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Magnetic helmet: a new choice for myopic riders

Magnetic helmet: a new choice for myopic riders

For myopic riders, choosing riding glasses has always been a big problem.

Many riders have asked privately how to choose glasses for myopia, and many riders don’t know about the cycling glasses that can be equipped with myopia. Often people ask whether they can directly overlap the existing glasses for myopia and use them.

Product name
Bicycle Helmet
Several colors
Head Protection
Best use
Riding Protective
Age group
Adults Men Women
PE Bag
Product Keywords
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1.PC shell + high-density EPS foam, tough PC shell and high-density EPS foam combination, reduce impact damage, slow earthquake protection head safety, high-density EPS foam.

2.The lens and helmet have strong magnetic head, so there is no need to worry about the falling off of the goggles during riding. It can easily accommodate the myopic glasses

3.Convenient installation of magnetic suction lens

High strength PC lens, wind and dust block, magnet adsorption installation will automatically fall off in case of strong impact, protect eye

4.Make the head fresh, convection ventilation system, increase the ventilation hole, heat dissipation and air conduction, keep the head fresh all the time 

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