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How to choose a cycling backpack

The good or bad of a cycling backpack can be analyzed from two angles.

cycling backpack

This is a convenient and practical equipment

The volume of a riding backpack is not large, but there are more separating layers and small bags inside and each has its own purpose, such as the bottom separating layer for water bags, with a small hole next to it to facilitate the deployment of a water suction tube; the kit uses a lot of elastic straps to prevent various tools from colliding with each other; the helmet can generally be hung outside the backpack, but there is also an isolating layer to protect it from scratches. The backpack system is lightweight and breathable, with chest and waist locks.

To see whether a riding backpack is good or not, a scientific backpack system, loading system, fabric selection, breathable and sweat-removing design, is a must.
Let’s start by analyzing a good cycling backpack from the big picture.
From a scientific point of view, a cycling backpack must have a backpack system, loading system, fabric selection, breathable and sweat-permeable design.
From the point of view of outdoor riding needs, backpack accessories will need to have water bag spout, sleeping bag compartment, rain cover, helmet fixed equipment and other important factors.
Analysis of cycling backpack from a scientific point of view
1.Backpack system
The backpack carrying system consists of a back plate, shoulder straps, sternum strap and waist belt, with the back plate used to support the entire backpack. A good back system can evenly distribute the gravity of the backpack. The shoulder straps and lumbar pads as well as the sternum strap can play an important fixed role, and must be adjustable, with different adjustments according to individual body types, in order to better fix and reduce friction. In addition, the inner parts of the shoulder straps and lumbar straps that touch the skin should be soft and flexible, effectively changing the up and down friction of the upper shoulder straps or lumbar straps to elastic vibration.
2. Loading system
Backpack is usually composed of the main bag, side bags, attached pockets, etc.. Riding bags are made smaller, generally not more than 30L, commonly 6L, 12L, 18L, 20L, 25L, etc.. The design of each part of the bag backpack, you can better allocate objects, rational use of capacity, of course, more importantly, is convenient to take.
cycling backpack
3. Fabric selection
General cycling bag using PU coated nylon fabric (for example: PU coated 450D polyester, 210D nylon), with waterproof, anti-dry knot, wear-resistant, anti-tear characteristics. A backpack’s durability or not, the fabric is the main determining factor, I think we do not want to travel to ride to half, there is a backpack is propped up situation.
4. Ventilation, breathable perspiration system
When riding, the backpack is the whole buckle on the back. If the back is not ventilated during the ride, the sticky, wet sweat covering the back is quite uncomfortable. The cycling backpack adds a grid resin plate to isolate the back from the main body of the pack. A good riding pack uses a 3D breathable mesh design on the inside of the shoulder straps and lumbar pad to give the air a space to flow, which can effectively keep the body contact areas dry.
Analysis from the perspective of outdoor cycling needs
1. Helmet fixed mesh pockets
Helmet mesh pockets are used to fix the helmet. In riding sometimes will enter the woods, or into some relatively low places, wearing a helmet can not correctly judge the height. And the head will sweat after a long time exercise, take off the helmet with a mesh pocket fixed on the bag can be.
2. Water bag device
Design a special water bag compartment inside the bag, but also the water bag to play a fixed role, so as to avoid bumps on the road when the water bag will move in the bag. The water bag is convenient for drinking water anytime and anywhere while riding. The design of the shoulder strap two water bag straw fixed buckle, according to user habits, the straw fixed on the left or right, so that the straw will not be exposed to the wind will be blown around.
cycling commuter backpack
3. Rain cover and water bag bin
Rain cover is necessary to protect the backpack and the contents of the bag from getting wet when it rains. The water bag compartment, convenient to put the water bag is not to mention, even if not put the water bag, can also be convenient through the zipper connected with the main bag quick access to things.
Nowadays, many backpacks are made of waterproof PU fabric, but the weak link is the stitching and zipper. So some backpacks also provide a rain cover, which can be purchased separately if not provided.
4. High quality webbing and fasteners
High quality webbing with smooth surface, soft texture, astringent and slippery moderate, strong bearing capacity, withstand tension up to 200 kg or more. Fasteners are thicker and more flexible in use, good fasteners operate effortlessly and securely, without the possibility of natural detachment.
Fluorescent structure: people who have had driving experience know: in the case of relatively low light, car lights on, if the people and cars in front of you do not have a reflective point is very difficult to be found. So many cycling backpacks use fluorescent materials on some parts to ensure that the cyclist in front is easily spotted by the motorist driving from behind.
Cycling is a healthy and natural way to travel and enjoy the beauty of the travel process. A bike, a backpack can travel, simple and environmentally friendly. Experience the challenge of the difficulties that come with the journey, and experience success at the end of the journey
Cycling can improve your memory. For both people with strong and weak memories, cycling has the effect of improving memory and relieving Parkinson’s. Cycling can improve activity in areas of the brain associated with movement. Cycling can also prevent cancer. Lack of daily exercise is one of the bad behaviors that predispose to cancer. Long-term adherence to cycling can enhance cardiovascular function, especially aerobic exercise, improve human metabolism and immunity, and play a role in fitness and cancer prevention.

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