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How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Bike?

How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Bike?

E-bikes usually come with a speed limiter. It is a useful device that ensures that the bike does not accelerate beyond the allowed speed. A speed limiter also ensures your safety when traveling on highways or busy roads.

How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Bike

If you are an e-bike enthusiast, you will know that there is nothing like traveling at high speeds. You can pedal energetically and gain power and acceleration with ease. However, once you exceed the speed limit, the thrill of riding may be gone. Most e-bikes in the U.S. have a speed limit of 20 mph.

However, this reduces the speed of the motor and limits its ability to maximize performance. As a result, many people prefer to eliminate the speed limiter in order to fully enjoy the full speed capabilities of the bike.

Why do e-bikes have speed limits?

E-bikes are hugely popular for a reason. They’re fun to ride, easy to use, and an environmentally friendly, fast way to get around town. But what about speed limits?

E-bikes are usually limited to a top speed of 20 mph or 28 mph, which may seem high, but is actually very slow compared to a regular bike or car. So why do e-bikes have speed limits?

The three main reasons e-bike manufacturers limit speeds are liability, safety, and the law.

If you are injured riding an e-bike that exceeds the manufacturer’s maximum speed limit, there is debate as to whether the manufacturer is liable for your injuries, especially if you are riding faster than the manufacturer’s recommended speed.

Manufacturers address this issue by collecting speed data. If the speed limit is exceeded, the e-bike’s speed limiter kicks in and you can no longer accelerate with the help of the motor.

On public roads, traveling faster means more danger, especially for e-bikes, which have no doors and no protection from other vehicles if something goes wrong. Check out the e-bike safety tips you need to know.

The Law
Many countries, including the United States, have e-bike rating systems that limit how much the e-bike motor can assist the rider. Under these laws, the maximum speed is 20 mph if there is a throttle and 28 mph if there is only pedal assistance.

Before deciding whether or not to change the speed of your e-bike, you should learn more about the classification of e-bikes.

What you need for this tutorial

This may sound like a complicated process, but you only need a few technical skills to remove an e-bike speed limiter. If you prefer the simplest method, you will need to purchase an e-bike tool kit.

How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Bike

Electric Bicycle Speed Limiter Removal Methods
E-bike Speed Limiter Removal Method
How to remove the speed limit on an e-bike?
There are different ways to remove the speed limiter from your bike. You can remove the speed limiter by removing the speed limit cable, using a special tool kit for e-bikes, or manually. In this guide, we’ll show you all the ways to retrofit your device:

Process 1: Removing the Bicycle Limit Cord
The first process is probably the easiest way to remove a bike speed limiter. If your e-bike is fitted with a speed limit cable, all you need to do is remove the e-bike speed limit cable from the device and follow the instructions below:

You must locate the speed limit cable installed on your bike. It is usually on the controller and is usually a wire.
Then, since it is attached to the connector, you can simply remove it.
After removing the wire, your bike is free of the speed limit of your e-bike and you are free to enjoy its full speed.
Process 2: Unrestricting your bike using manual adjustments

This process of lifting the speed limit on your e-bike is also known as the “manual method”. Without the need for any additional bike tools or kits, you can do it manually by hand. This method is cheap but effective in removing the speed limiter from your bike.

Before proceeding, please understand some terminology:

How sensors work

The sensor monitors and reads the behavior of the bike. It sends the data to a computer unit, which analyzes the input and comes up with the appropriate output required by the bike’s motor.

Modifying the sensor is one of the key ways to eliminate the speed limiter. It is usually located at the bottom of the bike frame and works directly with the magnet. Magnetic devices also work in tandem with the sensor.

Using a magnetic device makes the bike faster. You can place the magnetic device away from the bike’s wheels. This way, the controller will notice a lower frequency and signal that you are using the bike at a lower speed.

How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Bike

In turn, the controller will prompt the engine and speed limiter to travel at a faster speed. However, this e-bike speed limit hack should be done correctly by following the guide below:

Locate the magnetic devices and sensors on the bike. Remove them from their respective positions and find another place to reposition them.
The best place for the magnet is the pedal holder of the e-bike. After moving the magnetic device, proceed to move the sensor.
Place the sensor close to the magnetic device. Make sure the sensor is facing the magnet.
At this point, your e-bike is unrestricted and the bike will accelerate when in use.
Procedure 3: Using the E-Bike Tool

Since many cyclists complain about speed limiters, manufacturers have introduced e-bike kits to help cyclists control their speed. This method may cost you compared to the previous two methods.

You need to buy an e-bike kit which helps you modify the speed of your bike and tamper with the speed data on your device. There are two types of kits available in the market:

Type 1 Requires disassembly of the circuit
Type 2 Does not require disassembly of the circuit
You should know which type of toolkit to buy. For example, the Bosch e-bike toolkit is one of the most commonly used toolkits on the market today. It is compatible with most e-bike brands.

Type 1

Type 1 kits do not require the removal of the bike’s circuitry. The kit comes with an on/off switch that can be easily activated or deactivated by pressing the illuminated button on the keypad.

When using a Type I kit, the bike’s battery must be removed.

Type II

The second type of conversion tool is easier to use than the first type. You do not need to remove any circuitry from the bike. You simply attach a portion of the kit to the sensor on your e-bike.

Once it is fully affixed to the sensor, the device works wonders. You can immediately cancel the speed limiter on your bike and ride as fast as you can.

If the second category doesn’t work immediately, note that some kits are only activated when you get on the bike and reach top speed.

Speed limiters can be used as part of an e-bike’s safety features, but they can be too restrictive for “adrenaline junkies” who ride at top speed. Cyclists who are used to enjoying the thrill of riding at top speed will want to know how to remove the speed limiter on their e-bike without causing any damage. All you need to do is follow the guide and enjoy your bike at its optimum speed.



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