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How to choose the electric bicycle battery

How to choose the electric bicycle battery

The electric bicycle battery must be talk about, when it come to electric bicycle. Each electric bicycle have on battery, some are have two. And there are so many types of electric bicycle battery, and each type has difference, like battery capacity, battery shape and so on. Electric bicycle battery is one of the most important components of an electric bike. Without a good electric bicycle battery, you’re not going anywhere! Next, this post will show you some common electric bicycle battery types, all of them are made up of lithium-ion cells.

The hidden battery

What is hidden electric bicycle battery? It means that the shape of battery is match with the electric bike frame and hide in the frame. So the appearance of electric bicycle is very similar to ordinary electric bicycles. And some the hidden electric bicycle battery can removable and lock on the frame. It is very convenience to charge the battery, just take out the battery from the frame, do not need take the whole bicycle near the outlets. But if you want to replace the battery, you need to buy the battery from the place where you buy the bicycle.

The bottle battery

Bottle battery is the common shape of electric bicycle battery on the market. It is also one the classic types of battery. As the same as hidden battery is also can removable and lock, you can take out it and charge it, also to lock it on the frame to prevent it was stolen. Because the bottle battery is mounted on the frame, you can replace it with other brand bottle battery. If you are afraid of a problem, you can find back to the seller.

The rear rack battery

Rear rack battery also a common electric bicycle battery, which you can found out on the city electric bicycle. The rear rack was installed under the rear rack of electric bicycle. But the rear rack is match with the battery, so you don’t worry about the rear rack load. And it is also can take out to charge. If you want to change the electric bicycle battery, as long as it matches the rear rack.

The triangle battery

Triangle electric bicycle battery often use on the high power fat tire electric bicycle. Compared with other batteries, this battery weight is more heavy and the capacity more large. It can offer more supply power to the bicycle to travel more far. So this the battery can equipped with high power motor, like 750W, 1000W and 2000W. For example, Shuangye A7AT26.

Here is one thing you need to pay attention to when you want to replace your electric bicycle battery. If your electric bicycle battery has a special BMS (that’s a circuit in the battery that helps protect it from low voltage or over-current), but it has one that talks to the controller on the electric bicycle, so you can’t replace the battery with one of a different brand, even if the voltage and specifications are the same.

The battery capacity

Many manufacturers of electric bicycles make voltage claims, but you also will see claims about amp hours and watt hours. It can be difficult to compare electric bicycle battery how long can it last on single charge. Usually, the electric bicycle battery capacity more large, the using time is more longer. But electric bicycle was equipped with three riding modes, you can combine three different riding modes to make your electric bicycle battery use lasting. If you just use E-Bike mode, there is no doubt that 48V battery can travel longer than 36V battery.

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