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How to remove bicycle grease from clothes

There are many ways in which you can get rid of bike grease stains. From the traditional methods of using detergent, dishwashing liquid, or soap to more unconventional forms like applying baking soda, baby powder, or chalk, there will undoubtedly be one that will work for you.

How do you remove black grease from clothes?

First, you need an acid product that can penetrate stains without disturbing the fabric of the clothes.
Natural products (essential oils, chalk, lemon juice)
Chemicals (detergent, baking soda)

A mix of both (soap, baby powder)

bicycle grease

1. Use dishwashing liquid to remove oil stains

One of the most effective ways to remove grease stains on pants or shirts is to mix dish soap and clean water. The advantage of dishwashing liquid is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. There is no risk of damaging your favorite clothes!

After all, dishwashing liquid is specifically designed to destroy the grease in food. Bicycle lubricants are no different. To use dishwashing liquid to remove grease stains, you need:

Put some dishwashing liquid on the new stain

With a toothbrush, rub in a circular motion for a few minutes

Repeat this process until the oil stains begin to subside

Let the clothes rest for half an hour, then put them in the washing machine for washing

Wash it in a warm cycle

Please note that the sooner this technique is applied, the greater the chance of complete removal of oil stains

2. Use soap to remove oil stains

Since it was invented by the Babylonians in 2800 BC, bar soap has been used for hand washing. Nowadays, they are mainly used to pre-treat stains before washing them.

Soap is the ideal way to remove bicycle oil stains. In short, here is how to use it optimally:

Without water, rub soap in a dry place until there is a thick layer of soap on the stain

Lather on the soap layer with a wet sponge

Pour hot water to rinse the area

Repeat these steps until all remaining stains are absorbed

Your clothes can be put in the machine. Ideally, use an air-drying cycle to wash clothes.

3. Wash greasy clothes with white vinegar

White vinegar has some surprising properties. Since it is a mixture of acetic acid and water, it is usually used for deep cleaning of the kitchen or bathroom. However, it also has hidden power when interacting with clothing. In fact, its acidity is very effective against bicycle grease.

White vinegar is as effective on fresh stains as old stains. In order to maximize efficiency, please follow the following 3 steps:

Put 2-3 drops of white vinegar on the dry stain

Wet the area with a clean cloth

Put it directly into the washing machine for thermal cycle

If the stain is particularly stubborn, you can combine white vinegar with soap or dishwashing liquid to maximize the effectiveness of the water-vinegar solution active agent

4. Apply laundry detergent to the stained area

Liquid laundry detergent may be the first thing you think of when you need to eliminate dark oil stains. If you don’t have time to deal with a stain that is still fresh, this is a good solution.

Cover the stain with a thin layer of detergent

Let the biological laundry detergent penetrate for about 5 minutes

Use a little water to scrap it and send it directly to the washing machine

Make sure not to put too much detergent. If used improperly, the product itself will leave marks on the clothes. This is especially true for delicate fabrics such as satin or silk.

Other cleaning methods

NO.1: Alcohol

Engine oil is a mixture of several kinds of hydrocarbons and organic matter. According to the principle of similar compatibility, we can also use organic matter to dissolve the engine oil, but it is best that the organic matter we choose is also soluble in water so as not to cause secondary pollution. The most convenient way is to choose alcohol, which can dissolve in both organic solvents and water. Of course, the higher the alcohol concentration, the better, preferably absolute alcohol.

NO.2: The oil stains on the gasoline clothes can be wiped with gasoline first, if the oil stains are too heavy, you can wipe it with vinyl and turpentine, and wait for the oil stains.

After melting, clean it with normal washing methods. The oil stains on the collar can be covered with gasoline with a piece of absorbent cotton not smaller than the cigarette box, and lightly patted from the center of the collar to both sides. The gasoline should not be stained too little, otherwise the dirt will not be removed, but will leave unremoved gasoline spot-like stains. After using up, wash the gasoline with washing powder to avoid the gasoline’s harm to the human body.

NO.3: Pine perfume, banana water

The oil stains on the clothes can be scrubbed with pine perfume, banana water, gasoline, etc., and then soaked in 3% salt water for a few minutes, and then rinsed with water.

NO.4: acetone solution

If the silk products are stained with gasoline, just use acetone solution to scrub gently, please remember to wear gloves to operate~

NO.5: toothpaste

Mix a little toothpaste with washing powder and scrub the oil stains on the clothes to remove the oil stains.

NO.6: Take a little flour from the flour, mix it into a paste, apply it on the front and back of the clothes with oil stains, dry in the sun, peel off the shells, and then remove the oil stains.

NO.7: Dishwashing liquid can be washed with detergent. Dishwashing liquid can remove oil stains. You can first wet the clothes, then pour some detergent in the place with organic oil, rub it hard for a while, and finally add laundry detergent to it. Soak in the water for a while, then wash it off.

NO.8: The iron can wash the oil stains of the lighter machine with gasoline, and then put a piece of blotting paper or cloth above and below the oil stain on the clothing and iron with the iron to further evaporate the oil and be absorbed by the paper or cloth. Repeatedly change the paper or cloth and iron for many times until all the oil stains are exhausted. Finally, wash with detergent and rinse with clean water. For dark machine oil stains, you must rinse with high-quality gasoline, then iron with blotting paper or cloth to absorb, and finally rinse with warm water.

NO.9: Baking soda mix the laundry detergent with the same amount of baking soda powder, add it to the washing machine, and then wash with the highest water temperature that the clothes can withstand. Sprinkle baking soda powder first to absorb oil stains on clothes. Don’t wet the clothes, put some enzyme laundry detergent on both sides of the stain, and let it stand for a while. Put the clothes in a washing machine with enzyme-added laundry detergent and wash them with the highest water temperature that the clothes can withstand.

NO.10: Special degreaser uses a special degreaser to remove stains. Now there are many special grease cleaners, powders, soaps, etc. on the market, which can be purchased and used according to the product instructions.

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