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How cool is the daily commute riding electric boost? Real user experience of E-bike

     In the past, we introduced the mountain bike E-bike and the road bike E-bike. Today, let’s introduce the E-bike for daily transportation. Take Zhuhai Shuangye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a better bicycle brand in China, as an example, let’s take a look at the use of E-bike. -The real user experience of bike owners.

    Young people who have been deeply affected by “Deadly Urgent” will regard the fixed teeth with small cards on the spokes as the coolest car on the way to school, while the boys who watched “The Wheels” ride mountain bikes. If you can’t, you have to show off your bunny hop skills in the face of the city’s roads. Now that the trend of foreign E-bike is all the rage, it will also come to compete for the title of “the most beautiful boy in the whole street”. Cheaper than road bikes full of carbon fiber and rugged mountain bikes.

  HOTEBIKE 26 inch 48V 500W 700W adult

The urge to ride it

      After Shuangye’s E-bike owner Bridget Fry finished riding her bike for the first time, she knew it would be difficult for her to ride back to a traditional bike. Lightweight aluminum alloy frame, high-quality materials, lightweight lithium battery, high strength and weight light. The aluminum alloy frame is lighter, does not rust, and has good corrosion resistance and deformation resistance. To ensure safety while riding, the most important thing is the pedaling assist system with power on call. The invisible design of 48V 10AH lithium battery with key is safe and stylish. High-performance battery, large capacity, strong discharge, long cruising range. It is more convenient to insert and remove keys. 48V 500W Gearless Brushless Hub Motor

Brushless gearless motors have low noise resistance, achieve higher torque output with less power, improve climbing performance, and reduce battery burden. The 48V intelligent brushless controller is quiet, no noise, stable performance, and can reliably protect the battery and motor.

      Bridget Fry said: “If I had this great E-bike while I was studying, I might be looking forward to school more than anyone.” Fry is now a respectable medical worker who needs it every day during the epidemic. Coping with a lot of work, her happiest time every day is when she gets off work and rides her double industry E-bike. Moreover, the folding bike can be installed in the trunk of the car to go to more places to enjoy the pleasure of getting off work.



Leading pragmatism

    The epidemic has caused people all over the world to pay attention to their own health. Jeff Olsen decided to resume fitness some time ago, intending to buy a beautiful and easy-to-ride bicycle to replace driving and public transportation. He chose this dual-industry commuter E-bike, which is equipped with an eight-speed Shimano Acera transmission system. A more comfortable riding posture makes Shuangye more suitable for commuting than aggressive road bikes and mountain bikes.

Olsen said: “From the time I started pedaling, I was smiling all the way.” He also calculated that commuting time on E-bike is about the same as driving time, but commuting by bike is happier and cheaper.
In the three months since Olsen bought SHUANGYE E-bike, he has ridden more than 1,050 kilometers and lost more than 9 kilograms of weight. Olsen said he will continue to stick to it.

Olsen feels that the whole man is back. He has more energy every day. After riding, he will do anaerobic training and make healthy meals at home. He said: “This car freed me from depression and deteriorating health.


Make riding easier

   Mary Hattie has been riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle on the road in the past few years. After hearing the roar of the engine, she decided to switch to an E-bike to calm down. She chose this HOTEBIKE A5AH26 travel E-bike introduced by a friend, and she liked the riding posture more like a motorcycle.

She said: “I haven’t ridden a bicycle for many years. This is different from the traditional bicycles I used to ride. I feel that there is a steady flow of power in my legs. brisk.”

Her original 13-kilometer cycling plan quickly became 24 kilometers and then 64 kilometers. Hattie began to find and ride new and longer paths, and she didn’t want this riding fun to end. The A5AH26 is fully qualified for the task given to it by the owner. It can ride 80 kilometers on average every time it is fully charged, and it can be fully charged in less than 3 hours.

Heidi said: “With this E-bike, I can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the trail without being distracted by feeling tired and not knowing how far I have to go.”. He also said: “These electric bicycles make us 40-60 years old scream and laugh with excitement like children.”


Richer value

  Dale and Julie Houghlten, empty nesters, had difficulty seeing their children under the epidemic. They wanted to find something novel to add some color to their later life. Dale stumbled upon the HOTEBIKE A1-7 E-bike folding bike.

Dale said: “When I showed Sinch to Julie for the first time, she said,’It looks like a children’s bike! Yes! This is for older kids! This new bike is not just for riding. It is for adventure and freedom. We can ride anywhere!” They have seen grass, trails, tree roots, dirt, etc. on this bike.

They also bought one for their daughter, which is very convenient and can be easily folded into the trunk of an SUV. The price is too affordable

The ease and fun of pedaling is addictive, and electricity-assisted commuting is a healthy and fun lifestyle.