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How to choose a electric motor power bike

How to choose a electric motor power bike

Choosing a right electric motor power bike is an important thing to make certain that your bike is comfortable and fits you well. First, you need to consider that bike’s style, size, features, which bike is mote suitable you well. We can assist you finding the bike which is appropriate for your lifestyle.

The electric motor power bike being more popular, there are many e-bike shops and factories. Shuangye not only offer different electric motor power bike models, but also has professional sales team who are familiar with Shuangye each electric bike models. They will commend that bike according to you want and suit your needs.

What is your electric motor power bike budget?

First, the budget is importance. You can find a electric motor power bike up to $ 2000, it is also for under $ 300. The electric bike prices are vary widely because of the bike material and components. So you need to determine what your budget is.

What electric motor power bike size would you like?

Second, you need to decide what size you want or will fit you best. Reading the specification of electric motor power bike beacuse most of time the specification will metion what height range and max weight the electric motor power bike will work best for. Maybe you also can get what you want to know. Actually, most of electric bike is 26 inch as a standard, but it have 20 inch, 24 inch, 27.5inch and 29 inch.

What bike style do you prefer?

Next step is electric motor power bike design you need or prefer after you have decided budget and size. Electric motor power bikes come in many styles including the beach curiser, city or commuter style, moutain bike style, off road, folding, fat tire and road bike style. Sometime, people will decide the bike style before bike size. Cause the bike style is contect with size.

There are two bacis conditions to choose the bike style. One is your needs, in words, what do you want to do with this bike? The other is your riding habit. If you prefer to be seated as upright as possible while biking, maybe cruiser, city or commuter electric motor pewer bike will fits you. If you want to off-road on the trails or the beach, you should consider the fat tire or mountain e-bikes. If you have minimal space for bike starage, folding electric motor power bike is a great option.

Which motor do you want?

The higher the watts and voltage, the more powerful and faster the electric bike will be. The motor power standard is 250W, 350W, 500W and even 2000W. Therefore, 2000W motor can offer high max speed than 350W motor.

Hub motor and mid- drive motor are the two common motor on the electirc motor power bike. Many e-biks used hub motors and propels the electric motor power bike by spinning whichever wheel it is attached to. A hub motor is a motor that is suitable for the front and rear wheel.

A mid-drive motor powers the drivetrain, usually the crankset, and provides a more efficient transfer of energy and power due to its location more directly affecting the crankset and gearing system. At the same motor power, mid-drive motor electric motor power bike hill climbing ability is better than hub motor.

What battery do you need?

Dont forget look at the voltage and amp hours of the battery. The higher the amp hours, the longer the battery eill last before it needs to be recharged. At this time the most common voltage options are 36V, 48V and 60V. And the standard amp hours are anywhere from 8aH to 10aH or even 18aH and 20aH.

Voltage refers to the tension a battery can contain and amp hours refers to the range/distance or length of time before the battery needs to be recharged. Therefore, a 48V battery will outperform a 36V battery when climbing steep hills. And a 10aH battery can take you longer distances than a 13aH battery. The battery size and the bike’s controller also affect the amount of energy that the system provides to the motor.

What is the weight of the electric motor power bike?

Actually, the weight of electric motor power bike also an important considering thing. And the bike battery and motor always affect the bike weight. The higher battery voltage and motor watt, the weighter the electric bike.

If you have to carry your e-bike in and out of a apartment, up and down stairs, then you may need to consider the lighter weight electric bikes. If you plan to sometimes using pedal assistance power, the bike need not too heavy to pedal electricity-free.

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