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Is an electric motorcycle worth it?

Is an electric motorcycle worth it

Are you wondering if an electric motorcycle is worth it?

Electric motorcycles are the future of motorcycling. They’re
cheaper, faster, and more fun than gas-powered bikes. You can ride them for
longer distances without worrying about refueling or breaking down on the side
of the road. And they make no noise at all! So you can enjoy your favorite
roads in peace.

The best part is that they’re not just better for the
environment – they also save you money! You won’t have to pay or spend as much
on fuel or maintenance costs with an electric bike compared with a gas-powered

And since there are fewer moving parts, repairs will be
easier and less expensive too! And you will be less sweaty than you would if
you arrived on a gas-powered bike.

Here are some points that will show how an electric
motorcycle worthy of your time and money is. Have a look:

What research shows?

As cities and countries worldwide try to reduce the number
of vehicles on roads and encourage people to use cycles, e-bikes will
eventually become a part of our daily lives.

In 2018 the worldwide e-bike market was around $20 billion.
According to various researches, By the end of 2025, the number will grow to
$39 billion. Back in 2019, Deloitte issues its annual technology report
containing media and communications predictions.

The Deloitte report stated that around 130 million e-bikes
would be retailed worldwide between 2020 and 2023. According to that detailed
report, e-bikes will effortlessly outperform and overtake other
e-vehicles” by the end of 2022.

So, why are e-bikes ideal for people, especially for daily
commuters? Let’s discuss this below, and by the end, you will know if an
electric motorcycle is worth it.

How much does an electric motorcycle cost?

Like with traditional motorcycles, eBike offers something
for every budget. Having said that, electric motorcycles are a bit expensive
than their counterparts. This is because they are new on the market, and the
choices are far more limited than the traditional ones. And, like with other
things, you get what you have paid for. However, eBikes are cheaper than normal
bikes in the longer run.

As for the eBike price, you can get an urban-focused eBike
for as little as $2,500 in the United States of America. However, you will find
premium Dirt eBikes as well that costs you around $3,500.

If you are searching for something beefier, the
well-established manufacturers offer zero electric motorcycles for $10,495 in
the basic configuration.

On the premium end, the Harley-Davidson also offers premium
eBikes that costs around an eye-watering amount of $29,799. In simple words,
there is something for every budget, and the price of some eBikes is as high as
up to the $100,000 mark.

Why electric motorcycle worth your money?

There are many appealing things for users in eBike. Users
love these bikes for a variety of reasons.

Go Green

First off, most of us like to go “green,” which is the
significant reason why users prefer these bikes. With tons of electricity
generated from various sustainable sources globally, battery-powered cars and
bikes significantly help in reducing emission rates and keep the air cleaner
than their gas-powered counterparts.

However, not only climate-conscious prefer these bikes.
Having an electric motorcycle has many tangible advantages, including some
financial benefits.

Low Running Costs

One such benefit comes in low fuel consumption; however,
this is dependent on the prices of electricity and fuel in your particular
area. Using an electric bike is much cheaper than the gas or ICE one. Plus, it
goes beyond the fuel expenses; many locations have less taxes and other
incentives for these eco-friendly and green vehicles.

Furthermore, electric motorcycles are more affordable to use
and maintain than traditional ones because of their more straightforward design
and construction.

Besides, they don’t have that many components. The parts are
less than the others and thus less maintenance and replacements. The only thing
that needs regular checks is the brake pads and tires.

No Noise!

Another feature that makes electric motorcycles more
appealing to users is the reduced noise than petrol or gas-powered bikes. This
allows you to enjoy a soothing riding experience in areas where loud petrol or
gas engines are considered a nuisance.

Additionally, like electric cars, eBikes have instant
torque, plus these bikes can achieve maximum torque at 0 RPM. Due to this
unique feature, even cheaper eBikes can dash from the stoplight, and they can
easily beat powerful and pricey motorcycles.

Finally, no gear shifting in an eBike. This is handy and
saves you from hassles when you are stuck in a busy street. As there are no
gears, the bikes are simpler to ride even by beginners.

To summarize, as an owner of an electric motorcycle, you
will get these benefits:

  • Maintenance: There
    will be only two “intervals” to deal with when your bike reaches at 50,000
    miles. This includes replacing the tires/brakes. However, it depends on
    eBikes make and model.
  • Instant
     When you have eBike, there is no need to warm up. Similarly,
    it is not compulsory to winterize it. Neither will you pay for a battery
    tender as you can plug in and charge it.
  • Less
    Wear and Tear:
     With an eBike, you can go on your trips without
    worrying about the wear.
  • No
    need to stop for gas or petrol:
     eBikes go a long way as compared
    to traditional bikes, and no need to stop for fuel.
  • No
    Gear and No clutch:
     Due to this, no time is wasted, and the bike
    will remain at peak power in turns.
  • Great
    : Perhaps the biggest advantage of eBike is that it is simple
    to handle in jams and slow traffic.
  • No
     eBikes never overheat even in slow traffic.
  • Low
    Center of gravity makes these bikes ideal for all types of riders.

To simplify things, electric motorcycles are all about
handiness and convenience. And above all, an electric motorcycle is fun to ride
and a different type of fun.

A great cost-effective solution

Another reason that makes eBike worthy of your money is its
affordability. Lithium-ion battery technology is getting better and better with
time, plus it is widely available and more affordable. This reduces the overall
cost of e-bikes, and you can easily save a good amount.

After the hefty initial investment, maintenance and running
costs are significantly low. Battery life is great, and no need to replace it
any soon. Averagely, you will have to replace the battery after 10,000 miles.

Health benefits

We all know and understand that working out is necessary for
our physical and mental health and overall wellbeing. By swinging a leg over an
electric motorcycle keeps your body and mind relaxed and happy.

When you ride an electric motorcycle, you have two options.
First is you can use batteries, and the second is pedaling. This is an
effective workout and keeps you physically fit and in shape.

You can start pedaling when you like and use the motor when
you are moving up hills or get tired. Running errands on an electric motorcycle
is affordable, easier, and faster than traditional bikes.

Above all, eBikes are the future of transportation.

We have all watched beautiful and amazing bikes in sci-fi
movies. Those bikes are glossy and sexy, just like electric motorcycles. They
don’t look old, bulky, and you won’t see jets of smoke coming from the bike.

The electric bike or motorcycle is the future of
transportation in many ways and a smart solution to many problems of the world.
Many industry experts consider that this useful creation will improve
significantly with time, so hope for the best as the future is bright and a lot
is yet to come.

Do you know that many South Asian countries are already
using electric motorcycles as a reliable and sustainable mode of
transportation? And with the continuous and immense rise of air pollution, we
can say that the future for E-bikes is shiny, and they definitely worth it.

Electric motorcycles are a great equalizer.

All family members or friends don’t have the same level of
strength and stamina. With a little bit of extra power, you can cruise down
over rough terrains, and daunting headwinds will not affect your pace.

Simply put, electric motorcycles allow for smooth cycle
tours and make them more appealing to more people. Remember that not everyone
has the great stamina or strength to pedal for multiple hours.

However, electric motorcycles keep people interested, active
and encourage them to explore the outskirts of the city. And electric
motorcycles are a miracle for people who have physical limitations or
disabilities such as joint pain, back pain, and other similar problems. The
pedal assists the motor on the eBikes decreases strain and makes the riding
experience relaxed and more comfortable.


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