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How to clean and maintain your ebike

1. When to clean

If you have just finished riding and your bike looks pretty clean, you don’t need to wash it thoroughly. But if possible, wipe the chain clean, apply new lubricant on it, and then wipe it clean.
If your bicycle looks dirty, for example, there is a layer of mud on it. Then you’d better clean it up before putting it up. Gravel will enter places you don’t believe, such as bicycle bearings or rear shock absorbers, which will affect your riding experience. Cleaning the bicycle in time can extend the life of the bicycle.

When you do not have a water pipe during the journey, you can also use a bucket of clean water to clean it.

clean and maintain

2. cleaning tools

Prepare a bucket of clean water, an ordinary water pipe and a rag. In addition, several brushes are needed, and three different styles of brushes are usually prepared.

The first is a soft brush, which can be used on metal parts such as the frame. You can purchase a special cleaning soft brush, but paint brushes are also acceptable.

The second is a harder brush, used to clean dirty places, such as your tires or cranks, there are special bicycle brushes, or you can use a new toilet brush.

The third type is a smaller hard-bristled brush, used to clean chains and gears. If there is no special chain brush, you can use a hard-bristled toothbrush instead.

As for the cleaner, you can buy a special bicycle cleaner. If you don’t have one, the commonly used detergent is also available. It can remove oil stains and is easy to clean. You also need some degreaser to clean the chain quickly and thoroughly.

3. Cleaning process

Step 1: Use a hose to wet the bike

Don’t use a high-pressure water gun, you don’t need too much water flow. You only need a water current as large as that of watering the plants. Excessive water flow will cause water to rush into the links and then rust.

wet the bike

Step 2: Clean the transmission system

First spray and soak the chain and gear with degreaser. Then use a smaller bristle brush to scrub all parts of the transmission system vigorously. After brushing a part, put the brush in the bucket to rinse and then continue brushing, repeat several times if necessary. When the transmission system is clean, it will shine like silver jewelry.

Step 3: Wash the wheels and tires

Put the big hard brush into the bucket, squeeze the detergent, and then brush the wheels and tires clean. If there are holes in the tires, the soapy water will foam. Wait until the cleaning is complete, then repair the tire.

Step 4: Clean the frame

Use the same bucket of soapy water as above and prepare a soft brush to clean the dirt on the frame. If there is annoying dirt on the frame, do not increase the water pressure to wash it, use a soft brush to sweep it off. Treat it like your car.

Step 5: Rinse the entire bike

Use a hose to flush the foam on the bike, and don’t let it leak somewhere. After the cleaning is complete, you will notice any scratches or wear on the frame. If you care, put a little rubbing alcohol on the rag and wipe it gently and slowly to remove the lighter abrasion.

2. After cleaning

Dry the bike with a clean towel, and then let it dry thoroughly in the sun. After it is dry, use chain lubricant to maintain the chain. While rotating the chain, slowly drip the lubricating oil. Rotate it a few times to make it more even, then let it soak for three to five minutes, then wipe off the lubricating oil, and most importantly, wipe it off. Because most people will drip too much lubricating oil, which is not a good thing for bicycles. Using a towel to wipe will not wipe off all the lubricating oil, it will only wipe off the excess lubricating oil.

Three. Other

No matter what kind of bicycle, road bike, mountain bike, station wagon or electric bike, they are all cleaned in the same way. However, there are a few things to remember.

If there is leather on the bicycle (possibly the seat or handle), try not to get these areas wet. You can wrap them with a dry cloth to prevent the hose from spraying there.

But if your bicycle has any electronic components, such as batteries, there is nothing wrong with them. These components are usually designed to prevent moisture.

After cleaning, only use lubricating oil on the chain. Do not use lubricating oil in any other places where lubricating oil seems to be used instead of necessary.

Electric bicycles are like all bicycles. Maintaining maintenance will make them safer and more comfortable to ride, while also making the components more durable. This is especially important because although prices are falling, electric bicycles are usually a substantial investment.

Electric bicycles are quite sturdy and do not actually require more maintenance than ordinary bicycles. The repair time is mainly related to the same mechanical aspects you deal with any ordinary bicycle, but it is recommended to pay attention to some different factors.

battery maintain

The most significant difference between ordinary bicycles and electric bicycles is the battery. “Although there is a motor, it is basically still mechanical, very similar to the rest of the bicycle. On the other hand, the battery has very different requirements:

The battery should be installed firmly on the electric vehicle to prevent the battery from being damaged by vibration during riding.

Frequently remove dust and dirt from the battery box, and pay attention to keeping the battery dry and clean to prevent the battery from discharging by itself.

Keep the battery away from high-temperature heat sources. In the hot season, it is strictly forbidden to expose to direct sunlight (particular attention should be paid when storing the bike in summer).

Pay attention to good ventilation when charging.

When the electric bike is just started, it should be started with a foot pedal to avoid excessive discharge current and damage the battery; when riding, pay attention to not let the battery over-discharge, over-discharge will easily cause serious battery power loss, thereby greatly shortening its service life .

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