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How about the weight of an electric bike

We all know the wonders of e-bikes and how beautifully these bikes are designed keeping in mind the needs of the user be it kids, sports enthusiasts, advanced riders, urban riders or just plain cyclists. Electric bikes are for everyone!


How much does an electric bike weigh? Electric bikes are 40-50% heavier than conventional bikes, but much lighter than motorcycles. An average e-bike weighs about 45-50 lbs (18-22 kg). A typical conventional non-electric bike might weigh about 30-35 lbs (12-13 kg).


Electric bicycles are equipped with motors and batteries, which greatly reduce manpower.


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Let’s take a look at a few different categories of e-bikes so that we can more easily see the different types.


Mountain electric bike

Mountains are always fascinating. Reaching the top of the mountain gives a huge sense of accomplishment. Not only does rock climbing teach us patience, persistence, and gratitude, but it has indescribable health and fitness benefits.


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Electric Mountain Bikes (e-MTBs) are a great help for anyone looking to ride uphill. They can easily take us off the beaten track. Also, since the effort required to pedal an e-bike can vary according to comfort, people with weight issues can also enjoy riding uphill (dont forget the thrill of going downhill).


The makeup of these e-MTBs is largely determined by the terrain of the area in which these machines will be driven. It plays a very important role in the suspension system of e-MTB. Therefore, there are 3 types of suspension systems:


Hardtail electric mountain bike

This can be explained from the word itself. “Hardtail” means that the tail is stiff, i.e. there is no shock absorber at the end of the tail. The shock is on the front end. Front suspension helps to better control the e-MTB and reduce upper body fatigue.


Full suspension e-MTB

Suspension on the front and rear makes the riding experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Riding with these e-MTBs is very smooth and has less impact on muscles and joints.


Rigid e-MTB

These do not contain any pauses. Although the body is not very comfortable, light weight is one of its characteristics.

Electric motors

Wheel size, distance and weight

The 26-inch wheel size has dominated the market for years, but 29-inch wheels are becoming more common these days. Larger wheels accelerate slower but provide more power. They can easily roll over small objects in their way. The 29-inch wheel size E-MTB is best for taller riders.


Weight comparison of eMTB:

eMTB Model Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)

Bulls E-Stream Evo 45 Fs 50 22.6

Powerfly FS7 Plus 51 23.1

HaiBike XDURO AllMtn 9.0 50 22.6

Powerfly 5 Women’s 50.4 22.9

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City electric bike

Coming to city electric bikes is a boon for anyone who has to commute from point A to point B. These bikes don’t just reduce pollution levels. They are also a great source of some kind of physical activity for people who find it difficult to follow strict activity routines.


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Sweat Free Ride

Urban e-bikes are designed for urban commuters, allowing them to travel even the furthest places with ease and without breaking a sweat. After riding an e-bike like this one is sure to feel fresh and rejuvenated.


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Best for delivery service

In cities with too many vehicles on the road, it becomes difficult and time-consuming for deliverymen to get from their outlets to places. Urban electric bikes come to the rescue, delivering speed in an effortless way.


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Hassle-free ride

Going to the grocery store or your office is just a few peddlers as urban e-bikes give you a hassle-free, smooth and fast ride because the electric assist these bikes provide makes pedaling easier and easier.


Now “weight” is no longer an issue

Urban e-bikes are specially designed with no added weight. To keep these bikes lightweight, even the battery is often integrated into the frame. The use of carbon fiber frames makes these e-bikes lighter because you can lift them up when needed.

bicycle frame

It’s always good to do a comparative analysis, so let’s take a look at the various urban e-bike models on the market.


City Electric Bike Weight Comparison:

Urban Electric Bike Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)

Amprestler 40 17.2

Ampler blunt 31 14.1

Pinnacle Li+ Electric Bike 42.5 19.3

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Foldable electric bike

We’ve all experienced problems in our commutes such as traffic jams, getting to work on time on crowded public transport, and often traveling too far.


These problems are common to most of us. But thanks to our automotive giant for taking on the very interesting task of transforming a 300-year-old model bike to fit the needs of the modern consumer.


These foldable bikes have reasonable speeds, going 25 mph and 20 miles on a single charge. Many models offer charging while pedaling, which is an advantage as it also saves power.


Check out the many benefits these electric bikes offer:


Use, fold and carry

As the name suggests, the foldable e-bike is designed in such a way that it can be installed in the trunk of a car, truck or even a spare tire, or even carried in a bag.


Extremely lightweight

Due to the carbon fiber frame, the foldable electric bike weighs approximately 15.4 lbs – 27 lbs (7-12 kg). They can easily carry up to 200 lbs (90 kg).


Sleek and compact design

With innovations in new technology, the designers of these foldable electric bikes have given them a sleek design, smart looks and compact structure so they fold up so small they can fit under a desk.


Ride smart from your smartphone

Since everything on our smart screen is available to us, engineers have designed apps for these e-bikes that provide smartphone connectivity for GPS navigation, integrated locking systems, automatic safety smart lights to make riding safer and more enjoyable .


Below is a comparison chart of several models.


Weight comparison of folding electric bikes:

Foldable Electric Bike Weight (lbs) Weight (kg)

Brompton Electric 30.2 13.7

Gi FlyBike GBF1 55 24.9

Vello Bike + Titanium 28.4 12.9

Small circle S1 25.4 11.5

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Children’s electric bicycle

Now imagine sporty parents wanting to take their kids out for some weekend activities outdoors. pity! The physical strengths of adults and children do not match, thus ruining plans for a weekend outing. Or take this – the reluctant kid just isn’t ready to leave their PlayStation, getting lethargic and obese day by day. .


Summarize a few words

In short, an e-bike is like a traditional everyday bike with a few add-ons. Add-ons include batteries, motors, display panels, and some wiring. These components definitely add a few pounds to the original bikes weight, but the advantages they offer far outweigh the disadvantages of the slightly heavier construction.


A simple non-electric bike might weigh 30 pounds (16 kilograms), while an electric bike might weigh 45-50 pounds (20-23 kilograms). But with that extra weight, riders (even with their body skeletons/seniors) can do about 100+ kilometers at 20 mph, which is really commendable.


Today, lightweight carbon fiber is rapidly replacing steel as the raw material for making electric bikes. By using carbon fiber as a construction material, the weight of the e-bike can be further reduced by about 5-7 lbs (2-3 kg).


lightweight accessories

As you can see from above, with a few exceptions, modern e-bikes are still heavy enough. Yes, that is changing as frame, battery and motor technology develops and e-bikes are going to get lighter. However, it will be a while before that happens.

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