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Fat tire e bike with dual motor and new bike frame

Fat tire e bike with dual motor and new bike frame

An fat tire e bike combine the draws of cycling, including low-cost, fun and traffic-free commuting, with the advantages of normal bikes and motorcycles – namely, that the fat tire e bike does the work for you. Whatever use it to commute everyday or cycle on the sandy beaches, snowy slopes and mountain ares, fat tire e bike is a great choice for people in need. Just add an electric motor can have this much impact, imagine what two motors could do! Here is an fat tire e bike with two motors and match new bike frame from Shuangye A7AT26.

Dual motor fat tire e bikes, which add front wheel motor to the standard rear wheel motor found on most fat tire e bikes, open up a e bike world of new possibilities. Shuangye fat tire e bike use dual motors, giving it a sleeker, stealthier look. With two small 500 W motors overvolted to 500 W each and hidden in the wheel hubs, but often the front wheel motor power is smaller than rear wheel.

What are the advantage of two motors? One of the best uses for dual motor fat tire e bike is off-road riding. From nature trails to loose gravel, dual motor fat tire e bike can greatly improve your handling. The ability to easily climb up and over curbs with the front wheel is one of fat tire e bike features. The rear wheel force you forward and the front wheel will climb over stumps, rocks and anything else in its way. Two small motors help to even out the weight distribution of the fat tire e bike and e bike perform better and cycle more comfortably.

An fat tire e bike with 26-inch wheel rim and extra wide 4-inch tires, fat tire makes it easy to absolutely fly right over the top of soft sand or powdery snow and climb over rugged hilly ares. Wet and muddy environments are also a great use for fat tire e bikes, cause the extra traction from front wheel can help your bike out of a hole or mud pit. And that fat tires great for more than just utilitarian uses, but also excellent for pleasure riding. The Shuangye dual motor fat e bike is a great candidate for either an off-road e bike or for use commuting on pike paths and city streets. It’s large 26″ *4.0″ tires can handle rough terrain and also help smooth out the ride considerably.

48V 18AH/20AH supply enough electric power for dual motor fat tire bike, longest-range and powerful triangle lithium-ion battery mounted on the down tube of bike frame for the sleek looks deserving of fat tire e bike. It just need charging five and seven hours to go to full electric power as same as the time of charging your phone. Under these, it can travel up to 40-60 km on a single charge and combine five assist levels and three modes. Great for long-distance cycling requirement, fat tire e bike is also suitable for different terrains and situation.

If you want to know fat tire e bike operating condition, display system is a excellent part on the bike. This dual fat tire e bike adopted a large format and intelligent LCD screen to maximize your view comfort. It will show the distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign error sign, real time pedal assist level directly on the display, which is convenient for you mounted on the center of the handlebar.

What else component parts of dual motor fat tire e bike? For your night riding convenience and safety, all-weather using 160 disc brake, removable 3W bright front light with USB charging port and a thumb throttle mounted on the handlebar. And 21 speed Shimano derailleur you can adjust the gear what you need. For your comfortable and convenient, the bike was equipped with rear rack, aluminum alloy pedals and adjustable height soft saddle. Dual motor fat e bike not only can shutter in the streets, but also can ride on the mountain trails.

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