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Best seller mid drive electric bike A6AH26MD

Latest electric bicycle motor mid drive
suspension aluminum fork
36V 250W motor controller integrated
36V 9AH lithium battery
Aluminum alloy frame

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Best seller mid drive electric bike

ebike mid drive (1) Shuangye Latest electric bicycle is on sale! This is our top selling electric bike for 8 years and counting! More commonly confused for a “Women’s bike” , but this Latest mid drive electric bike is actually a unisex latest electric bicycle. This Latest electric bicycle design helps riders get on and off the bicycle with ease. Unlike traditional bikes, riders won’t have the need to swing their legs over the bike just to get on. This makes for a better riding experience especially for those who suffer from joint and muscle pain. Latest mid drive electric bike is using our powerful 250 watts geared rear hub motor that makes speed ups to 25km/h. This motor will help riders achieve higher speeds, go longer distances, and climbs hills without breaking a sweat. Powered by a 36V 9Ah lithium battery, Shuangye mid drive electric bike is capable of a range of 50-80 KM on a single charge. The range will vary between users, depending on weight, charge, terrain, throttle usage, and weather conditions. To know more information about the Shuangye latest electric mid drive electric bike picture. Latest electric bicycle (3)Latest electric bicycle (4)Front headlight upgrade

Best seller mid drive electric bike

Motor: 36V 250W motor controller integrated Battery: 36V 9AH lithium battery Range: 50-80KM Charging time: 5-7 hours Max speed: 25km/h ~30km/h Loading: 150kg Frame: Aluminum alloy frame Front fork: suspension aluminum fork PAS: Five adjustable speed 1:1 pedal assistant Display: LCD Display Certification: CE