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How to take care of an electric bike

How to take care of an electric bike

If you own an electric bicycle, you are lucky,but how to take care of an electric bike.These vehicles allow you to commute, exercise and have fun while maintaining a low carbon footprint. Compared with cars or motorcycles, many people find them more affordable.

However, just like ordinary pedal bicycles, electric bicycles require daily maintenance to function perfectly. Fortunately, electrical and electronic systems do not require frequent maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance and service process of your electric bicycle is not much different from that of an ordinary bicycle. In particular, off-road riding requires a thorough inspection.

How to determine if your electric bike needs service

In addition to regular maintenance and service inspections, it is important to pay attention to any signs of malfunction. If you suspect that there is a problem with your two-wheeler, please do not delay visiting the service center. The most common signs of a problem are:

Unusual sound

Literally, you have to listen to the sound of an electric bicycle. The mechanics of your vehicle are designed to work quietly. Voices you have never heard before indicate that there is a problem.

Riding is difficult. In addition to being quiet, your electric bike must also run smoothly. However, if you find it difficult to pedal or steer a two-wheeler, it may be the cause of the malfunction. The most common problem is mechanical failure or battery failure.

Visual sign

Regularly inspect your electric bike visually. You can identify rusty parts or signs of bumps. In addition, you can detect the signs of tire wear by carefully looking at them.

Metal fatigue

If you ride a bike a lot (like most electric bike fans), your two-wheeler may show signs of metal fatigue. But don’t panic, this is not a terrible disease. This phenomenon will affect the metal parts of electric bicycles. By the way, aluminum frames are more likely to lose their tensile strength over time due to metal fatigue. This happens when small cracks are generated in the material due to stress cycling or direct impact. The cracks expand and eventually cause the metal to crack. It is best to check regularly to find these microscopic cracks. Professional technicians should check whether your electric bicycle has this problem.

Body fluid changes

Some electric bicycles use hydraulic brakes. In such a braking system, the fluid in the sealing hose replaces the traditional steel cable. When the lever is pushed, the fluid transfers pressure to the caliper. Over time, brake fluid is often contaminated with dust and other particles. It can lead to erroneous pressure transmission. When this happens, the fluid must be replaced. We recommend changing the brake fluid regularly to ensure the reliability of the brakes. This maintenance operation must be performed by professionals.

How to take care of an electric bike

Tips for self-maintaining electric bikes

In order to extend the service life of your two-wheeler, you should learn how to maintain the electric bicycle by yourself through some simple actions. It is possible to combine the following tips with regular visits to the service center for more professional care and maintenance.

Keep it clean

Cleaning the electric bike after riding is a good habit to keep it in top condition. Only use bicycle cleaning products. Avoid using jet cleaning, because high water pressure can remove grease that lubricates bearings and other moving parts. It can also cause water to accumulate inside the organization, which can eventually lead to corrosion. Likewise, if you use high-power hoses, be careful.

Many cyclists like to put gloss products on the paint. This material can protect the finish of your electric bike and make it look brand new. However, please make sure that this material never touches the braking surface. It can cause serious malfunctions.

How to take care of an electric bike

Keep the tires inflated properly

Maintaining the correct tire pressure will allow your electric bicycle to roll more freely. Therefore, the motor will not consume too much current, which will expand the range. It also prevents uneven tire wear. The optimal tire pressure is printed on the side of the tire. Check with a meter. As you experience more and more riding styles, you will be able to deviate slightly from the printed value. Depending on the weather and terrain type, you can increase or decrease the pressure until you find the value that suits you best.

Check the brakes regularly

Electric bicycles are heavier than bicycles. In addition, they can reach higher speeds. Therefore, stopping electric bicycles requires stronger and more reliable brakes. To prevent any accidents, you must check the brake system regularly. The most commonly used brakes in electric bicycles are disc brakes. These brakes are activated by steel cables or brake fluid. In both cases, a disk is installed on each wheel. When pushing the lever, the caliper pushes the shim towards the surface of the brake disc. The resulting friction stops the electric bicycle.

To check whether the brakes are in good condition, you just need to activate them with the joystick. The pads must be engaged immediately. If they do not engage immediately or do not press hard on the disk, maintenance is required. If the brake is activated via the cable, the cable may be strained. However, if the cable is excessively stretched, it must be replaced. In the case of hydraulic brakes, the brake fluid must be drained and replaced.

Use lubricating oil and grease

By reducing the friction between the moving parts, you will significantly extend the life of the electric bike. Lubricate all moving parts on the electric bicycle, they will not wear out quickly. The hydraulic system and gears need regular lubrication. Use specially designed grease to lubricate chains and bearings. You can lubricate electric bicycles in the garage. No special tools are required.

Battery maintenance

The battery is a key component of an electric bicycle. The most commonly used battery for these vehicles is a lithium-ion battery. If used at the right temperature, these batteries usually have a large capacity and perform well. However, if you care about your battery inappropriately, it will deteriorate immediately. The result is a sharp drop in capacity, which shortens the mileage of electric bicycles. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to maintain the electric bicycle battery. For example, you should not let it discharge completely. When storing, make sure that the discharge time is not too long. Check out the complete list of battery care tips for electric bikes.

How to take care of an electric bikeHow to arrange your service inspection

In addition to DIY maintenance, your electric bike also needs to undergo professional inspections on a regular basis. For example, metal fatigue can only be detected by special equipment. Take your vehicle to a dedicated service center for a thorough inspection. You should treat these checks as an investment in your safety. The last thing you want is for your electric bike to malfunction in the middle of the route. To prevent this from happening, it is best to invest in professional services.

Choose the lowest cycling season for the main inspection. For example, you can bring an electric bicycle to the service center in winter or late autumn. In addition, before starting the active cycling season, please have a professional technician thoroughly inspect your two-wheeler.

How to choose professional services for your electric bike

It is very important to choose the best professional service for your electric bike. Even if you maintain your electric bike well, there are some maintenance operations that should be done by experts. Therefore, when choosing a professional service center, please consider the following:

Focus on electric bikes

Although electric bicycles and traditional bicycles share many components, electric bicycles must be repaired by experts in such vehicles. For example, your average bicycle repairman may not have the experience required to repair electrical and electronic systems. In addition, you need an electric bicycle lithium-ion battery care expert, please do not operate it yourself.

Positive reviews

Research different service centers to choose the best service center. Online reviews are an effective way to conduct this research. You will notice that some service centers have better reviews for maintenance, battery care, or any other specific tasks. Try to choose the service center with the best comprehensive evaluation.

How to take care of an electric bike

Service Guarantee

Last but not least, compare the warranties offered by different service centers. Avoid any service center that refuses to provide warranty for the work it does. A good warranty is an indicator of the service center’s confidence in the skills of its technicians. In addition, a well-established service center usually provides the best warranty terms.

Maintenance is the key to extending the service life of electric bicycles. It also guarantees a safe and reliable vehicle for your ride. Remember, you’d better avoid failure rather than fix it. You can read our guide to prepare electric bikes for summer. For more tips on maintenance and how to maintain your two-wheeler, you can subscribe to the Shungaye newsletter. We often publish professional tips on different maintenance aspects of electric bicycles.

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