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How To Find the Best Bike Saddle For You

How To Find the Best Bike Saddle For You

An uncomfortable biest bike saddle can quickly turn your bicycle from a happy tool into a torture. Not only is this very painful, but it can also cause long-term injuries or saddle sores when you twist your position on the bike to relieve discomfort. There are many factors that affect the comfort of a bicycle saddle, but the most important one is yourself.
We are all different sizes, so there is no one size fits allwhen it comes to bass that fits your unique hip. What is comfortable for one person is torture for another. Therefore, before starting to find the saddle you have always dreamed of, we will outline some things to study, but keep in mind that this may boil down to trial and error.

Saddle features


You might think that the wider the saddle, the more comfortable it is, but this is not the case. When it comes to finding the most suitable position, a narrow saddle is not always easy. The first step in finding the most comfortable bicycle saddle is to measure the distance between the seat bones, which can be done at home with a piece of paper and a pencil. Once you know the distance between the ischium, you need to add 2 cm, or 1 cm, above the ischium on each side.

If the saddle is too wide, its nose will begin to rub against the inside of your quadriceps. If it is too narrow, then your ischium will not be the main point of support for your weight. Then the pressure will drop to the soft tissues, which can be very painful at any time or distance.

Cut outs

The popularity of paper-cutting largely comes from a 1997 study. It claims that the reduced blood flow caused by saddle pressure may lead to male erectile dysfunction and permanent reproductive failure. Although it has since been denied, concerns remain. It boils down to personal preference and the way you feel most comfortable.

One test to test whether you can benefit from a central incision is to sit on a hardwood chair or bench, lean forward, do not arch your back, and let your elbows rest on your knees. Sitting like this for a few minutes, if you find unfavorable pressure and discomfort from the compressed soft tissue, then you are likely to benefit from the incision in the saddle.

Bike Saddle


It is easy to think that the more padding the cushion has, the more comfortable it will be, but in fact it will put more pressure on sensitive areas. It can squeeze and rub instead of supporting your sitting bones. The ideal tightness will put enough weight on your sit bones while still providing enough padding to stay comfortable. Some riders don’t like pads at all because it can apply pressure exactly where they want, but not everyone does.


Viewed from above, saddles have two general shapes: T-shaped and pear-shaped. If you have bruises or quadriceps rubbing against each other, then the T-shape will be your better choice. If you often move your position while riding, the pear-shaped saddle will be suitable because it will get more evenly distributed support.
The second aspect of the saddle shape is how flat or rounded its surface is. Seen from the back, what is the curvature of the saddle? You want it to bend slightly to keep you centered on the saddle, but not to the point where it puts pressure on the central area between the sit bones.

Bike Saddle

                             PS: Left isT-shaped and  Right is Pear-shaped.

Gender specific

Looking at saddles designed for men or women may be a good starting point, but don’t let it dictate your decision. Women usually have wider seat bones, so a slightly wider saddle is needed. Having said that, many women find that men’s saddles are perfect for them, just as many men ride on women’s saddles.

Comfortable bike saddle:

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Bike Saddle

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Bike Saddle

3. Exercise Bike Saddle Bicycle Leather bike Saddle e-bike seat with Reflective Stripe Comfortable Bike Seat Anti Shock

It may seem ordinary, but this simple design is one of the more popular designs in recent years. Three shapes are provided to suit your position on the bike, and you can find a specific style that suits your riding style. It brings together the perfect combination of comfort, performance and unique structure. In addition, due to the use of bicycle seats with reflective stripes, it is safer during riding and can withstand years of use.

 Bike Saddle

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