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Electric scooter brushless motor : what you should know

Electric scooter brushless motor: what you should know

Electric scooter brushless motor

With the development of society, traffic pressure has become a headache invisibly. Subsequently, various forms of electric sports tools have appeared. In recent years, electric scooters have sold well in foreign markets. Many domestic manufacturers have or are preparing to step in. However, as a sports equipment, electric scooters generally require the feeling of surfing. Therefore, its design requirements and performance are quite different from those of electric bicycles as a means of transportation. So how much do you know about electric scooter brushless motor?
Electric scooter motors are required to have the characteristics of short starting time, fast speed, low noise, good climbing performance, and the system is often in critical locked-rotor operation due to climbing and various actions by the driver. These characteristics give the control of the scooter. System design has increased the difficulty.
Electric scooter brushless motor

Generally, driving electrolysis is divided into DC motors, AC asynchronous motors, switched reluctance motors and other types. In the current electric scooters, DC motors are mainly used. Electric scooters require low power, small size and high efficiency of the motor drive system. At present, most of the motors selected on the market are DC motors. In terms of structure, DC motors are divided into DC brushed motors and DC brushless motors. , brush motors still dominate the market due to their easy control and low cost advantages. However, brushless motors are currently only used by a few high-end scooter manufacturers because of their relatively complex electrode structure and control circuit and high cost. It is 80W-400W, and the speed is 2000-4000r/min. 

Electric scooter brushless motor

The electric scooter with 12V motor carries a small power source and the whole vehicle is light, but the current is large and the heat is large, which is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the whole vehicle, and the battery loss is also large, the stroke is short, and the electric scooter with 36V motor is heavier. It challenges the light and beautiful design of the scooter, but it helps to extend the life of the battery and the motor. Compared with the other two, the 24V motor electric scooters have both advantages and weaken the two weaknesses. This type of electric scooters are currently on the market in large numbers.

How does the electric scooter motor work?

The controller manages the amount of power delivered to the motor. When you step on the accelerator, it sends a signal to the motor to start running. The motor draws energy from the battery and generates propulsion.

The technical details of how an electric scooter motor works depends on the type you have. These are the current types of motors used in modern electric scooters:

Hub Motor
Modern electric scooters use hub motors, which means that the motors are embedded in the wheels. It has two main types:

Gearless or direct drive motor
Use electromagnets to rotate the shaft, which turns the wheels. It provides greater power and regenerative braking. It is also larger, increasing the weight of the electric scooter.

Gear motor
Use the gear mechanism and then move the wheels. It is more energy efficient and provides a longer range. It also has more moving parts that are susceptible to wear.

These are the same motors used in electric bicycles. Manufacturers use their own configuration to get the performance they want from the scooter. Currently, the most optimized configuration is:

Brushless DC motor
It is a gearless motor that uses DC (direct current). It uses electromagnets to generate electricity, but does not require brushes (used for brushed motors, which is an outdated technology). It is more reliable, more efficient and requires less maintenance.

How much motor power do you need?

Motor power is measured in watts. Torque is also an important indicator, but it is rarely provided by manufacturers. It determines how much work your motor can do in terms of maximum speed and climbing ability.

Generally speaking, a higher motor capacity can provide you with a higher top speed, better climbing performance, higher load capacity, and a certain degree of range. The manufacturer will indicate the rated power and peak power of the electric scooter.

The actual motor power produced depends on the real-world riding scenario, such as uphill or downhill, driving in traffic, and turning or avoiding obstacles. You can roughly understand your needs based on evaluating road conditions and viewing products on the market:

Adult electric scooters start at 250W. These can be found in the cheapest portable electric scooters. You will get a top speed of 25 kilometers or less. Due to the use of small motors, it is light in weight and easy to carry. They are specially designed for short trips on smooth surfaces.

The budget for a mid-range electric scooter is at least 350W. It can provide you with a top speed of 25km-35km and a climbing ability of about 10%-15%. Electric scooters in this price range are perfect for budget-conscious commuters. They are portable electric scooters that have enough power to climb medium grades. You won’t get a suspension, but some are equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires to provide a comfortable ride.

The power of high-end to high-performance electric scooters is at least 500W. It can provide you with a top speed of 40km-50km and a climbing ability of about 15%-20%. It provides enough power for medium hilly roads. High-performance electric scooters usually have dual motors, which can provide light off-road use. In this price range, you can get dual suspension and drum brakes. They are still cost-effective scooters, but they can weigh up to 18 kg.

Electric scooter brushless motor
The A1 series of electric scooters produced by Shuangye all use brushless DC hub motors and a built-in intelligent control chip to ensure stable power output. It has the advantages of short response time, low noise, and low maintenance. And it has a multi-function LCD display, which is designed and produced by our own factory, easy to control the quality, can display distance, mileage, temperature, voltage, error code, etc. You can easily use it through the manual. It is also equipped with 3W LED headlights for night riding, multi-function LCD display control, safer and more convenient. It has a 5V1A USB mobile phone charging port, when your mobile phone is out of power, it can deal with emergency situations. It has 160-degree front and rear disc brakes, which can brake within 3 meters, protecting you from any emergency. With the brake lever, the power is cut off when braking. Greatly improve the safety of riding.

Electric drive is the core component of the scooter, and its safety inspection is very important. Therefore, consumers must look for conscientious manufacturers when choosing products. Quality is the life of the product and must pass the quality.

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