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How should people with myopia choose cycling glasses?

How should people with myopia choose cycling glasses?

cycling glassesFor cycling enthusiasts, cycling glasses are one of the essential equipment for cycling. In addition to blocking foreign creatures and blocking all kinds of wind and sand, it can also help cyclists block ultraviolet rays effectively.

But for people who are deeply injured by myopia, the choice of riding glasses is a bit bumpy.
Today, through some of my own experiences, I will provide four solutions for myopic cyclists for everyone to choose.

1 Contact lens + riding goggles

cycling glasses
Most short-sighted cyclists are willing to choose the combination of contact lenses and riding goggles.
This method is relatively simple, but some cyclists have a feeling of rejection of contact lenses.
In addition, if you ride in this way for a long time, contact lenses will also have some problems such as dry eyes. This method is recommended for cyclists who can adapt to contact lenses.

2 Customized myopia cycling glasses

 cycling glasses
For cyclists who are not accustomed to contact lenses, you can try custom myopia cycling glasses.
Customized myopia cycling glasses are similar to matching myopia glasses, and need to provide personal myopia, astigmatism and other information.
As for the price, it may be slightly higher. Need to measure economic capacity before buying.

3 Riding double-layer glasses

 cycling glasses
Cycling double-layer glasses means adding a frame of myopia to the ordinary cycling glasses.
The biggest advantage of this kind of glasses is that you only need to replace the lenses of the myopia frames inside. Compared with the direct custom-made myopia cycling glasses, the price is much lower, but the anti-wind and sand effect of this kind of glasses will be worse.
And because the inner myopia layer is close to the eyes, the degree and interpupillary distance need to be adjusted. Specific adjustments need to be based on individual circumstances.

4 goggles integrated helmet

 cycling glasses
This is a solution favored by myopia cyclists.
How to use it: riders can wear myopia glasses directly, and then wear the goggles that come with the helmet. This method is not only easy to operate, but also does not have the discomfort of wearing contact lenses.

The price is not as high as customized myopia cycling glasses, and the specific pricing is different for each brand. You can choose by yourself.

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