikes are a better choice because they provide the rider with more balance and provide more torque. They are often the choice for off-road riding and hilly adventures.

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UK Electric Bike Law

According to the UK government’s website, you can ride an e-bike as long as you are over 14 years old and the e-bike meets certain requirements. The website goes further by announcing the e-bike as EAPC, short for Electric Power Assisted Pedal Cycle.


Electric bike laws in the UK



If your e-bike complies with government requirements, you can ride it without any licenses, insurance or taxes. This is only possible if your e-bike falls under government regulations for pedal bikes. In the European Union, according to EN15194 law, the speed of a bicycle must not exceed 15.5 miles per hour, or by other standards, 25 kilometers per hour.


Since the speed is limited, this also means that the power output of the motor cannot exceed 250 watts. These requirements reflect European standards for e-bikes. All major e-bike manufacturers build their bikes to European standards.


If your e-bike’s motor is capable of exceeding the required speed limit and your motor produces more than 250 watts of power, the bike will no longer be classified as EAPC. Instead, it is subject to motorcycle laws and requires you to obtain a license. Your e-bike will also be subject to UK tax and insurance. Also, you will need to wear full motorcycle gear and helmet. The law also only allows EAPC to be used on bike lanes and other platforms that allow bike lanes.


What makes electric bikes legal in the UK?

First, an e-bike needs to have pedals to help propel it forward in order for it to be classified as a legal form of transportation. Another requirement, as mentioned above, is a maximum power of 250 watts. Keep in mind that this is a nominal power requirement, so the bike can peak higher, but has to go back to the 250 watt average.


The bike can only get 25 km/h assist. That doesn’t mean you can’t ride your bike faster than this speed limit. You will notice that in many cases the bike is going faster than this average speed. For example, when you’re going downhill with an electric booster or using pedal power in conjunction with the motor to push it past the average speed limit.


UK law does not allow a rotary throttle or any other type of e-bike with a hub drive motor. The hub drive motor is placed on the rear or front wheel of the bike and is mounted in the center of the wheel. Throttle assist allows the user to push the bike forward using a turning motion on the hand



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Only e-bikes with pedal assist motors are allowed in the UK. A pedal assist motor or mid-drive motor is mounted between the two pedals as an electric assist for the pedals. Unlike hub-drive e-bikes that completely eliminate pedaling, a mid-drive motor requires the user to turn the pedals to activate electric assist.


If you are over 14 years old and your bike meets all of the above criteria, your e-bike will be classified as a regular bike. UK law means you have a lot of freedom when using an e-bike. It’s worth pointing out that high-speed bikes are not considered standard e-bikes in the UK. They belong to another category of speed pedal legs.


The speed pedal leg category refers to cycling up to 28 mph or 45 km/h. Since this type of bike is in the speed pedal leg category, you will need to register it in the L1 category to be able to ride it in public.


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At this point, you also need to have a license plate, tax the motorcycle, insure it, and get a license plate. Overall, it robs you of most of the freedom of the e-bike experience, and you’re much more limited when riding this type of bike under a regulated system.


Electric Bike Insurance – Do You Need It?

Electric bike insurance isn’t a necessity by any means, but manufacturers and other experts strongly recommend that users do so. Purchasing an insurance policy can protect you from theft, damage, and other failures that require coverage.


Can Home Insurance Cover Your Electric Bike?

This usually varies with your home insurance provider. Most suppliers do not cover the cost of electric bikes. This is especially because they are high-priced items. Even if they do, they usually do it within the confines of your own home. If they cover your e-bike outside your home, options are very limited.


How much does e-bike insurance cost in the UK?

If you refer to pedalsure (an e-bike insurance provider), insurance for a £3000 bike will cost you around £15 a month. This would bring the figure to around 170 pounds per month. That’s a small price to pay considering the average replacement and repair cost of an e-bike.


How Much Electric Bike Coverage Should You Get?

Most plans will cover any electric bike in the value range from 400 pounds to 15,000 pounds. You can also buy bicycle accessories.


theft and damage

The insurance company will cover you for theft and damage. This means you will be covered if the perpetrator unknowingly steals your bike, and if they damage or destroy your bike. This coverage also includes any unforeseen or unintentional damage to your e-bike.



Insurance also covers your personal injury. This means that if you are injured while riding your bike, you will be covered. Another similar insurance plan involves public liability insurance. Liability comes from a separate product and it covers you if you injure others and cause damage to their property.


Overseas coverage

Overseas coverage involves traversing different countries using an e-bike. Insurance companies are liable for any theft or accidental damage that occurs abroad, usually limited to a certain number of days.


loss of income

Loss of income is scenario insurance, which is offered by many insurance plans in the UK. It works if you are injured in a bicycle accident, and the injury prevents you from going to work. In this case, e-bike insurance can provide you with weekly payments until you can work again.



Any e-bike insurance will help you get a new bike if the e-bike suffers permanent damage or is stolen. In this case, all you have to do is email the claims department. They will then send you a claim form for you to fill out and return.


Insurance companies also require documentation for the electric bike. After reviewing the claim form and documentation, they will provide the user with a brand new electric bike if all requirements are met.


If the insurance cannot be replaced and repaired, they will most likely pay in cash. Insurance companies often require users to send photos of the damage. Suppliers review these photos and assess damage.


Upon inspection, if the supplier thinks they can fix the bike, then they will directly collect the bike for further inspection. After the assessment, the supplier will send a repair report to the e-bike insurance provider.


The grey area and uncertainty of UK e-bike laws

While there are fewer grey areas than before, and UK e-bike laws are well-defined, many influencers in the e-bike industry are different

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