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How to choose bike headlights for night riding?

How to choose bike headlights for night riding?

bike headlights

Nowadays, there are more and more friends who like to ride electric bike or bike. Due to work, the choice of riding time is usually only night and weekends. On holidays, night riding has become a very popular choice. Due to the particularity of night riding, bike headlights have become a necessity, bike headlights will become standard equipment for bikes. Most riders who have the habit of cycling have long understood the importance of car lights for driving safety, and they all regard bike headlights as a necessary accessory.so how do you choose the lights of your bike?

bike headlights
There is a big gap between the functions and prices of many bike headlights products on the market. 
The type and intensity of car light sources are what consumers care most about, and they are also an important factor affecting the price of car lights. There are 3 kinds of most common bulbs on the market: tungsten bulbs, HID and LED. To understand the intensity of a light source, you must first know the unit of light: Lumens, which represents the amount of light energy radiated per unit time, or the total amount of light emitted. The greater the number of lumens, the more light emitted, of course. The brighter. HID (High Intensity Discharge) gas discharge bulb, also known as xenon lamp, has high luminous efficiency (1W luminous about 50 lumens); it was first used in sports field lighting, and in recent years, cars have also used it to replace traditional halogen lamps.

bike headlights
Due to the characteristics of high illuminance (more than three times that of halogen lamps) and low power consumption (about half of ordinary halogen bulbs), the life span can reach 2.000~3.000 hours. Recently, it has gradually been transplanted to bicycle lights; HID can be used It is said to be the brightest option for bicycle lights, but it is expensive, mainly for professional athletes and mountain adventure enthusiasts who need strong lighting. LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an electronic component that can convert electrical energy into light energy, and has the characteristics of a diode at the same time, that is, it has a positive pole and a negative pole. The LED will only emit light when the positive pole is energized, so it is given to the tributary. The LED will glow steadily when it is powered, and if it is connected to AC power, the LED will flicker.
At the beginning, it was mostly used on indicator lights and display panels. With the appearance of white light emitting diodes, it was also used as lighting. In addition to its high efficiency (about 60 lumens of 1W light), long life (about 50,000 to 100,000 hours), not easy to break, low temperature during lighting, and moderate prices, the most important thing is that it also saves energy and is mercury-free. The advantages of environmental protection, so it is called the new light source of the century, and it is also the mainstream of current bike headlights .

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