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How to remove bike pedals without a pedal wrench

How to remove bike pedals without a pedal wrench

bike pedals

Bike repairs can be a hassle, especially if you’re at home on your own and don’t have a tool like a pedal wrench. Let us show you how to use other tools to remove bike pedals to take the hassle out of your bike repairs.

Most of the time you probably think you need a pedal wrench to remove your bike pedals. While this is definitely a great way to do this, if you don’t have a pedal wrench, you can still easily remove your bike pedals.

Below, we give you step-by-step instructions on how to remove bicycle pedals using a tool other than a pedal wrench. With this, making repairs is a breeze.

Reasons to replace pedals

Before we teach you how to remove bike pedals without using a pedal wrench, we thought it was important to discuss why you’re replacing pedals in the first place.

While it all depends on the rider, there are many reasons why your bike might be in the market for some new pedals. First, we’ll see this once your original bike pedals break.

Often, standard bike pedals are made of cheap plastic materials that just beg for an upgrade. If they are not, they will become more susceptible to damage and wear over time than stronger metal options. Not only does this get in the way of your riding experience, it’s also quite a hassle.

If your current bike pedals are broken, damaged, or just don’t look the way you want, it may be time to replace your old bike pedals. This can change the look and performance of the bike.

Maybe your old plastic pedals are outdated. If that’s the case, you don’t have to settle for keeping a sub-par pedal.

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Instead, you can find and buy a better, higher-quality set of bicycle pedals that suit your needs. Clipless, flat or bearclaw, there is more than one pedal to choose from.

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Take the time to find out which type of bicycle pedal feels best on your feet and looks best on your bike. From there, you can also make necessary upgrades to your bike in other ways.
bike pedals
style change
You may have upgraded your bike, but now you’re just looking for a change of style. Replacing your bike pedals is a great way to change the style of your bike and give it a whole new look. While subtle, the changes they make can make a world of difference to the bike you’re riding and can impress other riders.

Whether you want a color, a different material or a completely different style on your bike pedals, there is always something for you. No matter how you want to replace or upgrade your street bike, road bike or mountain bike, a whole new set of bike pedals will do just that and more.

Step-by-step instructions

step 1. Determine the size of the pedal
First, you need to determine your pedal size to find the best size wrench. Since you don’t have a pedal wrench, your standard 15mm open-end wrench will usually do the job with ease.

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From there, look at the pedal and make sure it has a wrench flat on the spindle for the wrench to attach.

If the pedal doesn’t have this, unfortunately, this approach won’t work. Older mountain bikes and even some road bikes have pedals that don’t have wrench flats at all that are compatible with your standard 15mm, and instead require an 8mm Allen bit.

Once you’ve located the flat wrench spindle next to your bike pedals, it’s time to get to work.

Step 2. Apply the wrench to the spindle
Now that you have a standard wrench – not a pedal wrench – and you have located the spindle, place the wrench directly on the pedal spindle. It should hang on the spindle by itself.

Once you have it firmly attached to the spindle, you need to move the pedal back so that the wrench handle is as parallel to the ground as possible. Make sure your bike is in a stable position with the kickstand down.

Step 3. get on a bike
From here, it’s best to actually get on the bike to get as much leverage as possible. Put one foot on the pedals and the other on the ground as if you were about to start riding as usual.

From here, the balls of your feet should rest on the bike pedals and your heels on the rest of the wrench. Then, step down on your foot and apply pressure directly to the wrench itself.

Put as much weight on the wrench as possible. Eventually, it will start to move under your feet, effectively releasing the pedals.

Try to keep putting the same weight on the bike pedals and wrench to make sure you don’t loosen the wrench.

Your body weight should push the wrench down, diagonally with the ground. Once it is in this position, you can remove the pedals.

Step 4. Remove the pedals!
This action should be enough to release your bike pedals, but you may need to grab a wrench and quickly release it by hand. Then, turn the bicycle pedal counterclockwise until it is tight.

Repeat these exact same steps for the other side and voila! You have successfully removed the bicycle pedals without any pedal wrench.

Step 5. If the pedal doesn’t come off!
If you’ve done all of this and the pedals are still as tight as possible, it probably means your pedals are reverse threaded.

If this is the case, then when unscrewing the spindle from the pedal, you have to stick to a right-to-left, not the standard right-to-left.

Often, you will find that your right pedal is threaded normally, while your left pedal may have reversed threading that you are not used to.

Note the direction the straps are turned to determine how they are threaded, and twist from there.
bike pedals

Are pedal wrenches worth it?

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to remove bike pedals without an expensive pedal wrench, here’s the question: Should you have one?

While it all comes down to personal preference, having a pedal wrench is still the most trusted and reliable tool for getting rid of bike pedals.

As we’ve proven, it’s quite possible not to, but you always run the risk of doing something incorrectly and accidentally damaging your bike.

Alternatively, your bike spindle may not fit the regular wrench you have. For all these reasons, it’s still worth having a pedal wrench on hand. However, in a pinch, they are not necessary to replace the pedals of the bike if needed.

Some of the best and most affordable pedal wrenches can be found here, giving you the perfect choice for a high-quality pedal wrench that won’t hurt your bank account.

Other products to try

If a pedal wrench isn’t for you, or if you’re just in the market for some brand new bike tools that will make your ride easier, we’ve got you covered.

The Vibrelli Bike Multitool is a great all-in-one tool for every repair you make. This one comes with spoke wrenches, open-end wrenches, and a variety of sized screwdrivers to help set up most bikes.

It’s also slimmer and lighter than you might think, making it practical to carry around with you. A multi-tool like this can save you from having to rely on a pedal wrench again.

The WOTOW 16-in-1 Bike Tool Kit is the only bike tool you need. Fitted with 8/9/10 mm. Socket hex key, flat-blade screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, socket extension, 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 mm. Allen wrench, and more importantly, you have a full repair kit.

In addition, the kit comes with 3 additional tire levers to make the kit even more comprehensive. Repairing or upgrading your bike or removing bike pedals is a breeze with this versatile tool.

bike kit
Lumintrail Bicycle Repair Tool Kit 42 Piece Multi-Tool Bicycle Repair Tool Kit with Tool Box
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From pedal wrenches to tire repair kits to screwdrivers, the Lumintrail 42-Piece Bike Maintenance Kit is truly a cyclist’s dream. This all-inclusive repair kit contains all types of tools and is far more advanced than a small multi-tool can handle.

With this, both big and small problems can be easily solved, and each component has its own place. Each tool is properly organized and ready to use, and is made from only the highest quality materials for reliable performance.

bike repair stand
CXWXC Bike Repair Rack – Shop Home Bike Mechanic Repair Rack – Integral Aluminum Alloy – Height Adjustable (rs100)
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If you’re doing a major overhaul, or you’re looking to get a brand new set of tires, nothing is easier than a bike repair stand. Repair stations like CXWXC offer an easy and convenient way to get your bike repaired from the comfort of your home or garage.

This useful tool helps keep your bike on the ground without any wobble or rocking, so you’re completely stress-free. Plus, the rubber feet will keep your bike stable without scratching the floor.

For easy storage and quick maintenance, Clothink’s bike repair racks are your best choice. This bike mount attaches to your wall and acts as a clip to hang your bike for easy servicing and cleaning. Whenever it’s not in use, this bike stand folds up out of your way and doesn’t take up any space in your garage or studio. Not only is this high-quality bike rack great for repairs, it also gives you an easy place to display, clean or store your bike.

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make repairs
Now you have all the tools (metaphorical and physical) you need to help you perform all the repairs you need on your precious bike.

At first glance, changing pedals without a pedal wrench may seem like a daunting task, but as you can see, the whole process can be a lot easier than you realize. Anyone can remove their bike pedals as long as you have the right tools.

Whether you’re looking for a complete upgrade to your bike or just a few minor repairs, the Cycle Baron makes the process an easy stroll through the park.

If you are looking for a new way of commuting or want a healthier lifestyle, we are here to help you. Visit our website to learn more about electric bikes and electric scooter or please leave information to us.