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Lightweight electric dirt bike for adults

Lightweight electric dirt bike for adults

Aluminum Alloy electric dirt bike occupy most markets, a lot of electric dirt bike made of aluminum alloy frame for their durability, strong and designed to last. But different bike material have different feature, a few of people like to try other material bike frame. Like carbon fiber bike frame, iron bike frame, steel bike frame and other bike frame. Sometime carbon fiber frame electric dirt bike would become second choice. And now I’d like to share you one of our company electric dirt bike for adults Shuangye A6CB26 which is made of carbon fiber material.

Frame – Carbon Fiber

As a matter of fact, most of people will ask what are differences between carbon fiber frame and aluminum alloy frame? Carbon fibre frame is two times stronger than the alloy used in premium bike frames at a fraction of the weight. In comparison with aluminum alloy frame, the biggest difference is the electric dirt bike weight. An aluminum alloy frame electric dirt bike is about 25kgs, but an carbon fiber frame electric dirt bike for adults is about 19kgs which is lighter than aluminum alloy frame 6kgs.

Adopt carbon fiber frame make electric dirt bike don’t have to be heavy and hard to handle. Carbon fibre frame makes them a joy to ride and manage even for petite riders. So you can get superior strength, reduced weight and a responsive ride. In a class of its own this Carbon Fiber electric dirt bike for adults is lightweight and strong creating a dual purpose bike which can be used as a great commuter bike while still suitable and rugged for mountain trails.

Introduced carbon fiber feature, let us show you some bike configurations of electric dirt bike for adults.

Motor – 250Watt hub

Electric dirt bike for adults have chosen 250W hub brushless gear motor for superior torque and speed with reduced weight. Electric dirt bike for adults motor is a powerful, compact and quiet direct hub motor system that provides you a low noise riding surrounding. So you don’t have to worry about going up hills anymore. 350W and 500W motor you can also choose to meet you high power motor requirement. And it can give a boost up to 25km/h max speed.

Battery – bottle shape

One of the most classic features of the electric dirt bike battery shape is removable bottle battery. Electric dirt bike for adults use 36V 9AH battery for quick recharge and a range of up to 60km. The 18650 cells are secured in a rigid cage. This standard feature on electric dirt bike for adults safety and security by keeping the cells isolated so they will not short circuit. Increased reliability, short recharge times and best-in-class range means you can spend more time out there.

LCD – digital meter screen

The electric dirt bike for adults utilize intuitive Intelligent Controller System and premium, large format, LCD screens to maximize your comfort. The LCD digital meter provides distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, error sign, five pedal assist levels and is conveniently mounted on the handlebar. It also features a throttle function so no pedaling is required. The bright 3 W light function makes night riding safer. The Intelligent Controller System and large format LCD screen makes controlling your electric dirt bike for adults simple.


Only premium components are used on the electric dirt bike for adults so it would not let you down. Featuring 26-inch wheels which provide a more stable and sure-footed ride, perfect for old pros and beginner to electric dirt bike. Tektro 160 mechanical disc brakes, aluminum alloy suspension front fork along with Shimano 21 speed gears and derailleurs are used.

The Tektro mechanical disc brakes have enough stopping power to handle hard and fast riding up or downhill in any weather hot, wet or cold. The Front Suspension by our previous customers have been proven over the years to provide responsive, comfortable and reliable performance. These rugged components have a proven track record and are readily available from quality cycle mechanics. This means that you can relax and enjoy the ride.

If you have questions about any aspect of carbon fiber electric dirt bike for adults. You can leave a message below, we will reply it in 24 hours.