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New Butterfly mountain bike shop 26 inch A5AH26

Butterfly mountain bike
Long-distance travel special electric bike
36V9AH/10AH lithium battery insert frame
36V250W 350W gears motor

Product Details

New Butterfly mountain bike shop 26 inch

New Butterfly mountain bike shop 26 inch

This is known as touring bars. It provides a break on the way to travel, making long-term riding electric bikes do not feel hand and body discomfort

New Butterfly mountain bike shop 26 inch

A handlebar designed with long distance touring in mind, this style of ‘butterfly bar’ is incredibly popular on the continent, and with good reason. The idea is that you’re maximizing the number of grip and hand resting positions available to you without sacrificing useable space. New Butterfly mountain bike shop 26 inch2

On the flat and descending, the flatter section of bar is comfortable and easy, although those with broader shoulders may find it to be a little narrow, but the sides and top section are continuous and easily available. Climbing, you’re pretty much limited to using the side areas, but these effectively mimic bar ends and are incredibly comfortable in use, giving plenty of control.

There are no concerns with lack of mounting space for gadgets and gizmos, indeed this design actually generates useable space, giving effectively double the bar area.

New Butterfly mountain bike shop 26 inch3

All in all, the Multibar Butterfly Bar is an option to consider if you’re a rider who likes gadgets and moves their hands around a lot. The downside is you HAVE to move your hands around a lot.Front headlight upgrade