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New design city power assisted bicycle electric for adult

New design city power assisted bicycle electric for adult

This is a good news for those who like Shuangye A5AH26 city power assisted bicycle electric, this bike motor power up to 750W and the battery up to 48V 15AH. However, it have a little different about the bike’s outlook because of the battery, compared with previous battery appearance which is look like hide in the bike frame, this high capacity battery appearance is a little raised. In the outlook aspect, battery is new design difference from before. Next, this post will show you some information ahout this city power assisted bicycle electric.

First of all, we talk about this bicycle battery. To adapt most people riding need, high motor power need to match high capcity battery to make sure the city power assiste bicycle electric can operate normally. You can 48v 10ah or 13ah, even 15ah depen on you needs, there is also have one thing you need to know that the capacity higher, the charging time longer. For example, 36v 10ah battery just need 4-6 hours charging time, and 48v 10ah maybe need 5-7 hours to charge. If you want to short the charging time,  quick charger maybe a better choice. Though the battery outlook have a little change, it also can remove or lock it in the frame by key, you still can take the battery charging at any place you want.

The second thing, we talk about the motor of this city power assisted bicycle electric. It must be a highlight of this bicycle, you just can choose 36v 250w or 350w even 500w before, but now you can choose 48v 500w and 48v 750w motor power. So the max speed is up to 35-40 km/h, and there are 5 assist levels and three riding modes (E-bike mode, Pedaling mode and assist mode), you can adjust the assist level and match one of the riding mode to start the riding journey everyday. If you ride this bicycle for commuting, maybe the second or third assist level is a good choice. If you local legal allow equipped a throttle on bicycle, you just press the thumb throttle to go without any pedal.

For each rider have a comfortable view to watch the data on the display. This city power assisted bicycle electric still adopt big screen LCD display, which show the real-time operating information ahout the bicycle. The large format LCD screen display system match with the intelligent controller system make controlling the bike more simple. The LCD directly shows distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, real-time pedal assist level  and error sign. So you can adjust your riding speed and ridng plan depen on the information you know on the display.

This city power assisted bicycle electric mounted on 160 disc brake in front and rear wheel to protect your riding safety. Provide you enough friction and braking force with a little power to make the bicycle stop immediately. And disc brake is safe to ride in rain and all-weather as a reliable stopping power. Also with a 3W bright front LED light for night riding to ensure your riding safety, and equipped with a mobile phone charging port for your phone on low battery power. Having easy and convenient feeling from this bike and your a easing and leisure cycling journey.

If you want to more detail information about city power assisted bicycle electric, you can leave a message below or contact us freely. If you want browse more electric bikes, visit our Official Website.


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