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Fat tire electric bike high power and go farther

Fat tire electric bike high power and go farther

In a word where everyone pursues time and efficiency, speed become one of pursuit standards. So does electric bike, especially, fat tire electric bike. Usually, fat tire electric bike speed faster than normal tire electric bike. A high power fat tire electric bike not only provides you faster speed, but also is suitable for any trainers. Though it heavier than other non fat tire electric bike, electric assist can solve your this problem.

Here is a fat tire electric bike from Shuangye, which is also offer over 500W motor fat tire electric bike. For example, 750W, 1000W and 2000W on Shuangye A7AT26. This bike might perfect for who like to travel a different path, may be cruise down the beach. And introduce it and help you solve  your questions about this fat tire electric bike through below article.

Why high power motor equipped with fat tire?

This fat tire electric bike use 2000W rear brushless hub motor and 26”*4.0 fat tire as a standard, you can also choose 750W or 1000W hub motor depend on your living surrounding and riding need. Generally, over 500W motor power electric bike would use fat tire wheels, less than or equal to 500W motor power electric bike use normal tire wheels, like 26”*1.75/1.95. The motor power higher, the weight of motor heavier. Making ensure your riding safety and for your convenience, prevent normal tire low endurance cause tire puncture while riding on the road.

Using fat tire wheels can raise the bike body and reduce the chance of the crankset or pedals touching the obstacle during off-road. It is also one of efficient ways to improve vehicle stability during off-road. But some small electric bikes with low power motor use fat tire wheels for they stability during cycling. Like Shuangye A6AH20F and A7AM20. 20 inch fat tire electric bike is suitable for children, ladies, men and older for commuting, traveling and exercising.

How much volt of battery equipped?

Usually, normal electric bikes use 36V/48V 9AH/10AH battery. But high power fat tire electric bike have a little difference. For example. Shuangye A7AT26 2000W brushless motor with 60V 18AH/20AH triangle battery and 750W/1000W motor with 48V 18AH/20AH battery. Only large capacity can support high power motor operating, bring rider the fastest speed which can reach 55km/h when equipped with a 2000W motor. And 5-7 hour finish a full charging, fast charger function and faster riding speed. Enjoy an exciting and insane riding journey with fat tire electric bike by yourself. Whatever in the city or in the country.

Why choose this fat tire electric bike?

There are three reason which I am going to tell in below article.

The first reason is the motor power and battery. The fat tire electric bike use 2000W rear hub brushless gear motor and 60V 18AH/20AH battery. Not only fast, but also a lot of battery capacity. The powerful battery offer a range of 40+ miles on a single charge, bring you go farther, and the motor offers both a 5-level pedal-assist (PAS) or thumb throttle that will do as much or as little of the work for you. We purposely designed the battery with security in mind making it easy to lock with you.

The second reason for fat tire electric bike is material and components. For offer high quality to every customers, this fat tire electric bike with 100% 6061 aluminum alloy frame and wheel rim which is more light, corrosion resistance and durability can support 150kgs max load. We also equipped with aluminum alloy pedals which are suitable for your feet. Stable and use lasting. A suspension front fork mounted on fat tire electric bike which have 100 mm of front-wheel travel.

There is also have a LCD digital meter to show the fat tire electric bike information, which is one of important bike part on the bike beyond motor and battery. It can show you current information while you riding on the road. It will show you electric bike’s real motor power, current electric power, distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, error sign and so on.

The fat tire electric bike also installed tektro 180 mechanical disc brake system. It can support the electric bike riding in all-weather and muddy and wet road. For your safety, we use shimano brake and shifter lever can cut-off electric bike electronic system when press the brake lever to stop the bike. We want to provide a excellent riding experience feeling to our customers, use shimano 21 speed on the fat tire electric bike. According to your riding situation to change the gear level, like climb up hill, raise or reduce speed and more. It also have a removable 3W bright LED front light with a USB charging port for night riding and solve your running out of mobile phone battery power.

This article introduce basic information of fat tire electric bike, if you want to know more detail information, leave message below or browse our website to find the electric bike you favorite.