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Is it difficult to ride an electric scooter?

Is it difficult to ride an electric scooter?

ride an electric scooter
Electric scooters are relatively easy to ride, even for absolute beginners. This is mainly due to the posture adopted by the rider while riding an electric scooter. First, the natural upright posture of most adults brings a sense of security. Second, being close to the ground (the deck of most electric scooters is 6-10 inches from the ground) makes users feel nothing extraordinary. Third, starting the accelerator is as simple as moving your thumb. In doing so, the scooter starts to move, making it easier to maintain balance. Is it difficult to ride an electric scooter?

Riding an electric scooter is very different from riding a bicycle. Generally speaking, if you have never ridden a scooter but have ridden a bicycle, then you can assume that you will know how to ride a scooter in the first 5 or 10 minutes. The actual ride may take an hour or two to feel very confident and comfortable. At this point, riding is pure and simple pleasure.

People who have never ridden an electric scooter or bicycle should be able to ride it in a day or two. Riding a scooter is different from riding a bicycle. As with any activity, the more you practice, the better you will do. The same is true for electric scooters.

riding an electric scooter

A practical guide for beginners

To be safer, try to stay away from crowded sidewalks, busy streets, and almost anything you might encounter for the first few hours or days. The more you practice, the better you will feel the electric scooter and its handling.
Once moved, the scooter will actually help you keep your balance. This is a simple physical principle that makes it stand out from cycling, but don’t create a false sense of security, you can easily fall off an electric scooter, so be careful. One thing to remember is that it is relatively static.
When you are riding, if you are not sure what to do with the obstacle in front of you at any time, please jump off the scooter. It may be a large curb that you are not sure whether the scooter can handle, a group of pedestrians that may suddenly get in the way, cyclists approaching from the opposite direction, etc. Relax, jump off the scooter and you can continue riding as soon as the obstacle is cleared.

How to ride an electric scooter?

1.Find the power button (do this before you step on the scooter).
2.Turn on the scooter.
3.Put your hands on the handlebars.
4.Locate the brake handle on the left and the throttle on the right.
5.Place your right foot on the deck of the scooter, close to the steering column. Keep your left leg on the ground.
6.Use your right thumb to push the throttle in about halfway (don’t worry, the motor won’t engage yet).
7.Start to push the electric scooter forward with your left foot.
8.Once you reach a speed of approximately 1.2 MPH (2 km/h), the motor will start and you will feel the scooter move forward. Note: These speed values may vary slightly depending on your electric scooter model.
9.Place your left foot on the deck, just behind your right foot.
10.Try to stay relatively still while riding.
If you need to change your path/lane, always look back and make sure nothing approaches you from behind.
Be extra careful and enjoy the journey!

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How to Ride an Electric Scooter: A Simple Beginners Guide

Best riding surface

It is best to ride on a smooth surface, such as asphalt or concrete. Rugged roads or cobblestone trails are not suitable for cycling and unsafe. Many European cities, especially the old towns, are covered with pebbles, which makes cycling bumpy, uncomfortable and unsafe. Those who are traveling to Europe and planning to rent shared electric scooters should keep this in mind.
Flat grass is good, as long as the lawn is smooth and there are no hidden ridges. If you are not sure how flat the lawn is, please do not ride a bike. If your front wheel gets stuck in a hole, you will be injured.

ride an electric scooter

Will riding an electric scooter hurt?

Although they are fun to ride, they can also be dangerous if they are not used with proper caution and common sense. When I first started riding the Mi M365, I felt more like a pedestrian than a rider. Sometimes I forget to look back when I change lanes and so on. This habit can be dangerous.
There are few data on the safety of electric scooters. So far, only two studies have specifically analyzed their safety. After analyzing the data and calculating the figures, it is estimated that the electric scooter will have 145.9 collisions per 1 million miles traveled. This is significantly higher than the average of 6 accidents per 1 million miles traveled by a car.
At first glance, these findings seem very shocking. However, there are several important facts to consider:
Both studies were conducted in the United States, where most riders are using shared electric scooters. People who rent scooters are at higher risk of accidents because they are not used to specific vehicles. Every time they ride, they will use different scooters with different handling, acceleration and braking capabilities. If you have ever owned a bicycle, a skateboard, a pair of roller blades, etc., you will know what I’m talking about. The more you use the device, the easier it will be and the more comfortable it will be.
Compared with many European countries, the United States does not have mandatory cycling courses for young people. It is not uncommon to see cyclists riding across the road in traffic. I firmly believe that lack of such training will lead to a higher rate of accidents involving e-scooter riders.
Many people still regard electric scooters as toys. For this reason, they treat them as toys, forgetting the rules of the road and proper safety precautions.
It is only a matter of time before riding an electric scooter becomes safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Cities need to establish road rules for electric scooters, and riders need to treat scooters as vehicles, not toys.
ride an electric scooter

Tips for safe ride an electric scooter

1) Wear a helmet
It may seem superfluous now, but wearing a helmet is one of the most active protective measures you can take when riding an electric scooter. More importantly, advancements in helmet design have made them more comfortable to wear and easier to carry around. If you want to know where to find safe, stylish and foldable products, then look no further. We got you.

2) Give up headphones
There is no doubt that your carefully curated spring playlist is creating atmosphere for the long and sunny days ahead. However, when you are cruising on the street, it is best to pause the music and focus on your surroundings. For the safety of everyone, please disconnect the headset and let your ears listen to more important sounds, such as the sounds of cars, pedestrians, and other riders.

3) Decrease downhill
Whether you are exploring a new place in the city or just heading to a destination, it’s easy to forget the speed of travel. Always remember that electric scooters accelerate faster than you realize, especially with the help of gravity. Remember to make full use of the brakes on the electric scooter when going downhill.

4) Use bicycle lanes
In permitted cities, use bike lanes! These are usually installed in cities for riders who choose to ride bicycles, scooters, or other alternative modes of transportation. Not sure if there is a bike lane where you are going? Google Maps has a feature that can show you designated bike lanes, lanes, and other recommended streets for people traveling on two wheels.

5) Compliance with traffic laws
Riding an electric scooter means following the same traffic laws as other vehicles on the road. This includes stopping at stop signs and traffic lights, giving way to pedestrians, and observing specific street speed limits.

6) Regularly check scooter tires
If you are used to jumping on the scooter without checking the wheels every time, you need to do better. Inferior scooter tires can cause accidents, and sometimes you may need to pay for damage to other people’s vehicles. This is because once the scooter tires are no longer in good condition, the rider may lose control of the mobile machine.

Final thoughts

The electric scooter is super fun and easy to ride. I haven’t found anyone who has ridden it but doesn’t like it. Electric scooters are also very practical and a bit environmentally friendly. Although there has been some discussion about these claims made by ride-sharing companies, which involved chargers driving around towns and taking away scooters. But when you consider privately owned electric scooters, you can safely say that they are actually green.

There is no doubt that they will become more popular all over the world. Therefore, if you have never ridden an electric scooter, please try it, I am sure you will love it!

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