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Huawei introduces new graphene lithium battery

Recently,HUAWEI Central Research Laboratories watt Lab declared that they have achieve a major breakthrough in lithium battery-to introduce the first long life span graphene lithium battery in the industry.The experiment result shows that new high temperature resistant technology used graphene can improve lithium battery temperature by 10℃,and the life span is 2 times than a normal lithium battery.

Huawei has declared that they decided to cooperate with The University of Manchester to develop ITC(Information,Communications,Technology)-next generation of high performance technology.The project was decided to last for 2 years,it is aimed at how to apply the major breakthrough in grapnene to consumer products and mobile communication equipment.

Now they are succeed.According to Dr.Lee,the chief scientist from HUAWEI Central Research Laboratories watt Lab,the breakthrough consist of three aspects:put special additive to electrolyte to avoid decomposition in high temperature,battery positive uses large single crystal ternary material to promote stability,at the same time,uses new graphene to achieve high efficient heat dissipation between lithium battery and surroundings.

“The charge and discharge test shows that in the same parameters the graphene lithium battery’s temperature is lower than a normal lithium battery by 5℃,when cycling 2,000 times at 60℃,the capacity retention rate still more than 70%;when stored for 200 days at 60℃,the capacity loss is less than 13%”,says Dr.Lee.

The research results will bring innovation to communication base station’s storage business,using this high temperature lithium battery in hot areas can up to 4 years.Graphene lithium battery is also expected to be used in assist car,electric powered bicycle in high temperature and UAV safe flight in high temperature conditions.

Upon lithium battery has achieved great breakthrough in high-temperature,fast charge,cycle life and safety measures,when an electric powered bicycle equipped with one,it will overcome these weaknesses such as long charging time,short range,etc,to make a more cost-effective electric powered bicycle.It may take long time to apply this new technology to electric powered bicycle field,but we believe things will succeed.




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