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How to modify mountain bikes light and fast

There are several ways to modify electric mountain bikes to save effort: replace with suitable tires to adapt to the road conditions; upgrade the traditional system and replace w ...
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There are several ways to modify electric mountain bikes to save effort: replace with suitable tires to adapt to the road conditions; upgrade the traditional system and replace with better chainrings to improve transmission efficiency; upgrade the entire vehicle to reduce the weight and use more Lightweight accessories, such as titanium alloy quick release, carbon fiber handle group, etc. The multi-pronged approach is more effective.
If you only consider increasing the speed and give up off-road performance, you can consider refitting in the direction of “Mountain Horse”, as follows:
1. Change to a thinner bald tire:

The tires of mountain bikes are thicker and full of undulating tire patterns, which are mainly considered for off-road riding. When riding on a flat road, such tires will bring more resistance and make the road feedback more obscure. To a certain extent, it affects the force when stepping on it.

You can choose to replace bald tires or urban road tires with a width between 1.25-1.75. These tires with a smaller ground contact area and smoother tread will reduce resistance during riding and provide more direct road feeling feedback. However, off-road performance will be greatly reduced.

2. Change to a hard fork or lock the front fork:
The shock absorber front fork will release a lot of force when riding on the road, especially when cranking, causing loss of force. Therefore, if your front fork has a locking function, you can turn on this function when riding on the road. .
Of course, if you replace a dedicated mountain bike hard fork, the force will be more direct when riding, and the shorter length of the hard fork can make the riding posture more forward, so that the legs can be sent more effectively. And reduce wind resistance to a certain extent, thereby increasing speed.

3. Refit the Yan handle into a straight handle:
If your mountain bike has curved handlebars, if you want to further increase the speed, you can replace it with a straight handlebar. You can appropriately lower the height of the handlebar to make the riding posture more forward. However, the straight handlebar will also reduce the handling of the vehicle to a certain extent. Of course, for speed-based road riding, the reduction in handling is negligible.

4. Choose the right drive system:

At present, mountain bikes mostly use speed configurations such as 2×10 and 1×11. The number of teeth on the chainrings will be compressed compared to the traditional 3×9 and 3×10 speeds. This will reduce the maximum speed ratio to a certain extent, thereby reducing the limit speed. . If you are looking for speed, it is recommended to choose 44 teeth for the largest disc, and the flywheel with a minimum number of teeth of 11 teeth.

5. Other accessories

Lighter weight and better rigidity frame, chainring, wheel set and other parts will increase the output efficiency when pedaling, and the smoothness of the wheel set will also help increase the speed.

There are several elements for thebike to run fast: 1. Weight. The heavier the slower, on the contrary, the lighter the faster 2. Resistance. Unreasonable design will increase the resistance during exercise. The greater the resistance, the more energy will be consumed. In principle, the narrower the tire, the lower the resistance, but there is also a limit. A tire that is too thin will have less friction and grip. Small 3. Transmission ratio. The big flywheel drives the small flywheel, the initial velocity is slow, but the faster you ride it, on the contrary, if the small flywheel behind is big, the initial velocity is fast, and it will slow down when you are fast. It’s time-saving, large gear ratio is suitable for long-distance racing, and small gear ratio is suitable for short-track racing. It depends on how you coordinate the relationship between power and transmission ratio. To sum up the above three points, that is to choose a lightbike,choose Suitable tires, use different transmission ratios under different conditions, that is, use variable speed flywheels.


2) Production steps

step 1

Replace the wheel set

First, confirm the tire size of the front wheel of your bicycle. There is a row of numbers on the tires. Provide the numbers to the seller and you can find a suitable wheel set. You can use an adjustable wrench during the replacement process~


Step 2

Install the controller and throttle knob

The first is the controller installation: put the tested controller into the shell. Then fix it under the seat.

Throttle handle installation: Remove the handlebar cover. If it is not easy to disassemble, you can add some water. Fix the throttle lever and tighten the screws with the inner six tools. After installation, just return the handlebar kit.

Step 3

Fixed battery connection for vehicle debugging

The first is to fix the lithium battery in the front bag. Note: The lithium battery, the battery pack shown in the figure below, is made by me with a spot welder and equipped with a BMS battery management system. Plus a fixed bracket. The quality is safe and reliable. If you need it, you can find me to customize~

Put on the battery and you can move ~ Generally, I can ride 15-20 kilometers after charging the battery.

Step 4 The final step components have been installed, you will find a lot of messy lines. Don’t worry, then use a winding tube and a cable tie to arrange the wire harness and you can go out~

How to change the light when riding a bicycle

1. If your bicycle is variable speed, then you can change the front chainring to the smallest one, and the rear flywheel to a larger pressure plate, so that you can ride more easily, otherwise it will be more heavier and heavier. , Resulting in wasting your own physical strength in vain.

2. Reduce the weight of the bicycle. If you feel that the bicycle is heavy, you can remove some useless things, such as the back seat and the front basket. These are basically dispensable. After they are removed, they will be easier to ride.

3. Adjust the seat height. In fact, the overall weight of the cyclist will not affect you much, but if the seat height is not suitable for you, you will not be able to pedal the bicycle in the correct posture, which will be very tired. , For example, if I let you ride a stroller, how far can you ride? I guess I can’t even stretch my legs.

4. Check whether the bicycle is damaged. For example, if the tire is flat, the tire will deflate within a certain period of time, and it will naturally be heavy when riding.

What are the tips for riding a bicycle

1. There are skills in maintaining balance. Keep balance. Look into the distance when riding. If the car falls to the left, turn your handlebar to the left. If the car falls to the right, turn to the right.

2. Pedal skills. When pedaling a bicycle, your toes point down, so that your ankle does not move much when riding, but your pedaling frequency will become higher, making your calf muscles always in a tight state.

3. Be skillful in turning. When turning, the whole person should be close to the car, and then slowly tilt your center of gravity into the turn, but not too much. At the same time, your inner knee should be close to the bicycle. Conducive to reducing the pressure generated by cornering.

The above content is how to change the weight of a bicycle while riding a heavy bicycle, and what are the skills of riding a bicycle.

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