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How to use an electric powered bicycle to keep fit?

How to use an electric powered bicycle to keep fit?

As we all know, cycling bike can keep fit, it is also one of exercise ways to get fit. Did you know that you can use an electric powered bicycle to keep fit? An electric bike allows you to exercise without putting excessive strain on your joints and muscles, so that you can safely build your strength and fitness, even if you have not exercised for many years, or have health barriers and challenges. This post help you use an e-bike to keep fitter and healthier.

Much or less exercise as you like on an ebike

One of merit of electric powered bicycle is that you can get as little or as much exercise as you like on an e-bike. It has been proven that it is possible to get effective exercise on an ebike, if you use it in pedal assist mode – and of course, also if you use it without assistance. Actually, there are five level of electrical assistance on an electric bicycle, you can choose a low level, so that you still need to pedal hard to keep the bike going and do exercise to keep your fit.

Can exercise your core muscles

Because electric powered bicycles are heavy, which is between 35 and 80 pounds, your entire body, and especially your core, will have to work to ride it. Your core muscles will engage as you balance it or maneuver it around corners. Also as you push ebike in and out of your garage or elevator, your joints and bones will be strengthened by what is essentially weight-bearing exercise as the same time.

Use an electric powered bicycle for transportation

If you don’t have too much free time to do exercise with your electric powered bicycle, why not use an electric bike for transportation to commute. When you ride an electric bike to work, you will get exercise twice a day, five days a week. That adds up to a whole lot of exercise very quickly. When you started commuting to work every day on an ebike – 30 minutes twice a day added up to 5 hours of moderate exercise per week. This was double the recommended minimum, which is at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, and it made me fitter than I had ever been before.

Get a training spot to keep fit

If you no longer commute work, just finish your work at home. Commuting with your ebike to keep fit is not suitable for you. There is another way to make up for keep fit, you can ride your electric powered bicycle to find a more suitable training location, like the neighborhood or specific training place. If your can’t get to a suitable bike training location, maybe having to load your electric bike onto a car or transit but it’s a lot of hassle. If you can find a place nearby, included hill and flat road, that is a great training spot. Every day spend about 30 minutes to an hour to cycling your electric powered bicycle and use assistance to gives you an awesome chance to workout that builds up lungs and legs.

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