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How To Convert Traditional Bike Into E-bike

If you dream of an e-bike, but as your old traditional bike, there is a way to not only keep it, but to evolve it.

With a clever e-bike conversion kit, your traditional bike can easily be turned into a high-performance power-assist bike connected to your smartphone.

Taking the popularity of electric bicycles as an example, the French electric bicycle market grew by 90% in 2017. In Europe, e-bikes now account for 40% of total bicycle sales.

For more than a year, e-bike manufacturers have proliferated to satisfy every customer and come up with a model that suits every possible taste and use.

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Even traditional scooter, motorcycle or car manufacturers (Peugeot, BMW, General Motors or Lamborghini) and equipment manufacturers (such as Michelin) are starting to come up with their own models of electric assisted bicycles.

Today, anyone can buy a new electric bike on a budget of around 1000 euros. Electric bikes can also be rented through various sharing services.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

So is it necessary to sell your old bike for pennies through an internet auction on a classifieds site? Not at all. It can be turned into a real e-bike effortlessly. Even on the most basic settings, this newly built e-bike is capable of hitting 25 km/h.

There are conversion kits that can allow over 80 km/h. Before ordering these, it is best to pay attention to the legislation, the necessary insurance coverage to prepare for an accident or fall.

The general rule is that for e-bikes not considered mopeds or motorcycles, the power should not exceed 250 watts and the power assist from the motor must automatically cut off at 25 km/h and only when the bike is pedaled Start up (such rules are valid in most of Europe, but there are exceptions, such as Denmark).

e bike fat tire

It takes only five minutes to install the motorized wheels

The easiest way to retrofit these e-bikes is to replace one of the wheels with a new one with a motor and battery. Anyone can do this as it requires no special skills and only takes a few minutes.

Rool’in Electric Wheels

Rool’in (link to company website) is one of the pioneers of this concept. The French startup has been offering e-bikes since 2015. It also sells electric wheels in various sizes for all types of bikes. These wheels are used to protect the engine and battery. They are designed to support loads up to 120 kg. The supplied battery can be charged in 4 hours via a standard power socket and provides power for a range of 50 to 60 km.

The wheels also communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth to track speed and mileage. The wheels are also equipped with disc brakes. Such a motorized wheel costs about 400 euros for a 26-inch wheel and about 800 euros for a 28-inch wheel. Tires are included in the wheel.

VeloKit Motorized Wheels

The VeloKit kit is simple to install but more elegant and costs around 900 euros. The VeloKit consists of a 5-speed wheel (without tires), a battery, and a leather bag for storage, hanging on the frame, and taking with you when necessary.

E-Bike Made Easy – Turn Your Old Bike Into a Connected Electric Bike, VeloKit

Your old bike will keep its timeless style and connect to a Bluetooth smartphone to choose assist levels in five modes.

put a motor where the pedal is

Another solution is to mount the motor directly in the pedal block of a conventional bike. A kit with all the necessary elements to buy a city bike online for 500 euros.

One of the most popular brands is Bafang, which includes Maserati electric bikes. Bafang offers models of city bikes, off-road bikes, mountain bikes or racing bikes. Some are connected and compatible with Android or iOS smartphones. Many online stores offer these kits.

26 inch adult bicycle

This time, the installation process is more technical. There are several YouTube videos showing the installation process. Here is the one I found the most suitable:

Finally, the battery needs to find its place in the luggage rack (front or rear) or in a box on the frame or under the seat. This choice depends on the use and the distance to be covered.

With more tweaks installed, the modified e-bike will become almost as efficient as a local e-bike. The engine is started by pressing the pedal, if you no longer press the pedal, the engine will stop and shut down by applying the brake.

There are usually several riding modes to choose from. These include Pedestrian Mode, which cycles at low speed without pedaling or at full speed without pedaling, and changes gears according to the road (ascent, descent, flat course).

How to choose the electric assist level of an electric bicycle? For e-bikes with multiple levels of electric assist, maintaining a consistent riding speed is key. Use different levels of electric assist combined with mechanical gearing to maintain a steady pace and tackle a variety of terrains.

Most models of e-bikes may have three, four or even five different levels of electric assist. When is the best time to use them? What electric assist level saves more battery power? What if you decide to use the highest level of electric assistance for the entire journey? Have e-bike riders ever used all available levels of electric assist?

Easy E-Biking – Year-round Electric Bike Deals and Discounts – Real World, Real Electric Bikes That Help Make Electric Bikes Practical and Fun

Espin Special

In this article, I am mainly referring to pedelec electric assist bicycles. Pedelec e-bikes are electric bikes that you have to pedal to move forward and activate their electric motor. There are also throttle e-bikes that you can ride as a scooter. No need to actively pedal an electric bike with a throttle.

What is the electric assist rating of an electric bike?

The level of electric assist, or electric speed, on an e-bike defines how much the electric motor helps you pedal. On currently available models, there may be at least 1, and as many as 7 or even 8 levels of electric assist systems on an e-bike.

For example, the Bosch electric assist system has five levels, OFF > ECO > TOUR > SPORT > TURBO, while the Shimano powertrain uses only four: OFF > ECO > NORMAL > HIGH.

Each electric assist system (Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano, or others) supplements your pedaling effort by giving you more power, depending on the level of assist selected.

How many levels of electric assist are required?

That’s a good question, and the answer is — it depends. It mostly depends on how you plan to use your e-bike, how well you train, and what terrain you plan to traverse primarily. Here are some rules of thumb that I would use.

single speed electric bike

One level of electric assist (or speed) may be enough for you,

You ride mostly on flat streets,

you are healthy

You mainly use your e-bike for shopping or other leisure trips in the city.

Having an electric assist level works well with motors that can produce high rotational power (or torque). It turns the wheels of your e-bike faster with the same pedaling force you have.

Do you feel like using an e-bike 90% of the time is more like a regular bike and only turn on the motor for hill assist or fatigue? In this case, all you need is one level of electric assist.

For this type of use, it still makes sense to have multiple mechanical gears so you can get more variation when pedaling.

Up to three electron speeds,have at least three levels of electric assist, 

If you plan to use an e-bike to commute and/or

You plan to tackle moderate or even some steep hills.

If you’re considering a utility e-bike, three levels of electric assist will also serve you well.

Up to five electron speeds

If you’re considering a daily workout on mixed terrain, or a recreational ride in the countryside, it’s a good idea to consider an e-bike with five levels of electric assist. This electric bike will also serve your guests well, who may not necessarily be regular cyclists.

Over five electron speeds

There are quite a few models on the market with up to eight/nine levels of electric assist. These models serve you well for a quick ride – most e-bikes exceed the 40 km/h (25 mph) limit, on mixed terrain or on steep or long hills.

You’ll need to learn how to use each of these multiple electronic speeds, though, and whether they’ll make any difference to your rides. Eight or nine electric speeds sounds a bit too much to me. This is just my personal opinion.

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