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Mid-drive electric bicycle motor

Mid-drive electric bicycle motor

As we all know, the two most common electric bicycle motor styles used in today’s electric bicycles are hub electric bicycle motors and mid-drive electric bicycle motors. Do you know the merits and demerits of the mid-drive electric bicycle motor? Read on to learn more and find out your answer.

Mid-driver electric bicycle motor, which it closed to the center of electric bicycle connect with crankset and transfer the motor’s power to the rear wheel via the bicycle’s chain drive, are becoming a population choice for those who didn’t like hub motor.

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Mid-drive electric bicycle motor were design to improve a majority of shortcoming found in hub electric bicycle motor. One of the biggest merits than hub motor is the mid-drive motor gear ratio. It means that low gear of electric bike can be selected for powering up steep hills or accelerating from a stop with massive torque. because the rider can power the rear wheel via the same chain and gear set as the pedals.

The mid-drive electric bicycle in low gear can climb steeper hills than a hub motor of similar power, and it can also climb hills for longer than a hub motor, which could overheat on long time steep hill climbs. So, the mid-drive motor is suit for those who like to cycling on the steep road or hilly terrain.electric bicycle motorAnother advantages is much easier changing front and rear wheel on a mid-drive electric bicycle. Because you don’t have a heavy hub motor to deal with. You just change it out like on a normal pedal bike. And you can use normal bicycle wheels, you have the freedom to use any wheels and tires that you need and wish. Just you like!

Lastly, mid-drive electric bicycle motor allow the use of true torque sensors for pedal assist systems, which regulate the motor power based on how hard you push on the pedals as measured at the crank. But hub motor often depend on cadence sensors for pedal assist, which only regulate motor speed based on pedal speed. And it will cause jerky or awkward motor timing, especially you climbing steep hill or moving the electric bicycle around obstacles.


Actually, mid-drive motor electric bike more suit loving high speed riding people and hub motor electric bicycle suit people commute in daily day. And there is a second side on a coin as well.

The biggest demerit is you need to spend much time to maintain the electric bicycle chain. Many mid-drive motor bicycle usually upgraded the bike chain, because both the motor and pedals need the chain to drive the wheel. Riding a mid-drive motor electric bicycle with snapped chain is a terrible issue. This will become a potential damage while you riding.

So, you need to exchange the electric bike chain of mid-drive electric bicycle motor. But you can’t use a cheap bike chain, it would make your electric bicycle becoming more worse. Don’t do it for save money, I suppose that it make you feeling bad. One way to solve it is to choose a belt drive chain with mid-drive motor which is higher price than regular mid-drive electric bicycle motor.

electric bicycle motor (4)Comparing with hub motor, you need to cost too much to maintain an electric bike with a mid-drive motor electric bicycle motor. Because of a number of increasing parts in mid-drive motor, there will more faults. If the motor have some problems, it is more expensive to replace than change another hub motor. Cause the mid-drive electric bicycle motor is built into the frame of the bike. In fact, a mid-drive electric bicycle motor is also more expensive than one of the mass-produced hub motor which is common installed on many e-bike.

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