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New Year Hybrid Electronic Bike Promotion

New Year Hybrid Electronic Bike Promotion

2020 is coming. There is a new year again, and here Shuangye would like to say, Happy NEW YEAR for all of people. We always say a new year need a new plan, purchase plan is also. With the promotion of environmental awareness, hybrid electronic bike becoming more and more people choice, and there is also as a new year gift for your children, your family and your best friends. Shuagnye have a variety of electric bike for you choose, like mountain ebike, city electric bicycle, foldable e-bike, and even foldable electric scooter. Now recommend you some of popular hybrid electronic bike for you.

If you are looking for mountain hybrid electronic bike on new year for next year purchase plan, why not considerte these two mountain e bike. One is classic electric bike design, and one is hot sale electric bike model. First, I will show the information of classic electric bike(A6AB26) for you. It use 36v 10ah bottle lithium battery which also remove and lock it on the down tube of frame by key, and equipped with 36v 250ew or 350w brushless motor. Providing you 25 – 30 km/h max speed and about 40-60km riding distance after a fully charging. The bottle battery match with mountain bike frame design is a common e-bike clssic style. So the price will low reatively, if you want to an affordable electronic bike, this model is suitable for you.

Next is the most popular mountain hybrid electronic bike(A6AH26), this bike adopt hidden battery design, which is a battery design style of Shuangye electric bike. Looks like the battery and frame are integrated, and the battery also support remove or lock in frame. It a wonderful design, you don’t need to case about where the bike charging, just carry the charger and take it out to charge where socket is. So you not only charging at home, also at outside, for example, your offciail, cafe store, restaurant. This model have a variety of spec you can opt. if use it to commuting, there are 36v 250w motor and 36v 8ah battery for you. if use to off road or riding on hilly areas, there are 48v 500w motor and 48v 13ah battery for you, which is a upgrade  specifications.

What about the first feel when you see a fat tire hybrid electronic bike? Most of fat tire hybrid electronic bike is 26-inch wheel(A6AH26F), it look so cool and the tire is so huge. So it must be catch your notice when it appears your eye. Through the tire is wider than normal tire, it will give you a steedy riding feeling while biking, also the low rolling resistance and superior grip make your riding feeling like normal bike. This bike is also suitbale for those who high weight or need to carry a lot of stuff. Because the 26-inch fat tire make the bike is higher than 26-inch mountain ebike, it has some requirement for people height. Don’t worry, there are two 20-inch fat tire hybrid electronic bike for you choose, one is foldable design(A7AM20), another is non-foldable design(A6AH20F).

There are two common kind of city hybrid electronic bike style, small wheel foldable electric bike and classic style electric bicycle. 14-inch and 20-inch city bikes are very suitable for official worker commuting. Just need a few of seconds to fold it and park your nearly place, never occupied you too much space. Riding fold electric bike make you don’t need to find parking place and avoid jam traffic. 24-inch and 28-inch city hybrid electronic bikes use classic city bike style. Concise frame line and hidden battery design make the bike similar a normal bike, when you see a people biking on the road from a far place it hardly distinguish is it an e-bike. This e bike can opt different spec for different needs.

This post show you a lot of hybrid electronic bike types, do you find an e-bike you want, if there are electric bikes you want, you can leave a message below; if not, welcome to visit our Official Website!