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Is an electric assist bicycle worth the money?

Is an electric assist bicycle worth the money?

Except spec of electric assist bicycle, price also is one of factors influence people purchase. The reason is you need to judge an electric bicycle whether worth the money, and make sure your electric bike is going to be reliable and it will hold its value well. This is an important one to consider before forking over the money for an electric bicycle. Factoring in how often you’ll use it is another important consideration. Most of people use an ebike to commute or exercise.

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Compared with regular bicycle, an electric assist bicycle is more expensive. Why? You’ll find that for an entry to mid-level electric bicycle you should expect to pay upwards of $1,000 and up to higher cost for a quality electric bicycle. You’ll also need to consider electrical specifications, and what does it all means. Here are some points.

Voltage correlates directly with acceleration. Standard voltages are 36V or 48V.  24V E-bikes will be a little low powered. And some super high powered e-bikes use 60V battery, which is suitable for the North America market.

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Battery capacity in Amp-hours correlate to range that the electric assist bicycle can travel. Average E-bikes will pack around 10-13Ah.  If your bike is heavier, has thick tires, and has a lot of suspension it will be use a large battery capacity, like 15ah.

Power is the rated power of the motor or the max power that can be drawn from the battery. Power will range from 250 Watts to upwards of 1,000 Watts. Typically a e-bike limits 250w motor power in EU countries, and a 2000 watt ebike was allowed in Canada and the USA.

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Another important consideration when looking for an electric bikes is safety.  The faster your electric assist bike goes or the more power it has the more dangerous it could be during a crash. You’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable riding a bike at the speeds your e-bike is capable of or at least operating it at safe speeds.

Type of use also is another very important thing to consider when you’re purchasing for an E-bike. You’ll want to consider how often and how long you’ll ride your e-bike for.  If you’re riding it daily for your work commute, we’d recommend shelling out the money to get a comfortable, reliable bike such as the A5AH26 Shuangye commuter electric bike.  If you’re wanting to shred trails on the regular and minimizing the impact of the rocky terrain, a fat tire e-bike to provide a smoother ride. If you want to haul your bike in your trunk or have it be nice and compact we’d suggest considering a 14/20 inch folding electric bike for convenient transport.

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And the most obvious consideration when buying an e-bike is price. Consider how often use it, quality and spec to make sure an ebike worth the money. If you’re not riding your electric assist bicycle often and you just want to have it for the occasional leisure ride you might consider an mid-low-end e-bike. If it’s going to be a primary or secondary means of transportation, mid-high-end e-bike is a nice choice, it can be a reliable and safe way of getting you around town or around the trails.

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