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How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost

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Switching to the new trend of bikes? Here’s how much to expect when you buy an electric bike

Wondering how much an electric bike costs? Don’t worry, it’s actually very affordable!

People worry too much about the cost of an electric bicycle that they settle for the regular bikes, but believe it or not, the average cost of an ebike is almost the same as some traditional bicycles. Considering all the advanced technology included in an electric bike, your money surely won’t go to waste. 

The cost of buying an electric bike depends mainly on the biking experience you want and the functionality you’re looking for. Think about where and what you’re going to use it for. Are you going to use it on difficult trails or on smooth pavement? Whichever it is, the electric bike industry has the right e-bike for you. Many electric bike companies out there set the prices for their products differently, so as you go through this, you’ll soon get an idea of how much money you’ll be expecting to shell out.

What are you paying for in an electric bike?

Aside from the basic components of a traditional bike, what you’re really paying for in an electric bike is the technology and advanced system accompanied with it. These and the convenience of going farther easier and quicker are the benefits of buying an electric bike.Motor – The electric motor in an electric bike generally defines the cost of the bike. There are two primary kinds of e-bike motor: mid drive and hub motor. The motor power (power output) and performance capabilities play a significant role in the bike’s price. For that matter, mid drive motors are more powerful and durable compared to hub motors hence are pricier. These ebike motors are connected to either a torque sensor or a cadence sensor to help provide an accurate amount of E assist. Most electric mountain bikes, especially hunting electric bikes, are equipped with mid drive motors. These robust mid drive motors are intended for climbing hills, overcoming rough terrain, and extreme adventures. In essence, the better the electric motor, the more expensive the bike. However, the electric motor’s output power is not the only specification worth considering. 

Battery – This part of the electric bicycle is considered to be the most expensive. Whether it’s a frame-integrated battery or a removable battery, the price depends largely on its capabilities. Moreover, the quality of an electric bike’s battery, which fuels the electric motor, also affects the price of a particular e-bike. Most electric bikes use lightweight, efficient, rechargeable lithium batteries. The primary thing that separates one battery from another is the capacity. How far and long it takes for a battery to perform its function before it needs to be recharged. On the side, the charging rate for a specific battery depends on the voltage and amp hours rating indicated in the battery. To compute for the cost of charging, here’s a sample computation for you:

For example, a 52V – 17.5 Ah rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery has 910 watt hours equivalent to 0.92 kilowatt hours (kWh). With an average electric fee of 13.45 cents per kWh,
Charging Rate = 0.91 kWh x $0.1345/kWh = $0.122
So basically, it just takes 12 cents to fully charge the given battery example that can get up to 20 miles per charge. But generally, the price of electric bike batteries depends on the battery power and battery capacity.
Gears and Special or Extra Features- Some electric bikes are equipped with the most advanced technology. Almost, if not all electric bicycles already have their own display system. And it comes with either a colorful LCD display or panel or a plain LED display. Additionally, mechanical features like gears, derailleur system (Shimano, SRAM, etc.), brakes (hydraulic disc brakes or mechanical disc brakes), and fat tires are all contributors to the price of an electric bicycle. A bike company for example is exclusively known to produce this particular kind of electric bike that features a special suspension fork or hydraulic disc brakes. This company then can sell its ebikes for a higher price. In essence, an e-bike equipped with some of the most advanced features and latest components generally means more expensive.

But aside from these technical features, here are some other reasons on why buying an electric bike is a good idea. Now, moving forward, let’s identify first the kinds of electric bikes that you can choose from. 

What are the types of electric bikes out there

electric bike

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And how much?

Still deciding what kind of electric bike you’re going for? There are many types of electric bikes in the market today. Among the most popular are already listed down for you! Take a look at each type, its build, what’s it designed for, and its price range.
Electric Mountain Bike
Electric Mountain Bikes (eMTB) are electric-motor-equipped mountain bikes that amplify your normal pedaling power. eMTBs usually are equipped with mid drive motors for stronger power and more extra boost to overcome steep hills. These electric mountain bikes may or may not have a throttle. It can have both the options to go on a pedal assist mode or the throttle mode. This distinct feature of an eMBT enables you to go farther, faster, and stronger with every pedal you make.
If you’re the type of person who feeds on adventures by going through challenging trails, steep slopes, and rough off-road paths, then you should consider limiting your options to electric mountain bikes. Not only do they support the primary purpose of a traditional mountain bike, they also give you the best training in mountain biking, especially when you’re just starting.
Now for the cost, an average eMTB has a price range of around $1,000-$5,000 depending on the brand and features it offers. Typically, some designs of electric mountain bikes are more expensive than others. Below are some of the best selling electric mountain bikes in the market today.    

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