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Electric mountain bikes Promotion for Christmas

Electric mountain bikes Promotion for Christmas

In recent years, electric mountain bikes are emerging as a favorite gift in Christmas slowly. This is a big benefits of electric mountain bikes: how the rider feels younger, is transported back in time to the youthful joy of cycling, “the feeling of being childhood again and everything works”.

That’s true, electric mountain bikes are pure fun and very rewarding to ride for the sake of it. They’re also a gift that keeps on giving as they become part of your life and daily routine, giving you more options than driving, taking the bus or taking the train. It’s a very lucky person indeed who’s bought an electric mountian bikes for Christmas, owning one is a shortcut to freedom, independence and long term wellbeing. Here Shuangye will recomended some hot sale electric bikes for you.

If you’re looking for a bargain electric mountain bike for Christmas, there are a couple of model you would be like, but now I will recommend one of our Electric Bike (A6AB26). It adopt classic mountain e-bike design, the frame use aluminum alloy greatly reduce the whole weight, 36V bottle style battery, which you can remove or lock it on the frame by the key, the removable design make the battery charging more convenient. And the 250W motor power can handle all of sutiation in the city or the flat areas. If you want higher power, there are 350W and 500W, but the cost also would be increase.

And this is also show you an best-selling electric mountain bike(A6AH26), it would be a special gift in Christmas when you give your friends and family. This is electric mountain bikes which look like a normal mountain bike, it is would be hard to found it an e-bike when you first time to see it thanks to hidden battery design. The battery also can remove or lock in the frame by key, this design make you can take the battery to charge at any place you want. This electric mountain bikes offer 36v 250w to 500w motor power, it also can provide 48v 500w to 750w, but the battery outlook design has some different. So you can find the battery easier on high-capacity ebike.

Maybe fat tire electric mountain bikes(A6AH26F) is good helper riding on the snow. The 26*4.0-inch kenda fat tire can provde superior grip and low rolling resist, both of them will make you ride more steady and safety. There are also 20*4.0-inch fat tire(A6AH20F/A7AM20) you can choose, if you do not like the 26-inch fat tire. For you different needs, you can opt 250w to 750w, if you like high speed riding experience feeling, it also offer 1000w, 1500w and 2000w motor power. In order to your safety while biking, these bike also equipped with 160 or 180 disc brake. They will provde enough braking force when you stop the bike immediately.

If you are looking for electric city bikes as the same time, that’s great, here are 20-inch city foldable electric bikes(A1-7) and 24-inch, 26-inch and 28-inch city e-bikes(A3AL24). Generally, the foldable electric bikes use 20-inch wheel or smaller wheel 14-inch, you can fold the bike and then store at the corner. So foldable ebikes is siutable for those who living in apartment and do not enough store. And this is another city e-bike which is asopt classic bike frame design, because this bike use hidden battery, if not motor and LCD display you nearly do not know this bike is an e-bike. It is a great choice for daily traveling and commuting.

If you want to more detail information about electric mountain bikes and electric city bikes, you can leave a message below or contact us freely. If you want browse more electric bikes, visit our Official Website.