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How to carry a cat on an electric road bicycle

How to carry a cat on an electric road bicycle

You always see dogs having fun riding electric bicycles with their owners. But the cat may also like to ride with you! Fortunately, there are many ways you can take your cat to ride an electric bike.

Take your cat and ride an electric road bicycle on your back or in a cat backpack in front of you, in a cat cage connected to a handlebar or bicycle rack, in a bicycle trailer towed behind you, or in front of your bicycle in the cat basket or cat electric bike.

In this article, we will explore these options and find the right one for you and your cat. Then, the top 3 cat carriers will be shown to you based on excellent features and reviews.

How to take your cat on an electric bike

Once you have a suitable cat cage and adapt your cat to riding an electric bike, it is relatively easy to carry a cat on an electric bike.

How do you ride a bicycle with a cat (on an electric bike)?

There are many ways to take your cat with you when riding an electric bike. As long as you make them feel comfortable before setting off, they are likely to enjoy watching the world around you with you!

Generally speaking, here is how to make your cat feel comfortable when riding an electric bike with you:

1. Use the cover to protect your cat from direct sunlight, cold weather, rain and wind
2. Add a flat soft pillow or soft blanket to the bottom of the cat cage (even if it is a cat backpack)
3. If there is a lot of extra space to keep them comfortable and safe, please put a soft towel or small blanket on the edge of the strap
4. If you encounter a tricky situation and your cat feels anxious, be sure to bring your cat’s favorite snacks
5. Even if you plan on a short bike trip, always bring water and a bowl that the cat can drink
6. If your riding time exceeds 30 minutes, please make sure you have a leash so you can let your cat go out and relax
7. If you are going to places a few miles away, please bring some food to prevent accidental jams.

Read on to learn the steps to take a cat to ride an electric bike.

Types of Cat brackets and baskets

See the different ways you can get your cat on an electric bike. There are some great options for riding an electric bike with your cat.

What is best for you and your cat depends on your riding style, such as how often and distance you ride, as well as your cat’s temperament and needs.

Cat bike rack (front or rear)
A cat frame usually refers to a crate or soft-sided frame mounted on the front or rear of the bicycle. It can be attached to the handlebar or sit on top of the front or rear bike rack.

Cat backpack

So, how to pack the cat in the bag? It sounds strange, but if you don’t want to worry about the weight distribution of another type of basket or cat cage on an already heavy electric bike, a cat backpack is a good choice.

But don’t just put your cat in any backpack in your house. Instead, you should have a product made specifically for pets (small dogs or cats).

The small pet backpack allows your cat to breathe inside the backpack, and has a sturdy frame to protect your furry friends, as well as other cat-friendly features.

Front cat basket
You can usually put a cat in a basket attached to the handlebar (steering) of the electric bicycle. With this option, you can pay close attention to your cat and enjoy riding together more easily.

The cat basket is made of a variety of materials, and you should choose the most comfortable basket for your cat. Some people even like to make a diy cat bicycle basket, but this will add problems to riding an electric bicycle with a cat.

Once they are used to riding electric bicycles, the cat in the front bicycle basket should be content.

Cat bike trailer

Bicycle trailers are usually designed for pets or children. Although you can use a children’s bicycle trailer for your cat, it needs to be adjusted slightly to ensure that your cat has a place to lie down completely and can still see what’s happening outside.

Generally speaking, the better option is to buy specially made for small pets. Of these bicycle trailers, your cat may be the most satisfied.

However, consider that many electric bicycle motors are placed on the rear wheel (hub motor) of the bicycle. Therefore, the noise of the motor may be louder and may disturb the cat riding behind the rear wheel.

For these reasons, and the fact that bicycle trailers are much more expensive, bicycle baskets, harnesses or cat backpacks may be a better solution for taking your cat on an electric bike.

But if this idea works for you (maybe you want to keep a litter of kittens or a few cats), then check out this small pet bike trailer on Amazon.

How to carry a cat on an electric bicycle (important notes)

Before riding an electric bike with your cat, make sure you have considered these matters.

Your cat cage is firmly fixed to your electric bike model (and will not slide around)
Can you use the back strap to handle the cat’s extra weight while still properly balancing and manoeuvring the electric bicycle (especially because electric bicycles are usually heavier than standard bicycles)
Your harness is made of materials that are comfortable for cats and will not harm them (like the debris in a wooden basket)
Whether one or more of your cats are suitable for the carrier and not too small or too big (if they have too much space to be thrown away)
Finally, is your cat fully secured in the cat cage with a harness and tether, leash or cover?

Can a cat ride in a bicycle basket?

This may be one of the best ways to carry a cat on an electric bike. Because the basket is usually installed on the front of the bicycle, you can always see your cat, so you will know if they are in trouble or enjoying themselves.

However, this is not as simple as putting your cat in a basket.

How do you put the cat in the bicycle basket

You never want to assume that a cat will always sit in an open basket. They may jump out after seeing rodents, being frightened by passing dogs, or feeling anxious for any other reason.

Fortunately, most special cat baskets and cat cages come with a lid to hold your cat in it.

If you made your own diy cat bicycle basket without a lid, you should use a seat belt to secure your cat in the basket.

The seat belt can have a tether and can be attached to the basket or the bottom of the handlebar of the electric bicycle. But make sure your cat does not have a long enough leash to get out of the basket, otherwise it may be injured.

The best electric bicycle basket for cats

There are some of the best cat bike baskets on the website. You can view customer reviews, images of how they work, and lots of detailed information.

Based on the functions, the questions answered, and customer reviews, I came up with the best e-bike basket and stand. Check them out here:

Here are the cat bicycle racks and the best bicycle baskets for your cat to ride an electric bicycle:

Soft-sided basket, because it has the most complete and best features I have seen on a cat bike rack.

This includes:

The mesh panels on the top and sides make your cat more breathable and can see it (even if the mesh is zipped, you can still see your cat).
Soft fleece soleplate (removable and washable)
Night reflector
Rain cover
When you are not riding an electric bike or traveling, the shoulder strap can be used to carry your cat
Safety tether
Comfortable soft-sided basket (also foldable for easy storage in your car, home or connected to your electric bike)
Suitable for cats (or dogs) weighing up to 18 pounds!
In addition, your cat can actually lie down and still see outside. But you can also attach his seat belt to the tether inside the harness and let him keep his head above the harness to fully understand what is going on.

2. Wicker bicycle basket, suitable for cats (and small dogs)

This cute bicycle basket is perfect for your cat’s short rides when the weather is clear. I say this because it only includes a light-colored wicker sunshade. But it is cute, and your cat will like to snuggle in it.

This cat basket includes:

Stylish weather-resistant wicker material
Comfortable, easy-to-clean soft lining
Safety tether
Includes removable sun visor
Machine washable
Cats and other pets up to 13 pounds are allowed

3. Suitable for pet carrier bag for big/kitten

If you don’t have a bike rack or can’t keep your balance, this highly acclaimed cat backpack is perfect for putting your cat on an electric bike.

Features include:

Multi-faceted grid window
Back support
Chest and waist buckles provide comfort and support
Anti-claw net
Zipper buckle

Do cats like to ride bicycles (what’s the difference between electric bicycles)?

With the right preparation, your cat will most likely enjoy riding an electric bike with you. But electric bicycles are a bit different for cats because they are louder and faster.

In addition, if it has always been an indoor cat, you may need to spend more time letting the cat adapt to the outdoor environment.

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your cat likes to ride an electric bike.

Steps to prepare your cat for the first e-bike ride
1. Put the cat cage of your choice in the home where your kittens often stay
2. Put a soft blanket or towel in the backpack, basket or basket
3. Several times a day, add some of your cat’s favorite snacks (it would be helpful to reward them once they have all entered by themselves)
4. Keep the cat cage open until one or more of your cats have a good time there
5. Once they feel comfortable, please add a basket cover, weatherproof cover or zip up the backpack and continue to provide snacks
6. Next, fix the cat inside, put the basket or basket at home, and occasionally give it snacks
7. If satisfied, your cat can start riding an electric bike for the first time.

How to take your cat on a bike for the first time

One big difference in riding an electric bike with a cat is the noise of the motor. Noise can make your cat nervous, so it’s important to start with a short ride.

Your cat may also feel anxious from nearby wind, other people, cars, bicycles, and dogs.

Therefore, now that you have made your cat satisfied with the harness, you can follow the steps below to make your cat ride an electric bike full of fun:

1. Put your kitten in a cage and provide treats
2. If they are in a basket or crate, start walking your electric bike slowly, turn off the motor and be in a quiet place
3. Give them a small gift
4. If they look comfortable and not anxious, ride your electric bike for a short distance and still turn off the motor.
5. Provide another kind of hospitality
6. Continue to go further and explore new situations slowly, without motor or pedal assistance, until you are sure that your cat is happy.
7. Once your cat is satisfied, try to turn on the motor and ride a short distance
8. Frequently check if your cat is disturbed by the electric bike motor
9. Occasionally provide refreshments… This helps to make e-bikes more rewarding, but also ensures that they are not too nervous to eat refreshments (if yes, please go to the previous step and try again)

10. Gradually explore to ride with your cat in places with lots of noise, cars, people and animals

In conclusion

Now you can enjoy riding an electric bike with your cat, whether in a cute basket, backpack or a comfortable cat cage.

After reading this article, you will know how to load a cat on an electric bicycle without frightening the cat or making the cat anxious, and you may have decided which cat rack is best for you.

Enjoy your first electric bike ride with your cat (or cats)!

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