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How to Select the Best Road E-Bike

Road e-bikes rival gravel e-bikes in versatility. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. 

Other e-bike enthusiasts might even say that gravel e-bikes are just an offshoot or subcategory of road e-bikesthe latter have been around for years.

Even so, it’s fair to say that gravel e-bikes are easier to toss into harsher conditions and terrain than most road e-bikes.


After all, when experts refer to road e-bikes, they are really referring to e-bikes that can perform well on rough paved roads (i.e. not as flat as city roads and bike paths).


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Hardpacked trails are a good example of how often road e-bikes are ridden, which is why they are often referred to as gravel grinders (hence the misconception of gravel e-bikes). 

Often, many also choose to use them for racing, similar to their non-automotive counterparts.


That said, the most important criterion for choosing the best road e-bike is definitely how it will fulfill your e-bike purpose. Now that you know what this e-bike’s specialty is (or even if you already know it), can you say 100% that this is the bike for you? If yes, read on to learn about other standards you should look at.


Top Criteria for Choosing the Best Road Electric Bike

You really don’t need to look at anything more than batteries, motors, features that improve your convenience, price, insurance, and weight. These, in turn, should all be measured against your needs and preferences.


Certain road e-bikes tend to be quite expensive, as many models are designed for racing, professional, recreational, etc. 

These types of e-bikes also tend to be e-bikes that incorporate the latest innovations, so don’t be surprised if they cost more. Brands are more than willing to push the boundaries of road e-bikes because they are one of the most popular types among serious cyclists.


It’s hard to outpace newer models, as they are almost always ahead of their “outdated” counterparts. 

They’re certainly more recommended, especially if they’re made by a brand known for producing high-end models like BULLS and Specialized. 

Most of their road e-bike models perform well by all the criteria we mentioned. But, of course, there are others that stand out, which we include here.


Road e-bike weight could polarize

There has been a trend among electric road bike manufacturers to prioritize lighter weight models. How do they do this? They use smaller batteries and motors, limiting riding range and assist, respectively.


And you’ll see most of the best road e-bikes go down this route because firstly, it uses less battery and motor, giving you more range and better torque, and secondly , they are usually easier to handle because of the excellent.


However, some brands actually do the opposite, going all the way in the battery and motor department while having heavier weights, more or less manageable. There are many great models of road e-bikes on this route (the Giant Road E+ 1 Pro is a great example).


Easy E-Biking – Giant road electric bike that makes electric bikes practical and fun

As you can see, weight affects battery consumption and riding range in more than one way, hence its importance in road e-bikes and most e-bikes. However, both the former and the latter depend on one factor, and that is riding habits. If you’re more of a rider who prefers to rely on motor assist, you might be able to use more weight (assuming it doesn’t affect your ride).


Otherwise, if you prefer models that feel more like regular bikes in terms of the extended range they can offer, the lighter varieties might appeal to you more. They might give you more range, but don’t expect great batteries and motors from most of them. In a sense, you can rely heavily on them to aggressively extend your riding range and support you as you go on tricky uphill climbs.


Finally, you also have to put more emphasis on knowing how much weight you can carry to ensure a comfortable ride at all times. Often, brands rely on carbon fiber frames to keep weight down.


Make sure you’re not out of range

While most lightweight models do save battery, it’s arguably the better option to have a better, longer-lasting battery. That’s why you can expect most road e-bikes to be lightweight and still pack a large battery, which is a godsend.


In fact, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have as much riding range as possible, especially if you want to race. After all, certain road e-bike models can compete with electric mountain bikes in this segment.

Even so, it’s good to make sure you don’t end up with models that exceed your usual range limits. If you do, you will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


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Take lift and speed into account when measuring motors

Do you ride on roads with lots of steep climbs?

If so, you probably need a good torque motor to overcome them without breaking a sweat on each pedal. You probably already know that electric bike motors offer different levels of assistance.


Most models let you switch (or shift) between them easily. Make sure you get a vehicle that can give you enough maneuvering assistance every time you negotiate in a sloped area. Many mid-mounted ones shine when climbing slopes, so they are the safest motor option for riders who have to go over them frequently.


Are you more of a speed demon, content to go no slower than 28 mph?

Many premium road e-bikes have this top speed limit, mostly because of their high-quality motors. Most motors in the Bosch Performance Line deserve attention when reaching and maintaining these speeds, as well as climbing hills. The great thing is that the models that use them don’t cost that much.


Don’t miss out on as many useful perks as possible

For example, since road e-bikes tend to be ridden on a variety of terrains more than other types of e-bikes, they will certainly benefit greatly from tires with puncture protection.

Not all models, even if they are otherwise excellent, include these tires. The same goes for hydraulic brakes, as they are the most powerful type of brakes in the current model.


If you’re on the road for a long time, you can’t do without a fast battery charger.

Some brands offer very lightweight battery chargers that you can easily carry around and charge the battery faster than most brands. The charger for the BULLS Desert Falcon Evo is a good example.


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Some road e-bikes also include drop bars, usually not found on most road bikes, to help you better adjust your hand position for high-speed riding. Expect models with a top speed of 28 mph to have them.

Other important features are monitors that show battery life, current assist level and range estimator. .


Warranty and price come last but certainly not least

After all, how much value you put on an e-bike ultimately depends on how well it meets your needs and requirements. Who needs a road e-bike with a dynamic motor that can hit 28 mph if you’re uncomfortable with such high speeds in the first place?

Would you really make the most of an e-bike with a 90-mile range?

If you know what you need and choose an e-bike that will give you them all, you will definitely end up with the best road e-bike. And, no, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars extra just to get it.

Note that when buying any type of e-bike, the price and warranty are the same. If a model has a full two-year warranty, expect it to be a little more expensive than most.

They are often the safest option as long as you have confidence in the brand’s reputation and are backed by a wide range of dealers.


Summarize a few words

Electric road bikes easily fall under the category of traditional electric bikes, as they guarantee a very satisfying riding experience for anyone who uses them. This is true of many excellent models, especially new ones that are essentially upgrades to previous models.


Simple tip: Yes, it can be hard to resist innovation, but don’t let it distract you from what matters most: your riding habits.


What is best for many people may not be best for you. Keep that in mind and from now on you will never regret buying any road e-bike.