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New design electric bike frame for Ebike A3AL28

New design electric bike frame for Ebike A3AL28

Shuangye new design electric bike frame combines a strong structure, with high strength pinching dropouts for high speed 250W/350W/500W brushless hub motors. It offers the comfort and stability of long riding and a large enclossure to house a very large 36V9AH/10AH/13.6AH hidden lithium battery. Whilst the electric bike frame could be used as pedal assist type ebike A3AL28, it was primarily intended to be strong enough and have the stability to deal with the speed and abuse that hub-motor system requires.

electric bicycle frame

The electric bike frame design goals:

  • – durability
  • – versatility in the selection of electric bike components
  • – max space for battery
  • – safety and cool

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