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How to switch electric assist bicycle levels?

How to switch electric assist bicycle levels?

Actually, an electric assist bicycle can choose different assist levels, which is one of different points with normal bicycle. For e-bikes with more than one electric assistance level, maintaining a steady riding pace is key. Use different electric assistance levels in combination with mechanical gears to maintain a steady pace and confront various terrain. Most models of e-bikes may have three, four and even five different levels of electric assistance. And this post let’s discuss specifically it.

What are electric assistance levels?

Electric assistance levels or electric speeds on an electric assist bicycle define how much electric motor power is helping your pedaling efforts. On currently available models, there could be a minimum of one and some are more levels of electric assistance on an electric assist bicycle. For example, Shuangye (Hotebike) electric bike assistance system has five levels, which are 1 to 5 levels. Each electric assistance system complements your pedaling efforts by giving you more electric power, depending on the assistance level selected.

How many electric assistance levels do you needed?

This answer is – it depends mostly on how you intend to use your electric assist bicycle. Why Shuangye electric bike design 5 electric assistance levels?

The first electric assistance level might be enough for you, if you are riding mostly on flat streets, you are quite fit and you mostly use your electric assist bicycle for shopping or other casual travel in a city. And if you feel like using your electric assist bicycle more like a normal bicycle 90% of the time and only use the throttle to ride when you get tired, the first electric assistance level combine with mechanical gears could fit your most of needs.

Sometime the first level electric assistance can not handle more your requirements. It would be good to use at least the third levels electric assistance if you plan to use your e-bike for commute or you plan to tackle moderate or even some steep hills.

If you are thinking about daily exercise on mixed terrain, like hilly, mountain and more, or about recreational rides in the countryside, an electric assist bicycle with the five levels of electric assistance can fit their different needs on mixed terrain.

Will you be using all of the electric assistance levels?

It is a good practice to use all available electric assistance levels that are available to you. This practice helps in maintaining steady pedaling efforts (which means no-sweat commutes, for example) and transferring more power from the motor during steep climbs. It can help you spend much less effort on pedaling on any terrain.

Except electric assistance levels, most of electric assist bicycles have more than seven gears with derailleur. You can shift the gears for going up tough hills or suit different terrain. Shuangye electric bike use 21 gears as a standard spec, which is three gears on front and seven gears on rear. It can fit many people and market needs, whether off road, exercise, casual riding, shopping and so on.

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