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How to choose proper electricbikes

Nowadays,with the traffic congestion get worse and the environmental protection get more important,electricbikes became more and more popular among people all over the world.So how to choose eclectricbikes that suit for you?Here are some tips for you.

  • Look at the model.The handle,saddle and pedal should fit for your figure so that you will feel comfortable when you are riding rather than tired.
  • Check the certificate and date of manufacture,you’d better choose recent factory products,when placed for a long time,it will affect the battery capacity and life span.
  • Look at the manual,find out product specifications and warranties,choose electricbikes with good after-sale service.
  • Look at the appearance of electricbikes,the color of paint, electroplating and other surface coating processing parts should be uniform and smooth,there should be no crack on plastic parts.
  • Look at the whole electricbikes assembly,the fasteners should be tight,rotating parts should be flexible and do not rubbing with fasteners.
  • You’d better have a riding before the purchase,make sure that handle speed should be stable,motor noise not too big,brake performance should be good,the lights, the numbering device and the display should be good.electricbikes