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Girl city electric bicycles for sale

Girl city electric bicycles for sale

Electric bicycles more and more prevailing, so many electric bicycles for sale in the market and they can help us save more time and energy on the way. Like going to work, to shop, to travel and any where you want to go. Especially, it is a great transportation tool choice for those who living in urban city and living not far away from their workplace. They become a helper in your daily life to assist short travel, commute and leisure riding. The electric bicycles for sale in the market are suitable for the young and the old. But we want to recommend a few of Shuangye girl electric bicycles for sale.

If you are living in city or plain areas, Shuangye A3AL24 city electric bicycles for sale is a great choice for girl. This classic city frame bicycle design city an anti-slip 24 inch puncture proof tires and a powerful brushless geared hub motor, which offer 250W-350W motor power that you can choose one motor power of them based on your local legal. Shuangye A3AL24 also adopted 24V/36V 8AH/10AH hidden battery in the down tube of frame, and reach up to 20km/h and travels up to 25km using E Bike mode alone on the flat road when the bicycle with 250W motor power. And this electric bicycles for sale have 5 levels of pedal assist for you can find your sweet spot no matter where you going when you use pedal assist mode. If you like more big size wheel, Shuangye also offer 28 inch A3AL28 city electric bicycles for sale.

Shuangye city electric bicycles for sale A5AH26 with 36V 9AH/10AH hidden battery and 26-inch rim with 1.75-inch or 1.95- inch tire typical mountain bicycle wheel. High performance and high quality suit those who also high-demand with things. This bicycle can use in different terrains, like plain, hilly and rugged mountain road. If you like big wheel you can opt 28-inch wheel. Powerful rear hub motor offer your bicycle reach 25km/h – 35km/h when the bicycle’s motor is 250W-500W. SHIMANO 21/27 speed derailleur, thumb throttle and pedal-assist function that it can deal with different riding situation and terrains. For making ensure your night riding, it adopt with 3W LED front light and USB Port for Charging Your Phone on the Go.

The Shuangye A1-7 folding city electric bicycle for sale is a stylish and sturdy bike. It was equipped with 36V 9AH/10AH hidden battery and 36V 250W/350W rear brushless hub motor. With a single battery charge, you can reach up to 30-50km. This bicycle is an excellent choice for the cities and amazing countrysides. The folding electric bicycle is not only powerful but lightweight also. Because it is a foldable electric bicycle, you can fit it almost everywhere. It allows you to save some space in your home or put it side in your office. This electric bike has two modes: you can ride it on your own, or turn on the throttle mode and enjoy the riding without even pedaling hard!

The Shuangye A3AL26 city electric bicycle for sale is a perfect bike for all kind of outdoors in the city and countryside. It has an eye-catching aluminum alloy bike frame design and use 26-inch wheels on the bicycle which help you to ride on every surface, even rugged and muddy road easily. This Shuangye electric bicycle has a 36V 10AH lithium battery. After recharging the battery for 5-7 hours, you can comfortably ride a bike for 30km at 25 km/h speed with 250W motor. This stylish bike provides powerful riding. Also, it has two modes to choose from: assist and throttle – riding without pedaling. This bike looks great and rides even better not only for girl.

Compared with normal tire electric bicycle, Shuangye A6AH20F fat tire city electric bicycle for sale not only able to ride on the street also enable to ride on the beach and snow. This bicycle has a unique pair of 20-inch with 4.0-inch wide fat tires which provides a pleasant and comfortable ride on every surface. This bicycle can reach up to 25km/h. It has 7/9/21 SHIMANO speeds, 250W rear hub motor and 36V 9AH hidden battery. The seat can be adjustable so that it will fit every person.

Here are 5 different Shuangye girl city electric bicycles for sale, each one provides you comfort and excellent feeling. If you are interested in one of them, leave a message below. And you can visit our official website to browse more electric bikes.