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How to assemble an ebike by yourself

How to assemble an ebike by yourself

Now everyone buys electric bikes online and assembles them themselves. And supplier delivery  unassembled goods, but most of the buyers isn’t good at assemble an ebike. Here is video taking Shuangye mountain ebike A6AH26 as example, you can assemble an ebike step by step in this detailed video. pls watch detailed assemble video.

There are ebike frame with rear wheel, front wheel, battery, pedals, shock-absorbing suspension front fork, ebike handle bar, saddle, front light, reflectors and some ebike accessories in carton. A multi-tool was equipped with it for you easy assemble. Next is brief step text description with pictures.

First you assemble this ebike front fork on the ebike head tube and fix frame and front fork. And the handlebar installed on the front fork tube then tighten the screws three times with multi-tool to fix it on the ebike frame.  

It is time to install front wheel after finished front fork and handlebar assembling. Hold on front wheel and front fork, then fix front wheel and front fork with quick release. Next assemble front brake, using multi-tool to fix front brake cable then install cable with front brake, last tighten the screw. Test it after finished front brake assembling.

Next fix the front light, front and reflector and bell on the ebike with multi-tool.

Take rear reflector through the saddle tube then fix it on the tube, install the saddle on the ebike with quick release and adjust the height of saddle you need.

And assemble the pedals and fix them with wrench. Then put the battery on the frame and connect the charger and battery to test ebike charging situation. Last step, test the ebike working situation through LCD, throttle, motor and front light.

If you can’t assemble well through this brief step text description, here is video link of assemble ebike detail steps. Teaching you step by step to assemble ebike while you watching this ebike assembling video.


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