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How to deal with the noise of road ebike

In the riding of a road bike, apart from the complicated traffic environment and weather, the most annoying thing must be the abnormal noise from the car, right? In the era of push-in bottom brackets and full internal wiring, many people’s cars will start to make noises, and they will think that it is the problem of the bottom bracket, but it is not necessarily. Today, based on my many years of experience, I will talk to you about how to solve the problem of abnormal noise.

1. The type of abnormal noise
In the era of disc brake roads, rubbing discs has become the norm. So if you hear an abnormal sound, the first thing to do is to identify the type of sound. The sound of rubbing the disc is very easy to identify. If it is rubbing the disc, you can re-adjust the position of the clamp or correct the disc. If it is a resonance type of abnormal noise, it is very likely that the cable/oil pipe is hitting the frame or handlebar. But if it is the typical “click” or “crunch” sound, you can enter the following link.

2. The location of the abnormal noise

Although in an open environment, it is not easy to identify the location of the abnormal noise, and it may be misjudged. The best way to do this is to exclude.

road ebike

If it is a rim brake frame, it is best to check the front and rear quick release first. If it is an ultra-light quick release with little locking force, or it is not locked, it is very likely to produce abnormal noise.

Then statically twist and press the handlebar to determine whether it is the abnormal noise caused by the cable/oil pipe or the headset. If there is a sound of the wire tube hitting the frame, there is a high probability that the sponge tube is not installed during the internal wiring; if it is the “squeak” sound produced by the wire tube and the stopper, it is necessary to consider whether the wiring is smooth. If it is the sound of the headset, you need to disassemble it to see if sand enters the water and erodes the bearing, then check whether the hanging core screw is loose, and then re-tighten the headset to check again, which can generally solve the problem.

If there is abnormal noise in the middle, it is necessary to first judge whether it is the position of the seat tube of the seat cushion or the position of the traditional system. The easiest way to eliminate it is to check the sitting position and the rocking wheel alternately. If the rocker does not rattle, it is likely that the seat cushion or seat tube is abnormal.

Pull out the seat tube first, clean the stains attached to the seat tube and the inside of the seat tube; if it is a built-in seat tube clip, clean the surface of the seat tube clip by the way, and finally add anti-slip agent and lock the seat tube according to the locking torque. If there is still abnormal noise, it is the abnormal noise at the connection between the seat bow and the bottom plate. It is common in the seat cushion of the metal seat bow. This abnormal noise cannot be cured. The best way is to replace the carbon bow seat cushion.

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If you are shifting mechanically, remember to check the end of the shifting cable on the front derailleur to see if it touches the crank or frame. Then check whether the abnormal sound is caused by the inaccurate shifting. It is easier to judge the abnormal sound of the chain grinding front derailleur or the sprocket. After re-adjusting the shifting and oiling the chain, if there is any, you need to check the life of the lower chain. .

If there is still abnormal noise, you can check and tighten the screw of the disk screw. For the split disk claw, you can remove the disk claw and clean the installation surface, and then tighten the lock ring or screw.

If it is finally determined that it is the abnormal noise of the central axis, sometimes it does not have to be replaced. There are two artifacts that can be used to save the press-in central axis. One is the RSP interface agent, and the other is the Loctite 641 retaining glue, which is applied to the installation surface. Just reinstall it. However, it can only save some cases with small tolerances. If the tolerance of the five-way connection is too large after repeated disassembly and assembly, this method cannot be used to solve the problem.

As for the abnormal noise of the threaded center shaft… let’s replace it.

3. Strange places

Of course, sometimes there are some more metaphysical abnormal noises, such as the traditional part of the car does not make noise, but when sitting and riding; or the crank rotates to a certain angle, it will make noise, which can only be eliminated one by one by the elimination method, and there is a high probability that it will be It’s a center shaft problem.

While uncommon, wheels are also a place where rattles can be made. Xiaobian, I have encountered an abnormal sound that I thought was the central axle, and the structure was the abnormal sound produced by the rear hub freewheel. If there is a problem with the ratchet structure inside the freehub, causing the jack plate to rebound poorly, some noise will also be generated; or if the spokes are loose, it will also cause some abnormal noise; or the most common abnormal noise caused by the valve hitting the rim. So when you can’t find the reason for the abnormal noise on the transmission, you can also check the wheel set.

In short, the abnormal noise problem needs to be analyzed in a specific situation, and some simple problems can be eliminated by yourself. But to deal with some stubborn diseases, the best way is to leave it to a reliable technician. After all, professional people do professional things.

There are usually several different bike construction options. You can usually choose from the following options

carbon fiber road bike
titanium road bike
steel road bike
aluminum road bike
All of these options have unique characteristics that can benefit cyclists in one way or another. Let’s take a look at some of the familiar pros and cons of each bike we’ve discussed earlier.

Advantages of carbon fiber road bikes
When a bike is made of carbon fiber, you choose the lightest, strongest material. A good combination is good for you. Also, carbon fiber bikes will be very strong and are best at absorbing shock and maintaining stability.

Carbon fiber bikes are known to be very strong and can be easily customized to any design. Lastly, carbon fiber road bikes prevent rust and corrosion, which can be an important added benefit, depending on what you typically use your bike for and where you store your bike the most.

Disadvantages of carbon fiber road bikes
Quality always comes with a price tag. There is nothing you can do about it. You can’t expect to have the weather-resistant and most reliable version of the bike without a higher price tag. Also, not all carbon fiber bikes are the same quality and may be prone to cracking/cracking or splitting in the finished structure.

As far as one of the big advantages of a road bike is, stiffness is important, and it’s important to understand that this can vary depending on the actual design of the bike you end up buying. The easiest way to break this down into a more direct version is that not all carbon bikes are created equal.

It’s important to read reviews and do your research on any bike before making a final decision on which bike to use. This can save you a lot of time and hassle.

If carbon fiber bikes aren’t your thing, you might be interested in some other options. Let’s dive into the aluminum options for your bike and see what advantages and disadvantages it might have.

Advantages of aluminum alloy bicycles
Aluminum bikes are also light, but not as light as carbon fiber bikes. They’re also solid choices in terms of overall durability. Aluminum bikes are best for climbing and sprinting. You can also choose to buy an aluminum bike instead of the carbon bikes we discussed earlier, which can save you a lot of money.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Bikes Aluminum Bikes
It won’t be as smooth on rough roads. Also, aluminum bikes are known to have weaker joints and are not easy to fix or fix when they encounter problems.

Overall, aluminum bikes are still a great option within your budget. Especially if you’re not racing, a small weight difference won’t make a big difference for you.

Now we’re going to get into one of the cheapest options of all that can be considered. Let’s dive into steel road bikes and see what they can offer you.

Advantages of Steel Bikes
First, steel bikes are much cheaper than aluminum and carbon bikes. Also, the steel will last a lifetime and still be elastic enough to provide a soft enough ride.

It’s also one of the easiest ways to repair your bike when it breaks down. Now, let’s break down some of the disadvantages of steel bikes you may encounter.
Disadvantages of Steel Bikes
Steel bikes are significantly heavier than the aluminum and carbon fiber options we discussed earlier.

Steel is also more prone to rust and corrosion, so it’s important to store steel race cars indoors and out of weather elements as much as possible.

Steel bikes are rarely used for racing. They have to flex, which burns more energy for the rider, reduces the rider’s aerodynamics, and is generally not a good choice compared to other options.

Finally, we need to cover the titanium option. Titanium is the last commonly used material in road bikes or racing, but it’s certainly still a good choice.