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high quality lithium battery pack for mountain ebike

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high quality lithium battery pack for mountain ebike

Since the cells in ebike battery packs should be connected in serial-parallel, cell balance is one of the most important factors determining the product quality. Shuangye superb cell balance technology contributes to the uniform quality of the packs and driving units, and ultimately to the quality of the ebike. Our batteries help to provide ebike with reliable quality to the consumers. As a testimony to their outstanding quality and safety, Li-ion battery cells are preferred by high-end ebike makers and driving unit companies that lead the ebike market. 详情_02 详情_03 Lithium chemistry is considerably more expensive than the “old school” lead acid chemistry. If you are buying a battery pack or a ebike that already has a battery pack, be familiar with the chemistry that you’re buying. For example, its hard to find a good ebike for under a thousand dollars with a decent-sized lithium pack. Lithium is pricey. Be realistic in your expectations when e-bike shopping on how much the ebike will cost compared to what kind of range, performance, and life expectancy you will get out of a lithium battery pack.  

Model Shuangye lithium battery
Size(mm) 360*130*80mm
Available capacity >95%
Capacity 36v10ah
Material Li-poly
Cycle life(pack) 600 cycles 0.5C>60%
Burst discharge current 10A-20A
Charge voltage 42v±0.01v
Cut-off voltage 30v±1v
Lasting distance 36v10Ah range about 30--40km
Operating temperature -20~55'C
Charging time About 4-6h
Charge method CC/CV