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How to choose motorized bike for sale buying guide

How to choose motorized bike for sale buying guide

Electric bike become a great transportation for more and more people during COVID-19, faster than traditional bike, and safer than public transportation. Don’t need to find a parking space specially, for example, if you buying a folding motorized bike, it can fold up entirely and put in your office. Because motorized bike have a lot of types, maybe someone among of you always hard  to make a decision before purchasing motorized bike. Next I’ve selected a few factors you can explore for a decision so that it can be easy for you to get best e-bikes.

motorized bike

Why you need a motorized bike?

It is a important question that what are you going to do with an electric bike. People are using best e-bikes for various purposes. Compared with conventional bike, motorized bike has an electric motor, battery and electric control system. The most important advantage of using a bike electric is that these are environment-friendly, and do not cause any pollution to the environment. Best e-bikes are a suitable means of transport for covering short distances quickly.  So some people are using bike electric to finish their work on time, for example, fast commuting. They save their time by commuting easily on their electric bikes around the neighboring places. If you are going to plan to exerciser your body and burn some calories, pedal-assist mode and pedal mode both are the best choice.

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How much a motorized bike weighs? Each model electric bikes have different weight. It well be better checked their weight with the manufacturer’s provided specifications. General speaking, the weight no big difference. Based on bike shape, motor, battery and bike kinds, each model best e-bikes  differences in components would vary, there are many variants from the heaviest to the lightest e-bike. Commonly, folding electric bikes or road e bikes belong to lightest e-bike, and high power fat tire electric bike belong to heaviest e-bike, but motor will eliminate this heavy feeling when cycling. The weight between 20 to28kgs is ideal.

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Max speed

This point is also can’t be ignore. Indeed, you should know about that. There are some limitation of the max sped of bike electric in some countries.For example, European Union countries the max speed can’t over 25km/h. If you seriously consider speed as an option, then probably raising the budget will help. The max speed higher, the cost of bike electric higher. Usually, average speed like 25-35km/h, which is safe and convenient for travel. For someone, the main factor that choose an electric bike is simplifying their ride in the uphill areas and not the speed.

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Some people assume that cheap e-bikes have no big difference from middle-high-end bike electric on quality. Nevertheless, that’s a prejudice. Notably, the quality of ebike have some certain connection with price. In terms of electronic control system technology, materials, components and more, they are have certain differences on the tire quality, disc brakes, battery, warranty service, ect.

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