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One of lightest electric folding bike in 20 inch

One of lightest electric folding bike in 20 inch

Which one electric bike more suitable office workers commute? It must be light, easy riding, fast, portable and convenient. And I going to recommend one of lightest electric folding bike, which 20 inch wheel with removable rear rack battery.

High speed gear motor

Fitted with a 250W powerful hub brushless motor the electric folding bike will easily assist you travel at the 25mph road speed limit. Not fear getting too hot and sweaty while cycling and without change clothes. There is suitable for commuters every day, you can smooth rising on traffic jams. Fast and safe to cycle on the road.

Large capacity battery & working modes

Removable rear rack 36V lithium battery supports 40-60km riding, equipped with a smart lithium battery charger. Easy Charge Port System makes it charge easily. Fast charging only need 5-7 hours, adapt to your need of long-distance riding. And this one of lightest electric folding bike have two working modes: E-bike & assist bicycle, you can choose E-bike to travel a long time riding and enjoy your exercise or select the assist power according to you need. Make you riding more easy. Combining two modes would be a better choice.

Frame and wheel

This one of lightest electric folding bike adopt high-strength lightweight collapsible aluminum alloy, which more light and longevity. Light weight frame means that you can take it up easily without any sweat. And the front fork is made of high-strength Carbon Steel. And this electric folding bike with 20 inches wheel. 20 inches wheel riding quality is better than the small 12/16 inches wheel and it is suited to different terrains. That is the best size wheels put into the car trunk under folding situation.

Portable folding design

With your convenient, this one of lightest electric folding bike fast folding two steps can accommodate riders up to 120kgs and it fits inside compact vehicles, under desks, on subways, on bus, in home and in other small spaces. Use folding design, you can fold it and take in your office by your side of working place when you cycling it to commute. Get out and cycling with your friends on weekend, this is a good choice.

LCD display

One of lightest electric folding bike equipped with a LCD screen display. Electric capacitor induction, motor power display, riding speed, trip distance, PAS level and cruise function, front light display sign, motor operating temperature on the LCD. Adjust riding speed and time with two working modes according to those LCD display information to adapt you long-time riding or commuter distance.

Premium quality components

Front and rear disc brakes fully protect your safety. Just need little power to stop electric folding bike easily. Safe to ride in rain and reliable all-weather stopping power. 3W bright front LED light for night riding and equipped with a USB charging port for your mobile phone. Waterproof resistant chain and comfortable saddle.

Affordable Price

Why are electric folding bikes often less than the price of comparable bikes on the market? Because we sell directly from factory to you, give you affordable direct to consumer pricing. And you will always getting the best deal on your electric folding bikes.

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