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How to buy the best folding electric bike

How to buy the best folding electric bike

Welcome to the topic “How to buy the best folding electric bike.”

Folding electric bikes are the latest trend in the market.
These bikes are useful in various ways, especially for daily commuters.

Rush to the station, nip to any meeting, and you can also
bundle it into your vehicle’s trunk when you are out for an exciting weekend
far from the city. Folding electric bikes are the Swiss army knife, and you can
use them for numerous purposes.

If you’re also planning to buy the one, you’re on the right
post. Below you will find our electric folding bikes buyers guide that teaches
you to get the best folding electric bike.

Why buy an electric folding bike

Before discussing the subject matter, let’s quickly look at
electric folding bikes appealing to users globally.

Helps you in your daily commute:
Having a bike fitted with a battery and motor allows you to move without fear
of overdoing or arriving at the workplace hot and bothered.

No risks of theft:
Unluckily, bike theft is a blight on the various place, and safe parking spaces
comes with additional expenses, and you have to leave your bike and joy out in
the open. An eBike, with all of its features and high price tag, is an
appealing choice for many users.

Folding electric bikes, irrespective of their size, are much
simpler to carry. You can even slot them under the table at the club, in a
hall, or anywhere you want, even inside your local store.

Perfect if you have limited space
at home, train, or work
: As mentioned above, these bikes are ideal if
you have limited and you can put them anywhere in the train, home, or work. At
home, you can put them under the stairs or even on your porch.

Furthermore, the folding eBikes are perfect for workspaces
or when you are moving on the train. Carry them wherever you are going and say
goodbye to storage problems.

Things to look out for when buying an electric folding bike:

Here are some vital features to consider when looking for
the best folding electric bike:

Motor and its placement:

The main difference between a traditional bike and an electric
bike is the motor. It is a feature that you can’t afford to overlook during the

A folding electric bike motor must give you the perfect
combo of power and value. The motor should be powerful enough to assist you in
climbing hills, allow you to pedal through a national park, and enables you to
commute to work without getting sweaty.

And the bike should provide all these benefits without
affecting your wallet and bank account. Remember that electric bikes motor are
one of the most expensive parts.

We will advise you to opt for motors between 250 watts and
350 watts. This power range has sufficient force and allows you to pedal in
almost all situations. Plus, this range is widely available on the market for
folding electric bikes.

Similarly, the placement of the bike’s Motor also deserves
your consideration. Folding electric bikes usually have a hub motor place at
the front or rear wheel. On some bikes, you will find a mid-drive motor located
near the crankset.

Hub motors are affordable but offer less force at the wheel
compared to mid-drive motors of the same power.


Almost all folding electric bikes allow you to pedal; at the
same time, fewer provide a throttle that powers the bike and allows you to use
it without pedaling.

This function comes in handy when you are climbing hills or
when you want to go long distances. Try to pick a bike that features both these
functions so that you can use it wherever you want and also on challenging

Folding Dimensions and Bike’s Weight

The best folding electric bike is the one that you can store
effortlessly and securely. That is the main point, after all. In fact, some
other reasons to buy a folding electric bike are as follow:

  • If you
    reside in a small apartment without a dedicated parking space to store a
  • If you
    use a mixed commute that includes a train ride or a short drive and
  • For
    your vacations as you can carry them easily in a typical RV or the car’s

Apart from the size and folding dimensions, the bike’s
weight is also a vital consideration. Compared to the traditional folding
cycles, a folding electric bike is a bit heavier.

This is because the inclusion of the motor, battery, other
electronics, and related parts adds some extra weight quickly. So, if you find
them a bit heavier, don’t be surprised. The average weight of the bike should
be between 40 or 50 pounds.

Bike’s Range

Range means how far a folding electric bike can go on a
single charge. Mainly this depends on these factors, battery’s size,
efficiency, your pedaling speed, and on the terrain.

Furthermore, if you use more motor power than pedal power,
then your battery will drain out quickly, and therefore you will need a larger
range. However, if you love to use pedals more than the motor assistance, your
battery will last longer, and a battery with a smaller range will be right for

As per industry experts, a folding electric bike with little
pedal assistance features a range of up to 40 miles. However, if you use the
same electric folding bike with more pedal assistance features a range of up to
25 miles.

Besides, keep in mind that an electric bike operates on a
large rechargeable battery, and if you ride it on often, charging will become a
routine chore for you, and you will not forget this habit.

Furthermore, it is common for an electric bikes battery to
take about five hours to obtain a full charge. However, this also depends on
the battery’s size. Here we will advise you to pick a bike that comes with a
removable battery, and you can store it easily at the normal temperature when
it is not in use.

Lastly, for folding electric bikes, the batteries with a
power of 9 or 10 amp-hours are more than enough. Often these batteries can give
you around a 40-mile range, and you won’t feel the additional weight on the
bike; neither will there be extra costs.

Braking System

Powerful and reliable folding electric bikes demand equally
robust braking systems that automatically stop or disconnects the electric
motor when you apply the brake.

When choosing a folding electric bike, try to go for the
bikes with manual or hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes are pretty much
similar to the disc brakes and have the required force to slow down an electric

Similarly, you will also come across motor inhibitors. These
systems instantly disengage the motor when you apply the brake. These are also
decent, but they are more expensive than the others.

Electronic Panel or LCD Display

High-quality folding electric bikes come with an electronic
panel. This panel comes in handy in many situations, and it is the information
hub for you.

The panel contains all information about your rides, such as
speed and distance. Furthermore, it also enables you to monitor and control the
pedal assistance’s level and shows you the remaining battery power with your
current range.


This feature is beneficial for tall riders. Keep in mind
that folding electric bikes are lower to the surface than standard bikes.
However, the feature is vital due to several other reasons, including a lower
stand-over height and a more compact size when folded.

Hence it would be best to look out for the bike with long,
flexible, or replaceable stems so that you can set the handlebars to a
comfortable height.


Folding electric bikes usually don’t have a suspension system
or other type of shock absorption. Thus, the ride can be a bit less comfortable
than a cushy cruiser.

But if you have an electric bike with the right types of
tires, you will not feel the difference. A bit larger and more inflated tire
can make your ride much more comfortable. You can upgrade tires anytime if you
want, but we will advise you to look for the folding with the great tires to
avoid unforeseen events.

Service and Warranty

It might sound a bit odd for a folding electric bike, but
when you buy an electric bike, you are starting a new relationship.

Remember that you are not buying a traditional bike from
your favorite local bike shop. This is not the case with folding electric
bikes. Not many bike shops have these bikes. Hence you will have to browse
online stores and manufacturer’s websites to buy these.

With this in mind, try to opt for a bike with an adequate
warranty period and decent customer service.

Have any questions regarding the topic How to buy the best folding electric bike? Feel Free to comment below.

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