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How to choose a 750W electric bike?

How to choose a 750W electric bike? [18 Important Tips]

750W electric bike

Most high-powered e-bikes are paired with motors rated between 750-2000 watts. Motor ratings are a good indication of what you can expect from an e-bike. However, there are other factors you should consider before deciding which 750W electric bike is ideal.

Remember that motor ratings are not one-size-fits-all. Read on to learn how to choose a 750-watt electric bike in Michigan.

Here are some tips for choosing a 750w electric bike.

1. Motor placement
Motor placement can be the difference between a good experience and a bad one. There are two main types of motor placement: mid-drive and hub-drive.

As you probably know, the hub drive motor is in the rear hub. The battery is somewhere inside the down tube. This creates a weight imbalance that affects ride comfort.

Mid-drive motors are generally more bulky, but they are placed in the center of the e-bike. This is the preferred solution for e-bike placement. Bosch and Shimano’s main 750-watt motor is a mid-drive motor.

Putting the e-bike in the center improves stability and handling. Another benefit is that it improves synergy between gears, increasing overall efficiency.

2. Torque number
The torque number of a 750-watt e-bike is also important on an e-bike. Some e-bikes have lower torque for a more comfortable experience. The lower torque might not be as powerful, but it improves stability for less experienced riders.

Lower torque translates into less power. It also means that you will have to work harder to get uphill. Figures of 40Nm and below are examples of low-end torque.

Figures above 55 Nm are powerful, but could be higher. An example of top-end torque is 75Nm and above.

The higher torque is great for off-road adventures and steep uphills.

3. Rhythm
Most modern electric bikes are equipped with cadence sensors. Cadence sensors use magnets to detect pedaling. The motor turns on when the pedal is pressed. It deactivates when you stop pedaling.

In other words, the cadence sensor is more like a switch. The advantage of the cadence sensor is that it’s an easy way to get pedal assist. However, cadence sensors are often uncomfortable and jerky.

It would be difficult to pedal faster than the cadence sensor allows. This is because the motor is not good for you. Pedal assist can also increase the range of the 750-watt e-bike.

A higher-end alternative to a cadence sensor is a torque sensor. It uses precision strain gauges to determine the amount of power needed to propel the e-bike.

This has two main advantages:

If you pedal hard, more power comes from the motor
If you pedal lightly, the power of the motor decreases
This adjustment is made in real time and takes into account each pedal stroke. Most high-end e-bikes with 750-watt motors use torque sensors. Additionally, some countries do not allow cadence-only sensors.

The only downside to torque sensors is that they are more expensive on 750 watt e-bikes.
750W electric bike

4. Gear
Gears are a hot topic for 750-watt e-bikes. Some high-end electric bikes have more than 40 gears. Others really have very little gear.

The use of gears is useful for controlling how the driving speed is adjusted. More gears allow for more speed adjustments. Fewer gears means you have fewer spades to choose from.

5. Auxiliary level
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The level of assistance is the main differentiating factor between an e-bike and a regular bike. Most 750-watt e-bikes have a + or – button. This will help you control the amount of assist your e-bike needs.

Using a lower assist level is ideal if you want the battery to last longer. It can also help you get more cardio from your cycling training. Auxiliary levels are usually used when approaching steep hills.

6. Battery capacity
The battery capacity is usually displayed on the ebike’s dashboard. It is useful for planning your trip. If the battery is on the low end, you may need to recharge before leaving.

The more electric functions you use, the faster the battery drains. Typically, the battery should be charged if it is less than 50% charged. This ensures you are prepared when riding your e-bike.

Do not fully charge the battery if it will be stored for a period of time. Keep it at 60% during storage. Make sure to check the battery percentage regularly. The manufacturer’s manual will let you know more about battery maintenance.

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Motos systems with higher battery capacities include the Bosch Performance Line and Shimano STEPS.

Keep in mind that higher battery capacity will reduce the weight of the e-bike. It’s a good idea to buy an electric bike with a removable battery. This will help you charge the battery more conveniently.

7. Overall dimensions and weight
An e-bike with a 750-watt motor has a top speed of 28 mph. However, the weight of the e-bike will be the main limiting factor for top speed. Generally speaking, electric bicycles are about 5-7 kg or more heavier than normal bicycles.

Larger e-bikes with a heavier frame will reduce your top speed. Also, it drains the battery as it needs more power to cover the distance. If it’s too heavy, you’ll find it more difficult to carry an e-bike. Taller riders will prefer larger e-bikes with larger wheels.

8. Electric bike tires
This is where the rubber meets the road – literally. Incompatible tires can affect your ride quality and may even cause more wear on your suspension.

Electric bikes often come with heavy-duty motors and batteries, which is why you need something more durable. Firmer tires are designed to absorb more force and shock on rough terrain.

You can easily change tires on e-bikes—provided they don’t have hub motors.

9. Overall Scope
Range is another metric you should consider when buying an e-bike. The range of an e-bike depends on various factors, such as your weight.

10. 750 Watt Electric Bike Comfort
The standard seat you’ll find in your typical e-bike leaves a lot to be desired. You can upgrade your seat before taking it out for a drive. Consider buying upholstered seats before hitting the road. A more cost-effective option is to buy biker shorts.

Most e-bikes have a choice of two riding racks: step and straight. A traditional e-bike has a frame that the rider leans forward. However, most people will find an upright frame more comfortable.

Seniors with limited mobility may consider a stepwise framework. Step-by-step e-bikes are generally easier to install and remove.

We recommend that you test most electric bikes before buying them. This will give you a feel for a lot of things like comfort and gear.

11. Safety
High-end electric bikes from well-known manufacturers will meet safety standards. Good manufacturers include Shimano, Sram and Avid. An unknown manufacturer may not take as many safety precautions. Make sure to ask the manufacturer about any safety certifications their e-bike may have.

Standard safety features include the following:

Rearview mirror: Helps you see what’s behind you. Rearview mirrors increase situational awareness and help you better navigate your surroundings. If your e-bike doesn’t have a mirror, you can buy an aftermarket mirror.

Visibility: Your e-bike needs to be visible to other drivers and pedestrians. Electric bikes should have lights and reflectors for increased visibility. This is especially useful when riding an electric bike at night. Reflective clothing is recommended for increased visibility.

Flashing lights: Flashing lights should be installed on the front and rear of the electric bike. The front end of the e-bike should have a white flashing light. The rear end of the e-bike should have a red flashing light. This will reduce the likelihood of being hit by an oncoming vehicle. They will alert pedestrians to e-bikes and make sure they clear the way for you.

Suspension: Suspension greatly improves your comfort. It also provides better control when cornering and braking. Most mid-range mountain e-bikes come with suspension. Along with the braking system and tires, the suspension plays an important role in safety.
750W electric bike

12. Maintenance
All electric bikes require regular maintenance. The differences come down to frequency and ease of maintenance. Certain features of an e-bike are subject to more wear and tear. Dirt and grease can increase wear rates. The cleaner your e-bike is, the longer its components will last.

A key priority should be keeping the drivetrain clean. That’s because a 750-watt motor and battery won’t help without a drivetrain. Using a clean drivetrain is safer for your e-bike in the long run.

You should also keep your e-bike chain clean and properly lubricated. Make sure to apply a good quality lubricant to the chain. This will ensure that transfers run more efficiently. Generally, you should lubricate after each ride.

13. Electric Bike Components
Modern 750-watt e-bikes are properly designed for rugged durability. They are made from stronger components and are built to last. Especially e-bike drivetrains are stronger and more powerful. Electric bikes also have stronger wheels and tires, and stronger brakes. However, you should invest in an e-bike with higher quality components.

If a part wears out, such as a brake, it can have a negative effect.

14. Weatherproof
Weatherproofing is useful in e-bikes for rough off-road use. This is a non-negotiable feature of mountain electric bikes. This is useful if you plan to use your e-bike for all seasons.

For example, an e-bike should have fenders for use on sunny days. Weatherproofing is especially important because electronics don’t work properly when exposed to water.

Reliable e-bike manufacturers use water-resistant materials to enhance the safety of sensitive guards. This ensures that water remains on the surface of the e-bike.

Remember, weatherproofing won’t make your e-bike completely weatherproof. Water resistance is measured by the degree of protection (IP rating). Look for a 750-watt e-bike with an IP67 or IP68 rating. This will submerge the e-bike under water for 30 minutes.

Weatherproofing should include onboard electronics such as controllers, batteries, and LCDs.

15. Price
750-watt electric bikes are no longer a luxury. As with other products and electronics, prices have been falling. If you want an entry-level 750-watt e-bike, you can get one for around $1,500. Ultimately, the price depends on the various features you get from an e-bike.

Top e-bikes are likely to be made of high-end materials like carbon fiber. They are lighter and perform better, but cost more.

16. 750W Electric Bike Warranty
It is important to know more about the warranty of an electric bike before buying. Well-known companies such as Shimano will provide you with an extensive warranty. The e-bike company’s social media pages are the perfect place to learn more.

A good manufacturer will provide a ten-year warranty that covers defects. But most e-bikes only come with a one-year warranty.

However, the warranty does not cover abuse, neglect, accident and misuse. Other parts, such as the battery, have relatively low warranties.

17. Pedal assist or accelerator?
There are two ways to engage the motor: pedal assist and throttle. Pedal assist only activates the motor when the rider rotates the pedals. No matter how you use the pedal, the throttle engages the motor. Most 750-watt e-bikes have pedal assist and throttle.

Even if your ebike has two types, it is recommended to use only one. That’s because it can feel weird to switch between the two styles when you’re having a hard time adjusting.

18. Maintenance of 750W Electric Bike
Are bikes easy to maintain?

In order to maintain your 750W electric bike, it is important to keep the battery charged and the bike clean. Any dirt or debris should be wiped off with a dry cloth to keep the battery clean. Make sure to remove any stickers or labels from the battery as they may contain acid which can cause damage if not removed.

The bike itself should be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Be careful not to get too much water inside the electrical components. You can also use a mild soap or cleanser if desired, but make sure to rinse off any lather before drying with the cloth.

wrap up
The 750-watt motor on the e-bike can reach a top speed of 28 mph. Just make sure to consider functions other than speed, such as weight, tires, and suspension. Be sure to consider all of the above features before buying an e-bike. If you think we’ve missed something, please send us your comments!

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