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Essential accessories for electric bicycles

Electric bicycles are very popular all over the world. But the difference is that professional users pay more attention to all aspects of riding experience when using electric bicycles. Below are the eight essential accessories recommended by the media for electric bike riders.

Now you may have bought an electric bicycle, or are considering whether to buy it. Although electric bicycles are an upgraded version of bicycles in many ways, there are some differences between them that require additional attention.

 The following are 8 essential accessories for electric bike riders. The first 3 of them are the top priority. They are helmets, bicycle locks and tire protectors, because when you get an electric bike, you want to make the first one The thing is to ride it out, these accessories will ensure your riding experience.

The speed of electric bicycles is much higher than that of bicycles, but the brain is usually accustomed to the speed of ordinary bicycles and may not be able to respond correctly to some emergencies. Therefore, it is necessary to use a helmet to protect the head. In addition, higher-speed movement also means that any accident will be more serious than an ordinary bicycle accident, so wearing a full-face helmet, gloves, elbow pads, etc. is very worth considering.
Car lock

Electric bicycles are usually much more expensive than traditional bicycles, and thieves know this. Buy one or two high-quality locks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the missing electric bike. The lock mentioned here does not mean a $5 cable lock, but a hardened steel chain lock, u-bolt, folding lock, or all of it. You have already spent a high price on an electric bicycle, so there is no need to be stingy in ensuring its safety.


To ensure safety, it is best to remove the battery and carry it with you, because the battery is the core value of an electric bicycle. I have also developed the habit of putting tools, spare tires and pumps in rack bags so I can quickly remove them and bring them into the store. In this way, the thief has one less chance to steal, and I have one less thing to worry about.

Protect tires
In the first few days, every electric bicycle I had traveled through various complicated road conditions had a puncture. But when the inevitable puncture comes, the first thing I do is some protective accessories.

The first is to use tire pads to form a protective barrier between the inner tube and the rim to protect it from any sharp objects, and to prevent the inner tube from puncturing due to squeezing when pumping up.

The second is to carry tire repair fluid or directly select tires with tire repair fluid inside. I learned this method from Bosch’s electric bike master Brian Salmento, whose electric bike fleet has completed several consecutive days of road trips. Before the advent of fetal replacement fluid, people have been pumping a colorful fruit called snot into the inner tube. The fruit liquid contains solids, which basically solidify on any holes that may appear in the tube.

Compared with ordinary bicycles, the reason why tire protection is particularly important for electric bicycles is that you are likely to travel longer on commuter roads or trails. In Forest City in Southern California, this means that people need to ride on busy streets and on chaotic bike lanes, and tires inevitably encounter messy building materials such as nails and wood.

Make sure the tires are fully inflated

Just like ordinary bicycles, tires are more susceptible to roadside debris when they are underinflated. Keep the tires fully inflated so that the tires reach the maximum rating and tire pressure recommended by the bicycle manufacturer. It is best to check them every few weeks to ensure their safety and provide you with the best riding experience.

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Spare tire
Even if you are fully prepared to protect your tires, a puncture will inevitably occur. Therefore, it’s never a bad idea to carry a spare tire so that you don’t know how to start a few miles away from home. I will throw the bicycle spare tire in my repair kit. This is not an ideal long-term solution, but it will help you in a critical moment.

Tire patch + fire repair machine iron
The front tire can be replaced on site, but different electric bicycles have different solutions. Sometimes the method of changing tires is not the best choice for the rear tires. In this regard, it is best to bring a tire patch and a repair iron. The key part of all repairs is the repair machine iron, which can help you pull down the tire to quickly repair the inner tube.

Tire patches have not changed much over the years, and there are basically two types. The first type of patch uses a vulcanizing fluid to bond the rubber in the tube and the rubber in the patch together. The second type of patch has an integrated adhesive.

To fill the tire after replacement or repair, you need an air pump. Most portable pumps are miniature, but this means you have to pump hundreds of times to fill your e-bike tires. In this regard, you need to choose a labor-saving air pump and be prepared before going out, so that you can save yourself the trouble of having to walk home.

Equipment package
With all these equipment, you need to find a permanent home on a bicycle for them. It can be a backpack, pannier or rack top bag. Find the best option that suits your lifestyle and put these accessories together.

There are endless choices of electric bicycle accessories, which can bring better riding experience to different users.