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New design magnesium alloy wheel classic electric bike

New design magnesium alloy wheel classic electric bike

New design classic electric bike makes riding further and faster, classic electric bike comes with a Pedal Assist Mode and thumb Throttle, which will make pedalling becomes easy.

This classic electric bike is equally suited to daily commuting or a relaxing ride on weekends and it also has loads of space for your shopping. With the low step through frame, it is and easy and comfortable seating position.

With a powerful classic electric bike 250w brushless motor, your legs wont get tired anywhere near as fast compared to a regular bike. This allows you to ride longer than ever before covering much greater distances.

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The classic electric bike features a classic feminine design with lithium battery hidden in the frame, large screen multifunction LCD display, thumb throttle, PAS, classic electric bike 26 inch magnesium alloy wheel and 21 Speed SHIMANO gears.

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